The Brew Day Weekend

So, I’m doing exactly what I hate to do, and that’s staying up late to blog. But I’m finding that sometimes you gotta find that time to squeeze into a day, and staying up a few minutes once in a while for a worth cause never hurt anyone. Let’s hope this post is a worthy cause!

Last weekend was brew day! And what a lovely day for a beer making session.

  It was really damp and foggy, but since we don’t know what I’m doing yet I have no idea how the weather will affect my beer. And as it turns out, we didn’t make every mistake in the book, but we certainly blew through a few chapters.

I think the one thing we did right was added hops. Yes, we remembered the hops. Oh well, nothing to do but wait for it to ferment (if we didn’t already kill the yeast).

Do not expect Farnham Ale Works to hit your store shelves any time soon.

At least I had a salad while waiting for the boil.

Hey, look, cute kids in pumpkins!


We took the kids to the local pumpkin patch, since that is what you do on October weekends in America when you have kids. Squish loved running through the hay maze and climbing the hay tower, though you wouldn’t think so the way he poses for pictures.

Later Hulk went to Home Depot and took Buttercup with him. Apparently she is really into driving.

Driving and climbing. The other night I was chopping some cauliflower for dinner, and as usual Squish pulled the stool up next to me so he could “help”. I guess I was so distracted with the chopping, I didn’t notice him leave and Buttercup climb up in his place. Then a pudgy baby hand kept sneaking cauliflower chunks from the bowl, and I realized that Buttercup now adeptly climbs things. And eats raw cauliflower, with both of her teeth. These are now things.

Stop growing up. Just stop.

That’s all for tonight, go make it (tomorrow) a great day!

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