A Tale of a Run

Good morning, friends!

I had a crazy long training run yesterday. Like, ridiculously long and I’m amazed that I can still stand this morning. You know those runs when you set out and are like, “oh, this’ll be fine. I’ll just blast through this and totally have time for my life at the end of it.” completely underestimating how long these miles will actually take? Yeah, it was one of those.

It’s been a goal since I moved to the East Bay to hike around Lake Chabot. The route is 9 miles, and I had always intended to make it a 3ish-hour hike. Once I started half marathon training, I realized that eventually I would be able to run it, and I was sort of excited about that. Because I get excited about weird things.

The opportunity presented itself this weekeend, when I was scheduled to do a long training run. I’m using the Aaptiv app (<– affiliate link!) for my training program, and according to the plan I was supposed to run around 10 miles in 100 minutes. Ha, that’s cute. But I figured I could do 7.5-8 miles in that amount of time. And I thought I could run around the lake until the run time was up, then just walk the rest of the way as a cool-down.


It started out like that. But I had never been to the other side of the lake before. I headed out on the Eastside trail as I usually like to do, with no idea what I was in for.

Hills. I was in for hills.


And it was a legit trail back there. At some point the paved path turns into dirt, and then it starts switchbacks up and down the ridge behind the lake. I was warned by my friend that there was a beast of a hill around Mile 4, but I was not anticipating all of the rough terrain and climbing. My calves started getting tight and cramping, despite all the water  I was throwing down from my Camelbak. After I passed Mile 4 I did a lot of walking up the hills and jogging back down for quite some time. After Mile 6.5 I was almost walking the entire way. My legs were just done.


At some point I realized I was in the trail system, and I wasn’t sure which trail I was supposed to be on. That’s okay, I just need to make sure the lake is always to my left, and I should make it back to the Marina. And the views were getting more and more gorgeous as the sun burned through the clouds.


Eventually I made it to a parking lot. And it wasn’t the parking lot I had parked in. In fact, I had no idea this lot existed, or exactly where I was. Crap, I took a wrong trail somewhere. I had been running Strava to track my mileage, and I looked on my map to see what was going on.


Well double crap. I was supposed to pick up the end of the red line, and I was about a half mile off the trail that took me back to my car. At this point I realized that there was no way I was making it back home anytime soon. I had plans to head up to Healdsburg for some wine tasting, and I realized I was in no way going to be home in time for my friend to pick me up. So I texted my apologies and strategized a new plan for getting a ride as I hiked back to the main trail.

By the time I was done, I had completed 9.6 miles, averaging a 14 min/mile pace. Good lord, I felt so slow. But most of it was because I was walking up every stupid hill for five miles. At least I got some good hill training in?

I finally made it back to my car, my 100-minute run now transformed to nearly 2 1/2 hours of slogging through trails, and I was ridiculously late in meeting up my friend. I blasted back home, boiled some eggs as I took the fasted shower ever followed by a quick cold bath to cool down my legs, slammed the eggs down as I put myself together in some cute “wine tasting tourist” attire, and skipped off to BART to meet up my friend.

Happy ending time, we got our wine.


I would love to hike the lake loop again some day when I have the time and not under the marathon training pressure, but I think for my next (and last!) long run I’ll find a different course so I can try to run the distance instead of having to pepper so many walk breaks in. I’m still not exactly sure where my endurance is for 13 whole miles yet, and race day is looming ever closer. But at this point, the only way out is through! I’ll just show up, run as much as my stumpy little legs can, and see what happens.

Go make it a great day!

When Workout Routines Change

Happy Fri-yay to you! I meant to post this last night, but the kids got the better of me. Which is fine; sometimes in the evenings I prefer kiddo snuggles to scrapping together the latest “create, not consume” campaign!

I haven’t been going to CrossFit lately, and as a result have been looking for other avenues to maintain my fitness within my budget and time constraints. As much as I LOVE CrossFit, it’s really challenging to fit it in my schedule right now, especially the days I have the kids. Plus, I was nailed with a mild flu over Thanksgiving, and I still feel really worn down. So I’m trying to listen to my body right now and choose more low-impact activities until I feel more energetic again. I know I have the tendency to run myself into the ground if I don’t pay attention, and these days I can’t afford to let my tank run dry.

