Awkwardness, Level 11

The other morning I didn’t get a chance to consume the umpteen cups of coffee I normally do while getting everyone up and out the door, so I am going to blame all of the following on reduced mental facilities. 

I dropped off Squish at daycare and proceeded to autopilot on the drop off routine: help him put away his backpack and coat, sign him in, chat with his teacher, give Squish a hug goodbye, and leave. Well, he wandered to the classroom while I was chatting with his teacher, so when I went to leave my brain said, “hug time!” and I attempted to hug her goodbye instead of Squish. Fortunately, she’s a hugger but it was still pretty weird.

Then I got to work and as I stepped on my Level at my desk, I noticed something was off.

I have mismatched shoes on. I guess from now on I need to store these similar-styled shoes far away from each other in my closet. 

At this point I decided to go grab a much-needed cup of coffee from the office kitchen. While there, a coworker came in and said what I thought was “how are you?” Taking the opportunity to be more conversational with people (eww, people), I answered the question at length, including my thoughts on the weather and other polite topics. Through his deer-in-the-headlights reaction, I realized that what he actually said was “excuse me,” since I was standing right in front of the fridge, chatting away as he was patiently waiting to get the milk out to add to his coffee. He probably needed coffee more than I did.

I wish I could say this all happened on a Monday. Or at least over several days. Nope, just all in one morning. Just doing what I can to maintain the “awkward situations” balance of the universe!

Go make it a great, less awkward day!