Friday Favorites #2

It’s another Friday! Or as my mom calls it, Yippie-Skippy-Friday! I’m feeling that it’s time for another round of Friday Favorites.

Favorite #1 – this deodorant


It’s getting abundantly clear now that I am becoming a Northern Californian. Mostly because I’ve started using “natural” deodorant. It’s been a bit trial-and-error finding one that works for me, but I’m really loving the Lavanila line. You can get it at Sephora, but I like Amazon, because Prime and lazy. My last pick was a three-pack of different scents, and I’m loving getting to choose what version of vanilla I want to smell like today.

Favorite #2: Podcasts, especially Girls Gone WOD


Because I spend about a billion hours commuting in the car every week to my office, I am totally dependent on audiobooks and podcasts to keep me sane. Right now, I am totally obsessed with the Girls Gone WOD podcast. Even if you aren’t a CrossFitter or even remotely active, you will love this show. Sure they talk a lot about gym stuff, but they are also hilarious and talk about everything random, such as how awesome PB2 is, favorite hats for all occasions, Marriage Hacks, and there is no shortage of Mean Girls quotes. It’s like hanging out with your besties that lift. Seriously, go listen and prepare to uncomfortably laugh out loud in public because you know you’re going to listen to it while in a coffee shop or at work or someplace super crowded.

Favorite #3: Diner Breakfast Fridays


I used to have this ritual where on Fridays I would get up a little earlier and have breakfast at a local diner. It was a major treat for me to enjoy some greasy eggs and french toast while quietly sipping my coffee and catching up on some reading or enjoying people-watching. I had gotten out of the habit, so today I decided to leave a bit early and hit up a local breakfast place. It’s not something I can do every Friday, but it’s nice to have the option when I have the time. P.S. the coffee was still decaf *sigh*

Favorite #4 – Bingo.


Hulk sent me this the other day. It’s hilarious, and surprisingly accurate. Bingo!

Need some more favorites? Check out Friday Favorites #1

That’s it for now. Go make it a great weekend!

Showing Up

I finally made it back to the gym this morning! I felt like I haven’t been going lately … but it turns out I have been going, I just haven’t been blogging about it. Since giving up coffee at the beginning of the month, I have felt a significant decrease in my strength and stamina during WODs, and to be honest workouts have felt pretty lousy. I found it really demotivating, and that coupled with my bailing on the Whole30 this month I felt too disheartened to post. Then I decided to stop fretting about it, but on my big girl pants and just do the damn work as needed. Who cares how much is on the barbell, as long as I enjoy lifting it? Not every day has to be a PR day; just showing up is half of the effort!

Skill work: 10 rope climbs, wheeeeee!

WOD: 20 min AMRAP:

  • 5 Handstand push-ups (or pike pushups)
  • 10 Dumbbell burpees over a box (10lb dumbbells and 16″ box)
  • 15 Dumbbell thrusters (10lb dumbbells for me)
  • 20 Sit-ups

Total score: 4 rounds + 3 thrusters

It’s just time to embrace the fact that I do not feel like the liquid lightning I used to feel since giving up my long-ago habit of a double espresso before class. I feel heavy and slow, but I pushed it and paced through the workout. I even felt a little pukey at one point, so I must have got a good workout in. Or maybe that was my pre-workout bacon Epic bar. Usually my go-to pre-workout snack is a few slices of turkey and some almond butter (not together), but I was running late and thought a bacon Epic bar would have a sufficient protein + fat combo. It did, but wow was that a strong flavor to choke down at 5:30 in the morning before, like, 50 burpees and  60 thrusters happened. Good to know.

On the recovery and self-care side of things, I also just started seeing a chiropractor for my neck and back. I’m just tired of being in pain all the time, and it makes training so much more pleasant if I’m not terrified that every big movement might be “the one” that throws me out of commission. So I found a highly recommended chiropractor in town that takes my insurance (yay!).

My neck, as it turns out, is – oh, what’s the clinical term? – effed up. You know how the vertebrae in necks are supposed to be, you know, gently curved? Mine is as straight as one of Squish’s lego towers. Which is bad. And I have a disk that’s starting to degenerate. But wait, there’s more. My left hip sits about .8cm above my right. Which is just dumb. So I’ll be snap-crackle-popping for the next several weeks while I get worked on.

Meanwhile, I’m also trying to get better at doing my PT exercises, and get regular massages. I had a super awesome pricey massage splurge at a fabulous therapeutic massage clinic in SF a few weeks back, and it was heavenly. Seriously, she gave me new legs. But after two days of my usual sit-in-commute-traffic-sit-in-desk-sit-in-more-commute-traffic routine my hamstrings were sore again. So time to do more mobility and glute activation work, and I’m trying to hit up the super cheap massage place in town when I can.

That’s the update for now, go make it a great day!

Rough Week

It’s been a bit of a rough week over here. Life stuff is rolling along smoothly as usual, but the news lately has been wretched. Along with the National stories of horror (eff you too, all news from Florida) I’ve found out quite a few people have passed away recently. Some I knew personally, some were family and friends of friends, and some were community leaders who inspired me. Then the Warriors lost game 6 of the playoffs. The bad news just kept rolling in all week.

