Friday Favorites #2

It’s another Friday! Or as my mom calls it, Yippie-Skippy-Friday! I’m feeling that it’s time for another round of Friday Favorites.

Favorite #1 – this deodorant


It’s getting abundantly clear now that I am becoming a Northern Californian. Mostly because I’ve started using “natural” deodorant. It’s been a bit trial-and-error finding one that works for me, but I’m really loving the Lavanila line. You can get it at Sephora, but I like Amazon, because Prime and lazy. My last pick was a three-pack of different scents, and I’m loving getting to choose what version of vanilla I want to smell like today.

Favorite #2: Podcasts, especially Girls Gone WOD


Because I spend about a billion hours commuting in the car every week to my office, I am totally dependent on audiobooks and podcasts to keep me sane. Right now, I am totally obsessed with the Girls Gone WOD podcast. Even if you aren’t a CrossFitter or even remotely active, you will love this show. Sure they talk a lot about gym stuff, but they are also hilarious and talk about everything random, such as how awesome PB2 is, favorite hats for all occasions, Marriage Hacks, and there is no shortage of Mean Girls quotes. It’s like hanging out with your besties that lift. Seriously, go listen and prepare to uncomfortably laugh out loud in public because you know you’re going to listen to it while in a coffee shop or at work or someplace super crowded.

Favorite #3: Diner Breakfast Fridays


I used to have this ritual where on Fridays I would get up a little earlier and have breakfast at a local diner. It was a major treat for me to enjoy some greasy eggs and french toast while quietly sipping my coffee and catching up on some reading or enjoying people-watching. I had gotten out of the habit, so today I decided to leave a bit early and hit up a local breakfast place. It’s not something I can do every Friday, but it’s nice to have the option when I have the time. P.S. the coffee was still decaf *sigh*

Favorite #4 – Bingo.


Hulk sent me this the other day. It’s hilarious, and surprisingly accurate. Bingo!

Need some more favorites? Check out Friday Favorites #1

That’s it for now. Go make it a great weekend!

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