The Last 90 Days: Week 2 Recap

Good morning, y’all! It’s another Friday! Here’s an awesome comic I found by War and Peas for your Friday amusement:


Mood, magnificent spider. Mood.

I’m so happy to check out my Last 90 Days progress from this week! It was certainly a more focused week, with a couple days where I had successfully completed all of my “5 to Thrive” goals!


As much as I would love to see check marks across the board, I know that Life happens, and I’m happy with simply striving each day to make the best choices for myself. Like on Sunday (10/7), we went on an amazing boat ride on the bay to watch the Blue Angels air show for Fleet Week.


Due to the schedule, the long day, and the fact I had my two mini-me’s with me, I wasn’t able to squeeze in exercise that day. And I’m not certain how much water I drank (I was guzzling La Croix the whole ride, but I found out sparkling water doesn’t count – it has to be plain water!) so I’m guessing I didn’t hit my goal. But, dude, I was on a boat!

What’s up for next week? I have another week of half marathon training to tackle (including my longest run in recent history, I’m going to try and get in 8 miles this weekend!), and I’m thinking about trying to snag one of the Start Today Journals because I really like how they lay out the gratitude and intentions lists day by day. It might help me remember to do my daily gratitude checking!

That’s it for now, go make it a great day!