Stick With It

Happy October 3rd, y’all!


And happy birthday to my mom. Hi, Mom!

Yesterday I was feeling blah and I didn’t want to put forth the effort into packing the kids up and going with Hulk to the morning CrossFit class. Squish does really well when we take him to the gym, and he’s happy to play in the kids’ area while we work out. Buttercup, also affectionately known as “Scream Puff”, prefers to stand in the corner of the fenced-in kids’ area and scream at me if she can see me during the WOD. It’s best to avoid eye contact. Unless she gets herself into trouble, so it’s always a bit of a gamble if I should interrupt my wall balls to check on her or not. Last time it’s because she tried to take her leggings off without removing her shoes first. So that could have waited until I was finished with the WOD. But I felt bad, seeing her waddle back and forth with her leggings tangled around her feet. Then one of the coaches went and untangled her, and held her until I was finished. I need to teach Squish how to untangle his sister from her own clothing.

Anyway, I didn’t want to deal with that, but I did want to stick with my super awesome workout motivation that I’ve had lately. So after some reassurance from Hulk that he would help me, I cleaned up the garage enough to go play with my new barbell. I decided to do some back squats since I hadn’t done a proper back squat in ages, and I had no idea what I could do weight-wise, so Death by Weight seemed like a good time. I started with the barbell and added 10 lbs every 5 reps until I failed a set, which happened at 125 lbs. Then I dropped the weight to 105 lbs and did three more sets of five. Then I did a whole bunch of stretching and sat in pigeon pose for eternity, or until small humans realized I wasn’t in the room and began to scrounge around for me.

Meanwhile, it’s Day 29 of my September Whole30. What?!? I know, right? I didn’t want to announce it or make a big deal, since the pattern has always been if I talk about it I crash and burn within like two days, but when I keep my mouth shut and just do it I can actually finish it out the full 30 days. But here’s where I feel a bit icky: six days in we hosted a big party to share our home-brewed beer, and I planned ahead on enjoying some beer at the party. Which I did. So technically, I should have restarted the next day. Which I did. But it was too depressing to think that I was back on Day 1, so I figured I’d just extend it out a few more days. But now that it’s Day 29 assuming I didn’t indulge at the party, the thought of going on until next Monday is just … ugh. So now I’m trying to decide if I should just say “good enough!” and start the reintro on Wednesday (*ahem* have a beer) with everyone else, or if I should acknowledge that I made a choice to drink beer at the party, that I owe myself 30 compliant days IN A ROW, and that it’s just six more days and I have done harder things and I can stick it out and do this and finish the full 30 days and enjoy the Tiger Blood that much longer before I go diving into a Safeway sheet cake. Plus, if I stick it out I’ll have plenty of time to read the new “Food Freedom Forever” book I preordered when Amazon delivers it and plan out my reintro and Life After. Ugh, I think I just answered my own question. I guess I’ll modify our Home Chef meals for one more week.

Time to go buy some more bulk meat to throw in the crock pot and chop some veggies. Home stretch!

That’s it for now. Go make it a great day!