One Whole30 Week (Almost) Down

Just a blog-keeping note for those of you playing at home, I’ve been cleaning out my drafts folder and posting some long-lost posts that should have been posted long ago. So don’t worry about your content feeds, those are supposed to be there.

We have wrapped up Day 6 and are onto Day 7 of my January Whole30, and I am surprised to turn around and find a week has gone by! Despite my horrific insomnia the past couple weeks (one night I didn’t fall asleep until 5:00. 5:00.) I’m starting to feel the old “sparkle energy” come back. I’m hoping I can kick some Life Stuff back into place and then feel a little back on track with things.

Because I haven’t been sleeping I’m starting to feel the effects so I skipped Sunday’s Crossfit to get a little more rest in. I did a couple walks and some light body weight training over the week, but I’m excited to get back to class tomorrow morning. I pre-packed my workout meals, breakfast, lunch, shower stuff, and laid out my gym clothes so we’re ready to rock. What is this, me all getting prepped in advance and everything?

It’s nice to get back into “real life” mode after the holidays. Squish is back in preschool after the break, so the daily routine feels normal again. I swear, the Whole30 is great to change every other habit except eating. I’m sure I’ll stay on plan for 30 days, reintro with the greatest intentions, then go off the rails and do another one later this year. But to be successful at it, you have to plan. And as long as you’re planning and prepping food, you might as well prep other things. And keep the kitchen clean, because it makes food making easier. And since the kitchen is clean, it opens more mental space to journal more. Or call a friend. And then you start to feel good eating W30 style so you exercise more. And sleep better. It’s this weird combo of Give a Mouse a Cookie and the snowball effect that makes it like a drug for me, I just want more.

Go make it a great day!

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