Wednesday’s Eats and Squish Embarks on an Employment Adventure

Tons of updates today!

Wednesday was a super fun class. Depending on your definition of “fun”. It was box jump day!


The Strength portion was 8×3 box jumps. For women it was suggested height of 30″. Which is literally half of my height. I did not jump 30″. I tried and failed spectacularly. So I did my reps at a respectable 27″.

Then the workout was four rounds for time with a (yay!) 3-minute rest in between each round:

  • 300m row
  • 200m run
  • 30 air squats

After my third round I realized that we were supposed to be tracking our time and posting the best round. Oh. I think maybe my best was 3:20-ish?

That night my legs were completely shot, and I noticed my hamstring pain was coming back and I was starting to develop shin splints. So I took Thursday and Friday off to sleep in and recover a bit. I was just able to put my shoes on without my hamstrings screaming at me, so I think that was a good decision and I’m ready to work out Saturday now!

Meanwhile, I’m half-seriously tracking my macros. Wednesday was a really good day eats-wise. I managed to get pretty close to my macro goals. Breakfast was a few scrambled eggs (some pretty pastured eggs I picked up at the farmer’s market, soooo pretty!), and an entire can of pureed sweet potatoes.


Lunch at work was some leftover paleo “spaghetti” and a romaine salad with the last of my beloved salad dressing. This Tessamae’s Green Goddess dressing is so amazing. I put it on anything I’m not really excited about eating, like a bowl of romaine lettuce, and it makes it amazing. Sadly, it’s not one of the Whole30 compliant dressings, but when I’m not on a Whole30 I will drink it.


Dinner was my first attempt at a Home Chef dinner, which is one of those delivery services where they send you ingredients and a recipe to make a whole dinner. Hulk heard about it from a friend and we decided to try it out. I tried out the Clementine and Hot Honey Chicken recipe.

(Photo credit from the Home Chef site)

They did a fantastic job of measuring out the ingredients in little pre-packaged samples, and the instructions were simple to follow. I wasn’t super stoked about the portion size because I eat a remarkable volume for a human my size, but I added some extra veggies and it was all good.

In family news, It was Take Your Child to Work on Thursday, and Squish accompanied me to my place of gainful employment. My company did a fantastic job of setting up a “classroom” for all of the kids that day, and had organized sessions, games, and even a magic show to keep everyone engaged and entertained.

So focused. A little developer in the making!

I was a little concerned that Squish was a bit young for the event, so I brought my home computer for him to play games on if he got bored. There is only so much you can explain to a four-year-old what it’s like to be an implementation consultant for a cloud ERP software provider. I mean, most adults glaze over when I tell them what I do for a living. So when it got a little too technical for him with the older kids, he came to my desk and “worked” along with me. The best part was at the end of the day when all the kids were asked what they learned about what their parents do, his response was, “Mommy plays games on the computer.” No, son, I reckon that would be the case if I worked at EA Games across the street. I almost failed college because of my “The Sims 2” obsession. Anyway, he had a blast and wants to come with me to work everyday now.

That’s it for now. Go make it a fabulous weekend!



Is Butter a Carb?

Today I took a rest day. I decided a day spent being sore instead of becoming more sore was a good idea. Also, I slept horribly last night. It’s a bad idea to take Sudafed before bed, no matter how stuffed up you feel. I sort of laid there in a half-coma all night, tired but not actually falling asleep. It was weird. Anyway, Olive scored with a nice walk around the neighborhood this morning.


I’ve also been experimenting with different food plans. One of the coaches put together sort of a macros-based performance eating group for anyone interested. I decided to play around with it. Why not? I’ll probably do a full post on what all it entails when I’m not so brain-dead tired, but basically you calculate out an estimated grams of protein, carbs, and fat to eat in a given day. Sort of like calorie counting, but the type of food matters more than just the calories. Anyway, I’m giving it a whirl for funsies. I’m logging my food in My Fitness Pal and it’s curious to see where I end up.

Breakfast was eggs, spaghetti squash, and broccoli.


Lunch was a few corn dogs because I sort of got distracted while working and just ate what Hulk put in front of me. I was surprised; since going paleo I’ve sort of learned to “embrace the fat” and include dietary fat with abandon. Turns out that corn dogs really check in on the fat content. Now that my meal template is decidedly less fatty and more carb-heavy, I’m having to do some reassessing of my go-to staple foods. Which means corn dogs might now earn a place into “once in a while for a treat” rather than “emergency can’t-even food.” Tragedy.

