Push Press 1RM and a Good Ol’ Chipper

Gah! So, I took a picture of the board this morning to talk about today’s workout, and my phone ate it. Sad panda. It was super awesome in a “life can suck” kind of way.

First, I unintentionally took last week off from pretty much all things activity related because of reasons. I came down with some nasty bugs, and Life Stuff proved too much and I had to hunker down into Hedgehog Mode. I was chomping at the bit to go to Crossfit today, I was so excited to move again!

And today’s workout was exactly what I needed.


  • Mobility exercises
  • 400m run
  • Side steps and air squats using the band
  • I’s Y’s & T’s
  • PVC practice of 5 reps OHS with 5 burpees x 2 rounds
  • WOD walk-through (which just the walk through had me winded)


  • 1 rep max Push Press


SuperAwesomeFun Chipper (Okay, I made that name up)

  • 10 Straight shoulder press
  • 15 OHS
  • 20 Push press
  • 25 Front squat
  • 30 Push jerk
  • 35 Back squat
  • Die

I had no idea where my 1RM would be for the push press. For one, I’ve never maxed out this lift before, and also my shoulder/neck is always a little funky, so I never know where I’m going to land. I partnered up at the rack with my new crossfit friend (hi, new friend!) and I sort of followed her lead. I tried a couple times to hit 45kg, but ended up backing down and completing at 42. I was freaking out about lifting the barĀ above my head. Like, that’s a lot of weight to be just tossing up there! I think the more confident I get in lifting things over my head the better my mental game will get. So 42kg it is for now.

Since I still don’t know my own limits, the rx weight for the WOD for women was 37kg (I think?), but I just took to the bar (20kg). At least it was the women’s bar this time, and not a junior bar! I finished in 7:55 and although winded, I probably had some left in the tank since I was done so much sooner than a lot of the class. Coach suggested I practice some double unders while I waited for others to finish. Next time I can add some weight to the bar, I’m sure!

Also, I hate that all the olympic weights are in kg and not lbs. It’s a total mind game for me. I can’t math in the morning. Eventually I’ll get used to it and figure out when the prescribed is 115 lbs that means x plates on the bar, but I need help yet. Why was I raised in the imperial system?!?

Whatever. Hooray to lifting heavy things! Go make it a great day!