Loading the Bar

Happy Monday, and what is up all of you lovely people? I have been out lately on new adventures, and am happy to be back in the groove to share the little pieces of my life on the internets.

I went to Costa Rica. It was amazing. The end.

  So many monkeys. And you can’t make those sunsets up. Magical.

Yeah, Costa Rica deserves its own post. Someday; it’s on the to-do list.

Then I took the kids up to my parents’ new place in Oregon to celebrate Easter. And consume way too many jelly beans and chocolate bunnies.

I’ve been hitting the CrossFit hard the past two weeks. It helps coming off of a CrossFit retreat, but I’m sad that my workouts are now at the gym instead of the beach and after the WOD I don’t get to jump straight into the ocean. But you know, I’m managing all right. Plus, at the gym there are barbells!

When I was in Oregon I dropped in on CrossFit GP for a super awesome workout called “Death” (it was) that ended with a 1RM ground-to-overhead. To which I accomplished a jelly bean-fueled PR of 115 lbs. I’m still doing a happy dance over that. Then last Wednesday at CFSL we did a 1RM complex of power clean, squat clean, and push jerk which I got up to 53kg (116 lbs). I  tried for 54kg but that last little kilo is the heaviest, I swear. Also, my double-unders have been magically on point for me lately, meaning I was able to Rx the last two workouts. I am usually unable to Rx since the workout will call for either a skill I don’t have yet (pull-ups) or a weight I just can’t lift for a workout. But I’m getting stronger, I’m getting more confident in pushing outside of my comfort zone, I’m seeing a PT for my hamstring (as it turns out, it’s really a lower back thing) issue, and I’m just riding this motivation train as long as it still has gas in the tank. I even worked out in the garage last week. Alone. With no workout planned. I just took the dog for a walk then worked up to my 1RM deadlift (only 175lbs since my smallest plate is a 5lb), but it was good to finally use the equipment that I’ve invested in and stop making excuses when EVERYTHING I NEED IS RIGHT THERE.

I’m also cleaning up my diet. I had to detox a bit from “Jelly Bean Utopia of 2017” (aka Easter) and am choosing more veggies with my meals. I might be doing a Whole30 soon but I haven’t made a firm decision yet. But right now I’m seeing satisfactory results from less sugar and more veggies, so I’ll roll with that for a while. It’s certainly less stressful.

A huge source of my health motivation lately? For once, I could care less about the scale or what I look like in the mirror. I just want to get stronger. The end. I want to see the numbers on the barbell increase. I want to lift my body weight (whatever that is) over my head. I want to pull myself up and over a bar. I want to feel stronger. And the only way to really do that is to eat to perform, then go and perform. No stress. No shame. No beating myself up for eating a cookie and “blowing it” or fretting over minor details like my dress size. That stuff doesn’t matter when all I want to do is increase the size of the plates I load on my bar. Because I know once I start doing the right things for the right reasons, the results don’t really matter. The changes speak for themselves.

Go make it a great day!

CrossFit Christmas is Over: 17.5 Recap

The 2017 CrossFit Open is now over, and I am sort of sad. I really enjoyed being a part of the larger community, the anticipation of the workout announcements, and seeing all of the #openmagic moments on social media.

I had to do the 17.5 workout right after it was announced, as I was traveling that weekend and I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it to a gym to make it up before the Monday score submittal cutoff. So I showed up at the gym 45 minutes after the workout was announced (and of course watching Katrin and Sara compete at the open announcement!):

Open 17.5 for Women’s Scaled:

10 rounds for time of:
9 thrusters, 45 lb.
35 single-unders

That’s it. I was sort of relieved it was super simple. To be honest, I had serious consideration to attempt it Rx, which would have been 65 lb thrusters and double-unders. My double under game has been really keeping me happy lately, and I wanted to test myself out. But thrusters … meh, I have a rough time just managing the bar. Since the spirit of the workout is to be a lung-burner and not to feel super heavy, I stuck with Scaled.

When I was warming up, I was practicing double-unders. Because. Then when we got ready to start, I thought, “I should probably do a few singles to make sure I can just jump rope.” I botched every single jump. But I was already there, so might as well see what happens!

I smoked it! No issues at all with the jump rope, I was able to do all 10 sets of single-unders unbroken, and I had to start pausing with thrusters around round 6, giving myself breaks after 3-4 reps without putting the bar down. The limiting factor was my lower back – clearly I have some core imbalance, mostly because I have no core strength and I never work on it. My coach was judging me, and she kept cuing me to keep my core tight and to protect my back. The last couple of sets were a struggle bus with the thrusters, but I was able to crank the whole thing out in 9:16! I was super stoked with my result.

I had so much fun this Open with getting into the workout announcements, enjoying the camaraderie and friendly competition at the Friday Night Lights at my gym, but most of all seeing the improvement from the last year. I’m super pumped to light it up for the rest of 2017 and see what the 2018 Open brings!


Oh, and I’m leaving right now for Costa Rica for the Girls Gone WOD CrossFit retreat. WHAT!?! I know. Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Not me, sadly. But soon to be me! PC: Juli Bauer of PaleOMG

Go make it a great day!