Mental Game Set To An 11

Hello, and happy belated new year! I totally started this post like two weeks ago and never finished it. Nevertheless, I am so so happy that we have a brand shiny new year in front of us. Not that 2016 was terrible, but given the chance to live it again, I will reply with a polite “No, thank you.” So let’s raise a LaCroix flavor of your choice to 2017, may it only kick our collective butts a little bit. Enough to foster positive change, but not so much that we decide to hibernate for the rest of the year.

Speaking of kicking butt, my butt is so sore. The other day our workout was a series of tabada intervals that seemed pretty mild when I read them, but quickly found how in CrossFit, looks can be deceiving:


  • 3×10 dumbbell rows (I worked up to 25 lbs)


Tabada intervals for each exercise (8 rounds of 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest)

  • Sit-ups
  • Ring rows
  • Shoulder press (weight your choice, I used 12lbs)
  • Jumping lunges

I feel like I’ve started coming down with a cold, so I went into class thinking I’ll just take it easy and scale down as needed. But once I got warmed up, I realized it was one of those rare days where my mental game totally exceeded my physical ability. Which is always super, super awesome and fun! I still checked in with my body and form to prevent injury, but during the intervals I was obsessed with getting one more rep than last round. Yeah, that didn’t happen. But you know you gotta have goals. During the shoulder press and jumping lunges, my muscles all out failed. My brain was trying to hard to nudge me into another rep, and my body was frozen.

I ended up with 280 reps total. I have no idea what that score means exactly. I guess the next time we do this workout I’ll get to compare results?

Meanwhile, I’m still plugging away on my Whole30. 15 days down, and halfway there! I’m focusing on just taking it one day/one meal at a time. I prep tomorrow’s food the night before while I’m making dinner, and that routine seems to be working well. Except when I forget and I end up bringing a grocery bag of random cans and containers to work for lunch/pre-workout snack.

Note the can of my beloved puréed sweet potatoes. Not puréed pumpkin. The other morning I forgot to check the label on the can I grabbed from the pantry on my way whisking out the door. It was pumpkin. Not sweet potatoes. I ended up eating straight-up pumpkin purée on the way to yoga. I only buy cans of pumpkin to make pumpkin pie, which in my opinion is the only edible form of pumpkin. But I never got around to making the pie over the holidays, and the can of pumpkin got mixed in with my stash of sweet potatoes. So I found myself in a position where I have yoga in an hour, I’m driving there straight from work, and I am legit steamed-fish-and-broccoli hungry. So one can of pumpkin puree, down the hatch. It was reminiscent of that time when I was a kid and I hated green beans, but my mom made me eat them anyway. So much gagging. And now I’m an adult, and am willingly putting food I don’t like down. Still gagging. I have matured so much.

Go make it a great day!


One thought on “Mental Game Set To An 11

  1. Sometimes the simplest workouts, the ones that look “easy” are the worst! I’m so jealous that you’re on day 15… today is day 8 for me. So far so good though. I can’t believe you gagged your way through a can of pureed pumpkin. Eek haha.

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