Catching Up on Beer and Stuff

Ahh! I have SO MUCH to talk about! Mostly stupid stuff, of course. But yes, let’s get to blogging, shall we?

First up, my first batch of home brewed beer is bottled for second fermentation! Woo-hoo!

I really hope it doesn’t suck. Because it takes almost a month to brew beer, and that’s too long to wait in most beer-related circumstances.

Second, we have been having some crazy gorgeous weather lately. Fall has always been my favorite season, and this year it doesn’t disappoint. We’ve been enjoying some epic sunsets with dinner, since our dining area faces west.


Sunsets, and children looking confused. Of course, it was so cute, they both were looking out the window together. But then I pulled out the camera and magic moment destroyed.

Then we woke up to Karl the Fog eating the neighborhood. Is it Karl in the East Bay? The signature fog that routinely engulfs San Francisco has been affectionately christened “Karl” and has its own Twitter following. But I don’t know if Karl extended over the bay or not.

Anyway, it was pretty cool.

Speaking of pretty cool, I finally put my standing desk together!

It still needs a few tweaks. Like a chair. Turns out that standing for 8+ hours doesn’t feel much better than sitting for 8+ hours. I know you’re not supposed to stand for the whole day, but my plan B for sitting (sit in a spare conference room) didn’t work when they were all booked. I survived anyway.

Meanwhile, in State of the Blog news, I’m going to start going back to posting daily eats and workouts, good and bad. After doing a bunch of pondering, I came to the conclusion to stop trying to force my blog into some predefined mold (that I never followed through on anyway) and to just let it rip with whatever I want to talk about. Which seemed to be what I ate and how much I ran and/or lifted. And maybe a personal rant here or there.

I also owe a post on our Alaskan Adventure part 2. I’m done writing it, but on the day we took lots of really good pictures my phone died, so I keep meaning to pull the pictures I took off of Hulk’s phone, and it hasn’t happened yet. And it probably won’t happen until I find some time that’s not already booked with a paying job or keeping small humans alive. But it’ll happen one of these days!

That’s all I got for now. Go make it a great day!