Showing Up

I finally made it back to the gym this morning! I felt like I haven’t been going lately … but it turns out I have been going, I just haven’t been blogging about it. Since giving up coffee at the beginning of the month, I have felt a significant decrease in my strength and stamina during WODs, and to be honest workouts have felt pretty lousy. I found it really demotivating, and that coupled with my bailing on the Whole30 this month I felt too disheartened to post. Then I decided to stop fretting about it, but on my big girl pants and just do the damn work as needed. Who cares how much is on the barbell, as long as I enjoy lifting it? Not every day has to be a PR day; just showing up is half of the effort!

Skill work: 10 rope climbs, wheeeeee!

WOD: 20 min AMRAP:

  • 5 Handstand push-ups (or pike pushups)
  • 10 Dumbbell burpees over a box (10lb dumbbells and 16″ box)
  • 15 Dumbbell thrusters (10lb dumbbells for me)
  • 20 Sit-ups

Total score: 4 rounds + 3 thrusters

It’s just time to embrace the fact that I do not feel like the liquid lightning I used to feel since giving up my long-ago habit of a double espresso before class. I feel heavy and slow, but I pushed it and paced through the workout. I even felt a little pukey at one point, so I must have got a good workout in. Or maybe that was my pre-workout bacon Epic bar. Usually my go-to pre-workout snack is a few slices of turkey and some almond butter (not together), but I was running late and thought a bacon Epic bar would have a sufficient protein + fat combo. It did, but wow was that a strong flavor to choke down at 5:30 in the morning before, like, 50 burpees and  60 thrusters happened. Good to know.

On the recovery and self-care side of things, I also just started seeing a chiropractor for my neck and back. I’m just tired of being in pain all the time, and it makes training so much more pleasant if I’m not terrified that every big movement might be “the one” that throws me out of commission. So I found a highly recommended chiropractor in town that takes my insurance (yay!).

My neck, as it turns out, is – oh, what’s the clinical term? – effed up. You know how the vertebrae in necks are supposed to be, you know, gently curved? Mine is as straight as one of Squish’s lego towers. Which is bad. And I have a disk that’s starting to degenerate. But wait, there’s more. My left hip sits about .8cm above my right. Which is just dumb. So I’ll be snap-crackle-popping for the next several weeks while I get worked on.

Meanwhile, I’m also trying to get better at doing my PT exercises, and get regular massages. I had a super awesome pricey massage splurge at a fabulous therapeutic massage clinic in SF a few weeks back, and it was heavenly. Seriously, she gave me new legs. But after two days of my usual sit-in-commute-traffic-sit-in-desk-sit-in-more-commute-traffic routine my hamstrings were sore again. So time to do more mobility and glute activation work, and I’m trying to hit up the super cheap massage place in town when I can.

That’s the update for now, go make it a great day!

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