Dogs and People-ing

Hey, friends!

It’s been so long, I don’t remember what we talked about last time. I could look I up, but I’m too lazy. So let’s pretend we discussed the idea of me getting a dog. Because I really want one. Like, really, reeeeeeeely want one. I’m the crazy lady grinning uncomfortably at every jaunty mutt trotting next to its owner on the trails. And I also know that getting a dog is a terrible idea. Like, a really reeeeeeeely terrible idea. There was an extra “e” in that misspelled “really” for emphasis to accentuate that getting a dog is a worse idea than just wanting one.

Look at me, being all practical and grown-up and stuff.

It doesn’t help that my friend has not one but TWO adorable puppies, and they were just featured on the @thedogist instagram. Just click on that link and try not to squee in delight. I dare you.

But no doggie for me right now, since I’m still hanging by my fingernails trying to hold down the 9-5 and keep the two small humans functioning and thriving on my weeks.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. This Friday my friends and I are heading down to San Jose for the Foam Glow 5k and foam party. I don’t exactly know what that is, but there is colored foam and music and I’m told to wear clothes I don’t mind throwing out after because they’ll be destroyed. Sounds like a fun time. Then on Sunday I’m joining a group hike organized by Jackyn from Mind, Body, Soul and Sparkles, which will be interesting since there has been a ton of unseasonably rainy days this week and I’m not sure how excited folks are for a good ol’ fashioned mud slog. But there aren’t really any bad locations to hike in the Bay Area so it’ll be a good time no matter what happens.

And after all that I’m going to introvert hard all alone in my apartment, because two whole days of peopling will have me running for cover.

That’s all I have today. Any fun weekend plans for you & yours coming up?

As always, go make it a great day!

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