One of the things I’ve been working on is my own personal yoga practice. It’s a rough go, because I have the attention span of a goldfish when left to my own devices, but it’s kind of nice just doing what flows I want to do with what feels good to me today, and not having to listen to someone else. I just put on some music, set my timer for 20 minutes, and stay on the mat until the bell rings. This is fitting nicely with my current goal of doing stuff at home without having to pack the kids up and haul them to the gym. And in the evening after a day of huddled over my laptop OMG it feels soooooo good to stretch!

The other thing I’ve been working on is getting into running again. For the longest time after Buttercup was born, running just felt awful to me. Slowly I’ve been testing it out here and there, and my body finally seems to be starting to adapt to it again. I’m sure the CrossFit has helped a lot with this, because we often have short runs in the workouts that’s just enough to get my body used to the motion and stress again. So I’ve re-re-started my Couch to 5k program, and am about 2 weeks into it. I find that the amount of time spent actually running so far is just enough to get my body moving without introducing too much stress, and I really like the freedom of itm that it doesn’t take any planning or prep; I just decide, “I want to go run right now,” and I throw on the shoes and go.

Finally, on the rare mornings I wake up before the kids and feel like a bit of morning movement is in order, I am a HUGE fan of my kettlebell. I also have my barbell in my apartment, so I can put together a nice little interval workout with kettlebell and unloaded barbell moves. My favorite these days is:

3 rounds of:

  • 10 American KB swings
  • 10 goblet squats
  • 10 single-leg deadlift (each side)
  • 10 barbell shoulder press
  • 10 KB snatch (5 each side)

Usually in the middle of the third round Buttercup comes downstairs demanding, “I’m hungry!” so I may or may not finish the circuit.

That’s all for now, go make it a great day!

Olympic Lifting, Volume 1

Last Thursday I felt like doing something different workout-wise, so I decided to switch my normal CrossFit class to attend the Olympic Lifting class at the gym. Spoiler alert, it was SO FUN!


No, really, it was fun. And OMG I just keep laughing at that All-Drug Olympics gif.

We started with high hang squat snatches, focusing on pulling the bar up (squat snatch: pick the bar up overhead with a wide grip and land in a full squat). The program was for 5×3 at 60-70% max rep, but since I don’t really have a max rep I just worked up from a PVC pipe to a junior bar to the women’s bar and eventually loaded the 2.5kg plates to give it some weight. This way I could focus on the form instead of “you want me to lift THAT over my head?!?” My biggest problem so far is keeping the bar close to me. I tend to swing it out front and try to muscle it up overhead instead of pulling strong and getting under the bar when I turn my wrists under it. To be honest, snatches kinda scare me. The wide arm position is not one I’m used to, and it seems contrary to self-preservation to willingly dive UNDER a huge weight overhead. But the more reps at a low weight I do, the better I can dial in my form and get more comfortable with the movement. There is a lot to think about!

Next we moved on to high hang squat cleans, which I like a lot better. With a clean you grab the bar slightly wider than shoulder width, and catch it at your shoulders in a front rack position, so it’s not going OVER MY HEAD OMG WHY DO YOU DO THAT. I started with just the bar for this one since I was warmed up from the snatches and I feel more comfortable with cleans. I did maybe 8×3 working up to 25kg, just focusing on form and keeping the bar close. My cue for this was to keep my chest up and open (like a ballerina!) when I pull and catch the bar, I tend to throw the bar in front of me and I have to jump out really far to catch it; if I keep the bar close and my chest open, the bar path is more straight up-and-down and I don’t have to jump so far to get under it.

