The Level: Because Standing is Boring

Disclosure: I was provided The Level from Fluidstance for a product review. All opinions are my own.

A few weeks ago, I changed to a standing desk at work. I switched to a standing desk because I read so much internet fodder proclaiming its benefits, and I did notice some aches and pains developing that I attributed to my 12+ hours a day seated in a chair. Overall, I have really liked the switch. Sure, I can’t really wear heels to work anymore, but I never really did before anyway.

But aside from the usual transition period gradually building up and finding that sweet spot of standing time vs sitting time that works with my body, I discovered an unexpected side effect of my standing desk time.

Standing is boring. It just is.

And if I couple standing with some really mind-numbing work task such as spreadsheet work or data cleanup, it makes my day nearly unbearable. Normally I’m a super-geek that loves this kind of stuff, but when coupled with standing I get So. Very. Bored. I want to cry. That bored.

How is it that before I’m able to happily crank on the gangsta rap and churn away, but now when I’m standing I want to scream? Well, I’ve noticed that for me, sitting disengages a lot of sensations for me. To compensate, I’m not a passive sitter. I tap my fingers, jiggle my feet, and do other subtle and possibly cube-mate enraging fidgety movements when I’m sitting. But when I’m standing I just … stand there. This makes it harder for me to “zone out” and get to that trance-like place that work involving intensive concentration takes. Which makes me rage-y.


I had no solutions for this issue other than to limit my standing to email or other less brain-intense tasks. Which was lame, because I want to stand. Which is why I was stoked to try out The Level by Fluidstance*.

Hey, matching shoes this time!

The Level is a balance board designed for standing desks, gaming stations, and pretty much anywhere you just stand around at a desk or table. It has a sand cast aluminum frame and wood finish options to match your office environment or personal taste. Think of it like a skateboard and BOSU ball had a love child, and you stand on the flat part and balance on the round-ish part.


(Pictures from The Level’s product page, because I know I’m a horrible photographer)

When I stand on The Level to work at my standing desk, it subtly engages my whole body to balance. I can rock, swivel, or if I’m feeling really plucky spin around in a 360. I don’t really notice that my body is working any more than standing, but according to the Fluidstance website when studied, standing on The Level showed a 15% increase in heart rate than sitting at desk which is pretty cool. But who cares about health and science when my body can swivel and surf around while my brain is working?

It also has a very elegant design in a modern office.

And my chair has now been downgraded to Nerf dart gun holder

The Level has really upped my game at work, and has made the standing desk an entertaining perk instead of the groan-worthy accessory I insisted on for my “health” as it was starting to become for me. Hooray, work is fun again!

If you’re interested in The Level or for more information about the benefits of standing desks, check out the Fluidstance website. They also have an interesting blog I’ve been following too if you’re into that sort of thing.

I’m off to go see how many times I can spin around now. Go make it a great day!

*Note: these are not affiliate links, I just want to point you to the right info and save you a Google search!