Dinner was some “paleo spaghetti” with meat sauce and spaghetti squash. And a beer. Because carbs.


Yeah, I know. They’re not buying it either.

That’s it for today. Go make it a great day!

A Fun Day

Okay, I think I’m done with CrossFit for a bit; my traps sort of hurt to the touch. And by “a bit” I mean I’ll take a rest day tomorrow. But I scored a new 1 rep max today, so that was fun!

1 Rep Max of the following combination:

  • 1 Shoulder press
  • 2 Push press
  • 3 Push jerks

Before the max, we also warmed up with a “mini Annie” doing 20 reps, 10 reps, and 5 reps of double unders and sit-ups. Funny how that used to be a “work out” and now it’s warm up! Okay, it felt like a work out. I was the last one to peel myself off of the floor. And then we did one minute AMRAP of pull-ups. Even with the big ol’ band, I still barely scored 8, and some of them were questionable as my arms barely made a 90 degree angle, let alone my head passing the bar. Then we did dumbbell rows and dumbbell rollbacks, and THEN we maxed the sequence.

It was such a fun day. And I tapped out at 38 kg, which I was stoked. On my first try, I couldn’t do it. So I gave it a few minutes rest and tried again. The coffee must’ve finally kicked in or something.

Then I flew home and slammed my breakfast of homemade yogurt and frozen blueberries while trying to take a shower at the same time.


I would like to joke that bathroom food tastes better, but let’s be honest: if you’re eating in the bathroom, it’s because you’re running late anyway and are hoovering food in your face with complete abandon to your tastebuds. But I do love homemade yogurt. We got a Yogourmet yogurt maker off of Amazon a while back, and I will never buy yogurt in the store again. It’s super easy, and tastes way better. Pro tip: I like to add a pack of gelatin to the milk before I mix in the culture to get it a bit extra thick. Extra thick, and extra good for the gut! 🙂

That’s all for now. Go make it a great day!

My First Rx

I’ve been on a bit of a CrossFit streak lately. I’ve been meaning to get more into it, and now that Hulk’s a bit of a training buddy I’ve had more motivation to go.

Friday I worked from home, so I was able to swap in my 1+ hour commute for a workout instead. We did a Nasty Nancy which about took me out.

5 rounds for time:

  • 400m run
  • 10 power snatches
  • 10 overhead squats (OHS)

Rx for women was 30 kg, but when I tried to warm up with 25’s it was totally not happening with the squat. Because I’ve done an OHS maybe twice before. So I dropped to 20kg and that turned out to be a good decision. I’m still trying to finally Rx the weight on a workout, but when you can’t even get one clean rep and the workout consists of 50, there’s not much you can do about that.

It was definitely not my best workout. I was tight and sore from the pistols on Wednesday, and I just can never really feel strong in the evenings; morning workouts just work better for my internal clock. But I was there and I was going to do it. Around my third set of OHS I sensed I was twisting my right shoulder weird when I went down. I was probably compensating for a weak side in my fatigue, and it ended up straining something in my elbow when I was locked out overhead. I dropped the bar, cursed a bit, and assessed the situation. Was I injured, or was it a warning to pay better attention to what I was doing? I took a minute to get my bearings and try again, and I was able to finish out the set. I debated on quitting the workout. Clearly this wasn’t my day, and the last thing I want is to get injured before I even really get started. On the other hand, I need to toughen up and work through the suck when it sucked. I decided to start on my fourth run and figure out the OHS the next time I came to them, since besides being completely exhausted I was still good for the run and the snatches. On my fourth round of OHS, I took them slower and focused on my arm tension and keeping my chest up, and that seemed to be what was missing. I was the last one to finish at 27:15, but I got it done.

Sunday was redemption. For starters, we did a double-under tabata and I was able to consistently string 3-5 DU’s together each round which was pretty sweet. Then the workout, which I knew would be a beast because weekend workout, ended up to be 1/2 Morrison (or a full Morrison if you were crazy enough):

Rounds 25 – 20 – 15 – 10 – 5 reps for time:

  • Wall balls (14lb)
  • Box jumps (20in)
  • Kettlebell swings (35lb)

And I Rx’ed that beast. Boom.

