Hot Bar is Saving Lunch

I am now in love with the Nob Hill hot bar.

It’s saving my Whole30-ish lunch. Chicken, meatball, stuffed mushroom, mashed sweet tater, mashed cauliflower, steamed veggies was the menu for yesterday.

We had some glorious rain last night. I’m hoping to get my new hiking shoes muddy later today, then we have a potluck holiday party for Squish’s preschool. I’m in charge of salad, and I combed The Internets to find a festive winter salad that I can incorporate fresh lemons from our lemon tree. There are so many! Squish and I have been enjoying lemon tea together in the mornings (with a touch of honey in his).

Pro tip: if you go to pick a lemon right after it rains, don’t stand directly under the branch. Trust me on that one.

Do you have fruit trees or other edible vegetation where you live?

Favorite lazy lunch spot?

Go make it a great day!