So when I woke up before my alarm this morning, I knew a bit of self care was in order before I headed to work. I knocked off a session of Headspace meditation, then once I saw what a beautiful, sunny day it was, I took Olive to our favorite trail.

happy dog

I started writing a bit more about my thoughts on this week’s events, but it got super deep and woo-ish super fast, so we’ll keep it light by saying it’s the weekend, yay! Let’s go out and do cool stuff. Play a game, get dirty, laugh hard. Ponder life’s mysteries, give really good hugs, and frolic. Live life the way it was meant to be lived. That’s the best legacy and memory we can make for anyone. And go make it a great day.

Lessons Learned

First off, let me just say we need more love in the world. I’ve stepped away from a lot of social media and news the past few months because I simply can’t handle it. There is so much hurt and destruction and it’s all stupid. But even if I remove Facebook from my phone and stop reading news articles, I still hear about stuff. It can’t be ignored. People still suck. Which sucks, because people also have such a capacity to be really, really awesome. So let’s focus on the awesome. With enough light we can obliterate even the darkest of darkness. /rant

Okay, onto my self-centered, petty musings!

So, I’ve learned something new recently. If I announce that I plan to do or am doing a Whole30 on my blog, I will not finish it. The Whole30s I’ve successfully completed happened when I hardly breathed a word on the blog, or I would wait until like Day 20 to mention it. But I posted last week that Hulk and I were doing a Whole30 together. And then we went away for the weekend with friends to the cabin in the middle of the woods that’s off the grid with no wifi or internet. I consulted our friend over menu options, and bought a ton of Whole30 food to share, so I thought we would be good. But then we get there, and it’s vacation, and the kids are all in bed and the adults are playing board games and hanging out on the patio, and why not a cocktail? It feels festive. It’s just one. Ugh, terrible decision. Totally not worth it. But as guilty as I feel, at least I can chalk it up to a learning experience. Next time, stick with the program!

The other think I’ve learned lately is that I will always regret sleeping in and not going to CrossFit, but I never regret getting up early to go to the gym. Even if I barely got any sleep and I’m exhausted, I never regret going first thing in the morning. I can always try to catch a nap when I get home, or sleep in tomorrow. Just something to keep in mind when I try to hit that snooze button at 5:15am.

Part of my June Whole30 was to also give up coffee for the month. I figure since I was up to about 5 cups a day, it was about time to give myself a Caffeine Holiday. Although I didn’t stick with the Whole30, I learned that I really don’t miss my morning coffee all that much. It’s really nice having one less thing to do in the morning, and not spilling coffee all over my pants in the car, and washing out travel mugs with that gross stale coffee smell. I miss the taste and the ritual of a hot cup of coffee in the morning when I’m working at my desk planning my day, but for the most part once I’m focused on work I don’t even miss it. I thought about replacing my cup with a tea or hot lemon water. Which I can do if I want. But I really like not having to fix myself a hot beverage of any kind in the morning. My laziness has no bounds, apparently. Once the month’s up I’ll probably indulge in a cup on weekends, maybe, but I do not want it to become a morning habit again. Because withdrawal. *shudder*

That’s all I’ve learned for now. Go make it a great day!

Life Lately: Some Updates

My planner reminded me of a depressing point last week.

Ugh. You’re right, Nancy. My planner’s name is Nancy. Nancy is a name that sounds like someone who has her sh*t so together, she can help me with mine.

Anyway. We embarked on a Whole30 for June. I’m a little timid in taking about it, because historically whenever I talk a lot about my Whole30 on the blog, it jinxed it and I end up face first in a Safeway vanilla sheet cake. So far it’s going really well, because Hulk is doing it with me! You may now all pick your jaws up on the floor. Yes, my beer-brewing, “elimination diets are pointless”-viewed husband is doing a Whole30 with me for support. It’s been great trading off meals and having someone else volunteer ideas for “what’s for dinner.” And breaking out our matching LaCroix on the back patio Friday nights instead of the usual beer has a good vein of solidarity to it that keeps me from caving to certain hoppy brewed temptations.

One good note is that our Home Chef dinners are pretty simple to modify.

I just check all of the spices and sauces and replace the sugar and dairy for stuff we have on hand. For example, the Cole slaw last night called for sugar, so I used the juice of a clementine instead. Gave it a great citrus-y kick!

Also for June, my goal is to get outside more. So Squish and I had a little beach date Saturday morning. 

We went to Half Moon Bay. It was chilly, but clearly comfortable enough to to roll around repeatedly in the sand. He even got me to help him play “Construction” with his trucks, pushing them up and down the dunes. We left sandy and satisfied.

I’m still taking CrossFit easy. I had an amazing therapeutic massage on my hamstrings Tuesday, but I’m still feeling a bit off. I did the WOD yesterday and it took me a good 10 minutes into the workout to really feel warmed up and ready to go. I think I just need to take more time to warm up, to come to the gym early and get the process started sooner. Ugh, it’s terrible to get old, I tell ya.

That’s the update for now. Go make it a great day!