Bonus Vacation: My Costa Rican Adventure (Part 4)

So I left you with a bit of a cliffhanger in Part 3 of my Costa Rican trip. Ha ha, I’ve always wanted to write a cliffhanger! Anyway, I missed my connecting flight from Panama City to San Francisco due to some other flight delays, so I landed in Panama City not really sure what would happen. Fortunately, I wasn’t the only one traveling on to SFO. My fellow passengers and I were met at the gate by an airline gate attendant who took us over to the information desk to sort things out and get us rebooked. I tried my best to be calm and remain positive.

Freaking out on the inside

I patiently waited, and a few moments later the gate agent came back to me. “Here is your boarding pass, we have you rebooked for a flight leaving at 9:00 am tomorrow morning. Here is your hotel and meal vouchers. The hotel shuttle is waiting outside of baggage claim. Wait one moment, and I will escort you through customs and immigration to the shuttle.” I could not believe my luck. I was certain that I would be spending the night in the airport, and now I have a free night in a hotel!

I got through customs and immigration and onto the shuttle, and in no time I was standing in a really nice hotel room with a big, fluffy hotel bed and AIR CONDITIONING.


I had a really nice hotel buffet dinner (MORE PLANTAINS YAY!), a long shower, and settled into my fluffy hotel bed with a book and a cup of chamomile tea, feeling super grateful that my awesome vacation continued on for another day!

In the morning I hit up the hotel gym. The hotel gym was gorgeous, and I used my newfound joy of movement to play around with some dumbbells and get some arm work done.

  • Couch-to-5k run on the treadmill
  • 10 x 3 @ 20 lb Shoulder press
  • 10 x 3 @ 25 lb Rows
  • 10 x 3 @ 25 lb dumbbell bench press


I cleaned up, had a lovely breakfast buffet at the hotel (YAY MORE PLANTAINS!), and hopped on the shuttle to head to my flight. I also got a sneak peek at downtown Panama City from the hotel window.


Maybe next time I’ll have a few hours to explore!

I made it on my flight, watched more in-flight movies and read my books for a few hours, and landed on US soil. Made it!


And now to begin the process of coming down from that post-vacation high back to the real world! And figure out how to make plantains, because those just need to be in my life.

That’s all for now, go make it a great day! Pura vida!

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