Buddy Up

Yesterday both Hulk and I went to CrossFit! I went to the 6am class and he attended the 6:30pm, but it was sort of like we worked out together. At least we got to commiserate about wall balls when he got home. It’s nice to have a workout buddy again.

Skill: Pistols 5×10

WOD Part A:

8 minute AMRAP of:

  • 20 wall balls (men = 20lb, women = 14lb)
  • 10 pushups

My score: 3 rounds and 3 wall balls (Rx’ed the weight!)

WOD Part B:

3 rounds of:

  • 300m row
  • 15 pullups (bands/modify as needed)

My time: 11:57, with a bit of waiting for a rower

I had never done pistol squats before. I was terrible; so much for core flexibility. But they were really fun to try out. The only bummer to the two-part workout was that there were a ton of people in my class, and not enough rowers, so you ended up waiting for one at each round. The wait was maybe 30 seconds, but it was enough to catch your breath!

Then I patted myself on the back for packing my lunch for work. Look at my snazzy new lunch bag! I thought a new lunch bag would inspire me to bring lunch to work more often.

Sadly, I packed leftover spaghetti squash bake, and I forgot a fork. And the fact I didn’t have access to a microwave at the site I’m working at this week. Whomp. I really didn’t want to eat with my hands at my desk (so professional, I know!) so I was a bit hungry at the end of the day.

After dinner Squish and I did a mommy-and-me date to the playground and went out for ice cream afterwards. It’s been a while since we had some quality time, and I had been working so much and traveling so much lately we needed a bit of time to have fun together. Of course the first thing he said to me this morning was, “I want a chocolate ice cream cone on a ‘pointy cone’ with sprinkles!” That was his order at the ice cream place last night. I want ice cream for breakfast too, buddy.

That’s it for now, go make it a great day!