She’s a Rebel?

Last week, I teamed up with my husband to complete 30 consecutive days of working out. I made it through two whole days, then dropped the initiative. When I realized that it wasn’t happening, I was super annoyed with myself. Really? Again? I even buddied up with Hulk and publicly announced it this time on the blog. Why was it so hard to follow through with a commitment like this?

When I first read Better than Before several months ago, and learned about the Four Tendencies framework, I assumed I was an Obliger. I have a hard time following my own rules and expectations, but I thought I was better at doing what others tell me. So I started planning my new habits around that framework, leveraging external accountability by getting other people or organizations to set my own expectations. But you know what? Even when I have a deadline, announce a goal, or rope in my well-meaning family to hold me accountable, I still don’t always follow through. What is wrong with me?

Then I realized … I’m a Rebel. I want to do what I want to do when I want to do it. I have to completely fly by the seat of my pants and my own motivation, which absolutely kills my plan-loving, spreadsheet-preparing, live-by-the-clock-and-calendar self. Because I only plan, spreadsheet, and live by the clock and calendar when I feel like it. And that right there just absolutely screams “Rebel” with day-glo glitter embossed highlighting.

Wow. I have no idea what to do with this information. Basically, there’s no way to get me to do anything unless I want to do it. Which explains a lot, actually.

Have you read Better than Before? Did your tendency surprise you?

As always, make it a great day (or if you’re a Rebel like me, make it a great day if you want to … or not … whatever, it’s up to you)!

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