Pick Three

I’ve been a big baby lately about getting to the gym. I love CrossFit, but I’ve been a whiner about getting up so early in the morning. I always feel fantastic after I go, and throughout the day I never regret getting my workout in first thing. But when that alarm goes off … Ugh.

And I only go to CrossFit twice a week, so I am completely capable of sleeping in the other five days! But after having kids and going through those seriously messed up sleep deprivation days, I am a total crazed dictator about getting sufficient sleep. I do not function without enough solid rest time, and after a few short nights in a row I’m guaranteed to come down with a cold or something. Of course the solution is to go to bed earlier, which is great until you do the math and find out your bedtime is before your preschooler’s (for real).

But you know what? Life isn’t perfect. I am not going to get the perfect 9 hours every single night that my body seems to gravitate to when left to its own devices and schedule. There will be short nights, there will be those blissful weekend sleep marathons with the kids are visiting the grandparents. The important thing is I’m mindful of what I need and I’m doing the best I can to make it happen.

There was an Instagram post recently from @melissa_hartwig that totally hit home, and spoke to something I have been struggling with for years: fitting it all in. Out of all the major priorities in life – sleep, exercise, work, family, friends – on any given day you can only reasonably pick three. Some days you sleep in, skip the workout, and go for happy hour with your work wives. Other days you get up when the alarm clock is displaying an outrageously small number so you can get in your workout before hitting the office before everyone else. But every day you choose what the priority is, and it’s all fluid. That’s “balance.”

I wasn’t doing this. I was literally filling out spreadsheets with proposed schedules to figure out how I could do everything, every day. Hence my request for a 30 hour day. But if I pick three, that’s totally reasonable. I can do three in 24 hours.

There will be days (like many of mine recently) that a project, event, or life circumstances will require one area gets all the attention. That’s cool, just focus on the thing that needs attention and let stuff elsewhere slide. The beauty of life is that (usually) tomorrow is another day, and you can pick the other things up again later. Maybe you lost some fitness, or maybe some relationships sort of faded. But if it’s something you truly care about, it will come back to you. Maybe in a different form than before, but it will come back.

I’m 33 years old, and I always put on myself that once I’m 30, I’ll have everything figured out. I’ll be athlete in my prime, I’ll have that corner office and big fancy title, balance career and family effortlessly, and I could just coast and enjoy the ride from there. I know, right? Then I had kids, and quickly realized (aduh)  that “having it all” is a myth … When you want it all at once. Who says I will never be an elite athlete, or have the big, fancy corner office? Maybe this is not my year. Maybe this is not my decade. Someday that goal will move to the top of my list, but today I’m in “mommy survival mode,” keeping my family moving forward.

And so today I chose workout over sleep, hit the alarm off instead of snooze, and went and did “Dirty Girls” scaled (10:47!). I’m probably going to work late, and spend the weekend catching up with my kids. Tomorrow it might be different, but this is what I need for today. “Letting ‘good enough’ be good enough.”

As always, go make it a great day … of your choice!

2 thoughts on “Pick Three

  1. YUP! This is a tough one. Right now I feel pretty busy and I cannot even imagine throwing 2 kids into the mix. Soon enough… and I know I’ll figure it out, but I think you’re doing great!

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