Spring Fling Recap Event #2 – Quick and “Easy”

Here is Part 2 of my unintended 3-part series recapping my first CrossFit competition, the Spring Fling!

Last post I left the bar with a decent score for Event #1. Now it was time to gear up for Event #2:

Event #2: a quickie – in 4:00 complete the following movements.

  • 500m row
  • as many burpees as possible until time is called, jumping on a 15kg plate

Scoring is in 2 parts: 1) rowing time and 2) quantity of burpees completed

That’s right. Just rowing and burpees for four minutes. Piece of cake, right?

I had a good half hour until my heat was up for Event #2, so I took the opportunity to eat a banana, and re-listen to the Harder to Kill Radio podcast episode #53, which I just heard the week before when Shane Farmer was a guest and talked about the three biggest tips to improve your rowing technique. Since Event #2 was half about the rowing, I was hoping to see if I could score a better time with Shane’s suggestions.

The heats blazed through since they were so quick, and soon it was my turn. I tried to guesstimate my score based on how I usually perform in workouts. On a good day I could probably finish a 500m row in 2:20, but it was more likely I would finish in 2:30 since my legs were still shaking from Event #1. For burpees, my best as-many-burpees-as-you-can-in-a-minute time was 16 (and a half!) so I thought in 90 seconds I could probably crank out 20. Maybe. Factoring in for fatigue.

The 3-2-1 go sounded, and I grabbed the rower handles and pushed hard with my legs. I focused on the tips from the podcast: rowing is 60% leg work, 30% body work, and 10% arm work, so 1) make sure you think about pushing instead of pulling: push with your legs out, and think about pushing with your arms back out on the return; 2) really use the return to recover, relax the body and take it easy; and 3) don’t push with just the balls of your feet; the push should come from the middle of the foot, so you engage more of the big leg muscles.

My row was 2:04. I couldn’t believe it. Just one massive push from being sub-2:00. Thank you, Shane Farmer!

Elated by my awesome personal best row time, I was now thinking, “shoot, now I have an extra 25 seconds of burpees!” My legs were so shot from the rowing, but I threw myself down on the floor and slogged them out as fast as possible. I stumbled once jumping on the plate, so that was probably a no-rep, but I kept grinding away. I was just in the middle of my 20th burpee when they called time, so I ended with a score of 19. Argh, so close to my guesstimate of 20!

So I ended with an official score of 2:04 and 19, which was 12th overall for the row and 15th for the burpees.

Then I went and ate an Epic bar and canned sweet potatoes, then napped in my car for a bit, since it was over an hour until the third event and I was kinda feeling a bit tired.

Rest up, it’s almost time for Event #3 recap coming out this evening!

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