I am drinking the CrossFit kool-aid deep, kids.

Go make it a great day!




Friday Favorites #1

Hi again. It’s Friday, and I’m feeling a bit festive. Why not jump on the “Friday Favorites” theme?

Favorite #1: Snapchat.


I’m on Snapchat now! I have no idea what I’m doing. Follow me at @emilyrocksroad if you dare. There will probably be mostly snaps of food and children doing silly things.

Favorite #2: My BBB time


Lately I’ve invented some “me time” which I call BBB – Book, Bath, and a Beer. I soak in the tub with a beer while reading whatever book catches my interest at the time. Last night it was an epsom salt soak with lavender and ylang ylang essential oils, our home-brewed oatmeal stout, and “A Brief History of Time” by Stephen Hawking since I was feeling a bit smarty pants.

Favorite #3: Toddler Hair


Buttercup’s hair is almost to a point where we can style it now, which is giving me such a squeee-able assortment of possibilities. It was pretty hot last weekend, so I experimented with a couple of ways to get her hair off her face and neck. Which she promptly tore out, but that makes it fun, right?

That’s it for now, go make it a great weekend!

Buddy Up

Yesterday both Hulk and I went to CrossFit! I went to the 6am class and he attended the 6:30pm, but it was sort of like we worked out together. At least we got to commiserate about wall balls when he got home. It’s nice to have a workout buddy again.

Skill: Pistols 5×10

WOD Part A:

8 minute AMRAP of:

  • 20 wall balls (men = 20lb, women = 14lb)
  • 10 pushups

My score: 3 rounds and 3 wall balls (Rx’ed the weight!)

WOD Part B:

3 rounds of:

  • 300m row
  • 15 pullups (bands/modify as needed)

My time: 11:57, with a bit of waiting for a rower

I had never done pistol squats before. I was terrible; so much for core flexibility. But they were really fun to try out. The only bummer to the two-part workout was that there were a ton of people in my class, and not enough rowers, so you ended up waiting for one at each round. The wait was maybe 30 seconds, but it was enough to catch your breath!

Then I patted myself on the back for packing my lunch for work. Look at my snazzy new lunch bag! I thought a new lunch bag would inspire me to bring lunch to work more often.

Sadly, I packed leftover spaghetti squash bake, and I forgot a fork. And the fact I didn’t have access to a microwave at the site I’m working at this week. Whomp. I really didn’t want to eat with my hands at my desk (so professional, I know!) so I was a bit hungry at the end of the day.

After dinner Squish and I did a mommy-and-me date to the playground and went out for ice cream afterwards. It’s been a while since we had some quality time, and I had been working so much and traveling so much lately we needed a bit of time to have fun together. Of course the first thing he said to me this morning was, “I want a chocolate ice cream cone on a ‘pointy cone’ with sprinkles!” That was his order at the ice cream place last night. I want ice cream for breakfast too, buddy.

That’s it for now, go make it a great day!

Back to the Food

Wednesday means it’s time for What I Ate Wednesday. Who’s ready for some crappy iPhone photos of half-eaten food with captions? I know I am!

I was so irritated this morning. The night before, I packed my bag, checked that my alarm was set, and told Hulk that I was going to CrossFit this morning. Then I woke up at 6:07, 7 minutes after class had started, to find that I must have slept through my alarm. I was super annoyed. I was feeling really pumped and ready to hit it. Instead, I hit some of those egg muffins I made on Sunday for breakfast.


The picture doesn’t lie. They were terrible. Healthy, but terrible. I don’t like leftover egg bakes. I choked them down, but I seriously need to find something to pair them with. This is going to be a long week of breakfasts. However, I did remember my reusable mug at the coffee shops this morning. Yes, plural. No, don’t care.

I was in Oakland for work this week, onsite for a project launch. I have found my most favorite lunch place Uptown that does a really nice shawarma salad. Today was lamb and beef. It was terrible. Next time I’ll try to take a picture before I consume all of the salad.


For dinner we finally dug into the pizza spaghetti pie I made Sunday. Everyone was super hungry and we made quick work of it. I was too busy loading Buttercup’s plate with more steamed carrots and telling Squish to keep his glass of milk away from the edge of the table to take pictures, but it pretty much looked like this:

Photo source

Yes, just like that.

