Social Media Break 2017 Is Here!

Friends, the year is coming down to a close, and it’s no secret that the last few weeks of it are usually bananas. I’m finding myself more and more feelings like “I have no time!”/”I want what they have!” which of course is always 100% correlated to how much time I waste scrolling. So I’m going to delete Facebook and Insta from my phone until the new year, and use this time to stay present to the things that matter right in front of me. I talk a lot about #selfcare, and this is exactly what I need right now!

In the meantime, I’ll still post, because to me posting is more of “creation, not consumption” where I can share me and it doesn’t put the same emotional spin as looking at others’ beautifully curated profiles and wondering why I can’t do that and where did I go wrong and how much would that camera cost and do I even need a camera and I need to travel more so I can have more interesting topics and with what money and God I am so broke hey look Trader Joe’s sells single-serving cans of sparkling wine this seems like not a bad idea. And on it goes. Yeah, I want to stay away from that crazy spiral.

So I’ll see you on the socials in the New Year, which I am freakishly excited and curious for. Bring it, 2018. I feel like it’s about time for us to rise from the ashes.

Go make it a great day!