A Better Brie

Saturday’s Crossfit went much better for me, even though the workout seemed exponentially harder:


  • Mobility drills
  • 400 m run
  • Plank drills 30 sec each
    • Front plank
    • Front plank with alternating leg raise
    • Front plank with alternating leg raise again in a wider stance
    • “Starfish” side planks

Skill work:

  • 3 rounds of:
    • 5 one-arm kb swings each hand (20 lb for me)
    • 5 lunge jumps each side


  • 10 rounds of:
    • 5 deadlifts (I did 35kg)
    • 10 burpees over the bar
    • 20 double unders (I did singles)

I finished in 22:30 and was a sweaty mess. My knees have bruises on them from the burpees. When can I do that again? 😀

After getting my shorts handed to me, I headed to Napa to participate in wedding menu tasting for my sister’s wedding. Since I’m on the Whole30 still and most likely wouldn’t be able to eat anything there,  I brought a very well-rounded and exceptional food critic to fill in for me for the actual tasting part.

This is Squish’s opinion of the brie en croutes

I was able to eat two tomato slices from the caprese salad and one bite of chicken I assured had no sauce on it. But everything looked and smelled splendid, and by my nose I approve of the bride’s and groom’s wine choices.

The appetizer selections

I am looking forward to helping with the late-night appetizer tasting next month, where I will actually be able to eat the food!

Since my taster did such a good job, Amanda and I took him to Playground Fantastico, a Napa city park, to run some the crazies out. Yes, it was raining. No, he didn’t seem to care.

Hey look, Crazies!

That’s it, make it a great day!

One thought on “A Better Brie

  1. Awwww look how cute squish is! I vet he loved sampling, that’s a crap time to be whole30-ing you know everything is cooked in butter. Great job on your workout by the second indent I was crying just thinking about doing it 🙂

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