You know what’s messed up? Letting a four year old watch “The Land Before Time,” then telling him it’s bedtime literally right after Littlefoot’s mother died. That may have happened. I should know by now to simply take the remote and say, “Let’s watch Bob the Builder!” when Squish repeatedly asks me, “What’s happening?” over and over in a worried voice during any intense scene. My penance shall most likely be a few 3am wake-up calls from a preschooler terrified awake with nightmares.

And that’s it. Go make it a great day!

Pick Three

I’ve been a big baby lately about getting to the gym. I love CrossFit, but I’ve been a whiner about getting up so early in the morning. I always feel fantastic after I go, and throughout the day I never regret getting my workout in first thing. But when that alarm goes off … Ugh.

And I only go to CrossFit twice a week, so I am completely capable of sleeping in the other five days! But after having kids and going through those seriously messed up sleep deprivation days, I am a total crazed dictator about getting sufficient sleep. I do not function without enough solid rest time, and after a few short nights in a row I’m guaranteed to come down with a cold or something. Of course the solution is to go to bed earlier, which is great until you do the math and find out your bedtime is before your preschooler’s (for real).

But you know what? Life isn’t perfect. I am not going to get the perfect 9 hours every single night that my body seems to gravitate to when left to its own devices and schedule. There will be short nights, there will be those blissful weekend sleep marathons with the kids are visiting the grandparents. The important thing is I’m mindful of what I need and I’m doing the best I can to make it happen.

There was an Instagram post recently from @melissa_hartwig that totally hit home, and spoke to something I have been struggling with for years: fitting it all in. Out of all the major priorities in life – sleep, exercise, work, family, friends – on any given day you can only reasonably pick three. Some days you sleep in, skip the workout, and go for happy hour with your work wives. Other days you get up when the alarm clock is displaying an outrageously small number so you can get in your workout before hitting the office before everyone else. But every day you choose what the priority is, and it’s all fluid. That’s “balance.”

I wasn’t doing this. I was literally filling out spreadsheets with proposed schedules to figure out how I could do everything, every day. Hence my request for a 30 hour day. But if I pick three, that’s totally reasonable. I can do three in 24 hours.

There will be days (like many of mine recently) that a project, event, or life circumstances will require one area gets all the attention. That’s cool, just focus on the thing that needs attention and let stuff elsewhere slide. The beauty of life is that (usually) tomorrow is another day, and you can pick the other things up again later. Maybe you lost some fitness, or maybe some relationships sort of faded. But if it’s something you truly care about, it will come back to you. Maybe in a different form than before, but it will come back.

I’m 33 years old, and I always put on myself that once I’m 30, I’ll have everything figured out. I’ll be athlete in my prime, I’ll have that corner office and big fancy title, balance career and family effortlessly, and I could just coast and enjoy the ride from there. I know, right? Then I had kids, and quickly realized (aduh)  that “having it all” is a myth … When you want it all at once. Who says I will never be an elite athlete, or have the big, fancy corner office? Maybe this is not my year. Maybe this is not my decade. Someday that goal will move to the top of my list, but today I’m in “mommy survival mode,” keeping my family moving forward.

And so today I chose workout over sleep, hit the alarm off instead of snooze, and went and did “Dirty Girls” scaled (10:47!). I’m probably going to work late, and spend the weekend catching up with my kids. Tomorrow it might be different, but this is what I need for today. “Letting ‘good enough’ be good enough.”

As always, go make it a great day … of your choice!

Check In

What is up? I’ve been all MIA again, so here’s a quick catch-up on the latest happenings.

I was in Boulder, CO for a work project and got caught in a blizzard. That was fun.

Then I went to Vegas for my sister’s bachelorette party. 

I got drunk and lost money. It was a good time. And you know it was a good time when you find pictures in your photo stream you don’t remember taking. Wait, we were on the roof of the Mandalay?

I’m crushing through a couple of work projects now, and then it will be my sister’s Wedding Weekendpalooza! I still have to write my maid of honor speech. Crap.

And some Christopher Walken memes to set the weekend off right.

For the yogis out there:


And just because:


Go make it a great weekend!