Cake and Burpees

This weekend I went to Minneapolis for my dad’s retirement party. He didn’t know I was coming, so it was fun to surprise him! It was a good time. Dad had been with his company longer than I have been alive, so it was a pretty big deal. And there was cake.


Family inside joke.

While in Minneapolis I hung out with my brother and his fiancee, and had some fun doing touristy stuff in temperatures much lower than I’m used to. California girl liked the sunshine, but did not really like the actual temperature. Which wasn’t really bad (35 degrees) but I’m a weather whiner.


That smile? All pain from the windchill. But I did drop in on a class at CrossFit Minneapolis. It was one of those workouts where you read it and think, “Oh, that will be fun” and then you’re swearing and trying not to cry at the end.

3 x 500m row time trial,


Buy in: 15 burpees


  • 10 shoulder-to-overhead/1 back squat
  • 9 shoulder-to-overhead/2 back squat
  • 8 shoulder-to-overhead/3 back squat
  • 7 shoulder-to-overhead/4 back squat
  • 6 shoulder-to-overhead/5 back squat
  • 5 shoulder-to-overhead/6 back squat
  • 4 shoulder-to-overhead/7 back squat
  • 3 shoulder-to-overhead/8 back squat
  • 2 shoulder-to-overhead/9 back squat
  • 1 shoulder-to-overhead/10 back squat*

Cash out: 15 burpees

*Must be done unbroken; do not put the bar down. Every time the bar hits the floor it’s an additional 15 burpee penalty

For the row TT, I struggled to get under 2 minutes. I think my last one was 2:08.

In between the rowing, we set up the barbells for the wod. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I went ahead and warmed up to 55lbs. But after the rowing, my engine was tanked. I couldn’t even make my first set of 10 push jerks and ended up setting the bar down (15 burpees). I tried again, and dropped the bar again (15 burpees). Then I figured I should probably drop the weight on the bar down to 45 lbs or I’ll never finish. so I dropped the weight and finished out another set and a half before dropping the bar again (yes, that would be 15 more burpees). I just kept getting really dizzy, and my arms felt like they were going numb. By the time I completed the couplet, I had racked on an additional 60 burpees to the cash out. I finally finished in just over 20 minutes with my 75 burpees goddammit.

I want to do this workout over again. To see if I can do it unbroken now that I know what I’m getting myself into. Anyone want to do it with me? Mwa ha ha ha.

But everything is okay, because then my future sister-in-law took me out for tacos and beer. Everything is better with tacos and beer.


It’s proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. If you’re in Minneapolis, do yourself a favor and go to Taco Cat. Just go.

And now since I was at the party Friday night I have to figure out how to make up the open 17.1 workout and submit my time before 5pm tonight. Because if you wait until the last minute, it only takes a minute!

That’s all for now, go make it a great day!


It’s Open Season!

You guys, it’s OPEN SEASON!!!


The first CrossFit Open ’17 WOD is announced at 5:00 PST tonight. You can log in to the CrossFit Games website to live stream the coverage. I’m bringing snacks.

Lately I’ve been showing some Olympic lifts my love.

I’m still on the “baby plates” as I lovingly call them on my snatch. I’m getting much more comfortable with my form and where the bar needs to be when I catch it, and my coach says I have good flexibility, which is probably the first time in my life I’ve heard that. So it’s just a matter of doing, like, 1,000 x 1 rep scheme with just the bar until I am comfortable with throwing a heavy weight over my head and just letting it hang out there. Basically, I must deny my self-preservation instinct.

Clean and jerk is way more fun. I worked my way up to 46kg (101 lbs), which is a personal best so far. My max jerk is 50kg, so I know I can go a bit higher, but by the end of the session I was pretty toast and this was all I had in me for the day. Maybe something to do with the 1000 x 1 snatches?

And then I drive home from the gym with Kansas cranked. Loudly. Is there any other way?

Go grab your buddies to watch the open announcement, and make it a great day!

Yes, I Meal Prepped. Who Am I?

Well hello, happy people! Long time no chat!

I have so much to update on, I’m not even sure where to start.

First of all, I finished my #JanuaryWhole30. Yay! I even went over a couple of days, because I just wasn’t super interested in reintroducing anything just yet. Then one day, a cookie happened. I called it my cookie reintroduction. It was magical, and for the first time in I think my whole life, I was good with just one cookie. I enjoyed a cookie deliberately and intentionally, and after I got done licking the crumbs off my fingers, I found myself satisfied and went on with my day. Score. Since then, I’ve been slow-rolling the reintroduction by eating mostly Whole30 in my daily life but trying out foods here and there to see how they work with me. So far I’m still not a fan of sugar or gluten, and I’m still on the fence with dairy. It’s been really nice to just eat and notice and move on, instead of eat and berate and get angry with myself and binge.

I don’t always make the right food choices, but I’m using my mistakes as learning experiences rather than excuses to go off the rails, or beat myself up. The other night, a friend brought homemade bread pudding to our gathering. I had missed dinner and the bread pudding smelled soooooo good, so I had some. It was good, but not pay-for-the-effects-of-gluten good. I felt lousy afterword, and I’m still feeling bloated today. But now I know to evaluate better, and maybe bring have a snack on hand for those evenings I know I might miss a meal. No big deal.

Okay, what else? Oh, that’s right, the CrossFit Open is coming up! Yayyy! Here is a nifty poster from the CrossFit website that has all of the info:


I’m signed up and will be doing the scaled division again this year. I’m still not Rx’ing the workouts consistently, so I probably need another year to get stronger. But I have my double-unders pretty consistently now, so there’s that. Woot. You should go sign up too, it’s only $20. I’ll wait here. Peer pressure. Everyone is doing it.

Finally, with my crazy hectic schedule lately (gratitude moment: I am so grateful to be busy because it’s better than being bored!) I decided to finally get on the bandwagon with weekly meal prep. I know, who am I? I do not meal prep. I hate it. But I also hate blasting out of the house in the morning with the stark realization that I have had black coffee for breakfast (fail), I have no idea where/what I’m eating for lunch (more fail), and I am probably not going to be home for dinner (fail-lines flight number crapsticks, ready for departure). But since I hate weekly meal prep, I decided to start small, by planning out my meals for just three days.

This ended up to be key. It was way less overwhelming to think about, and since I always over-plan my food requirements anyway, it’s turning out that I made enough food for 4-5 days anyway. Win. I think this will be a thing from now on.

That’s all for now, go make it a great day!