Finally we wrapped up with split jerks, which I really like to do but don’t work nearly enough. I started at 5×3 with the 25kg that was already on my bar since I’m pretty comfortable with overhead movements. I’m just not used to jumping into the split stance, and my coach had to remind me almost every set to get my front foot forward more. By my last set, I was starting to fatigue and my form was getting sloppy, so I was glad to wrap it up …

With some front squats! Since I wasn’t resting between sets very long I blasted through the workout so my coach had me do “the squat of my choice” for a cash-out. I chose front squats to work my front rack position a bit more. I loaded up 35kg and did 5×3 until I couldn’t feel my legs and Hulk was done with his class. Then I ate a can of tuna (protein!) and collapsed in a heap.

Now that I understand the structure and pacing of an oly class, I’m pumped to work on light technique work in the garage gym on my own.

Perform the following. Rest as needed between sets:

  • High hang squat snatch, 5×3 @ 60-70% max
  • High hang squat clean, 5×3 @ 60-70% max
  • Split jerk, 5×3 @ 60-70% max

Cash out:

  • The squat of your choice, 5×3 @ a reasonably heavy weigh

That’s it for now, go make it a great day!

This Week’s Workouts and Hold My Calls

I almost missed posting today. For a good reason.


It’s here! My “Food Freedom Forever” book arrived yesterday, and I’ve been curled up with a mug of tea devouring – nay, savoring – it the moment I had all of the Life Responsibility stuff tucked away. Which means I blasted home from work, threw pizza at the kids, told Hulk to pretend I’m not home, and locked myself in my room. Obviously.

Last week I was feeling run down, so I took it easy, sleeping in a little and going a little lighter on workouts. I had anticipated to hit it hard this week, but what is it with me and taking a week off where I have the hardest time firing up the motivation engine again? I know I love to go to CrossFit, I feel fabulous when I’m there, but getting the shoes on and getting out the door. I’d rather stay home and read in bed. So this week has seen more general lifting and hiking and less CrossFit.

Friday – rest day, I think. I can’t remember

Saturday – Saturday WOD:

  • Partner WOD for time,
    • Complete 300 double-unders,
    • THEN:
  • Complete the following in sets of 21 – 15 – 9 -15 – 21:
    • Pull-ups (I did ring rows)
    • Dumbbell Squat Cleans (I used 20# dumbbells)

Hulk and I took the kids to the gym together, so we partnered up for the WOD, which was great for me because I love double under practice and he’s really been nailing the kipping pull-ups lately. We cranked through the full workout in about 20 minutes, but I was getting a bit … “wifey” with Hulk. I was trying to be all focused and super serious, while he was just there to get a sweat on and have a good time. He would be, “what rep are we on?” and I would scold him back, “We’re on 8 of 15! You need to keep track on this!” What didn’t help is Buttercup’s cries from the kids’ area, where I could only see from my vantage point that she wasn’t wearing pants. I couldn’t tell if the diaper was off as well or not, so my only focus was to get the workout done so I could run over there and check to make sure she didn’t discard a poopy diaper in the play area (as she sometimes does if we don’t catch a dirty diaper fast enough for her comfort). Note to self: next time, put Buttercup in a dress. There are no pants to take off when you’re wearing a dress.

Sunday – home gym workout:

  • “Death by weight” back squats at 5 reps per set:
    • Start with the bar and increase 10 lbs per set

I made it to 125 lbs and only squeaked out 3 reps, so that was 10 sets total. And now the garage is clean enough to work out in again!

Monday – Strength class:

  • Anderson back squats, 5×3 at 60-70% max (I used 35kg)
  • Russian kettlebell swings, 5×8 (I used 53 lbs kettlebells)
  • Weighted belt squats, 4×15 (I used 53 lbs kettlebells)
  • Farmers’ carry, 5×200 yd resting every 1 min between sets (I used 53 lb kettlebells)

I’ve been wanting to try some of the strength and oly lifting classes at the gym, and Monday was a good opportunity for me to finally get to one. Hulk wanted to do the WOD at the same time, so we packed up the kiddos, he did the CrossFit class and I took the strength class. Mostly I wanted to check out the class format so I can do more stuff at home.

The Anderson back squats were a trip. They’re designed to help you work out of “the hole”, so you rack the bar at the bottom of your squat, using arms or other props. Then you get under the bar, position yourself in your squat, then stand up and bring it back down, sort of the reverse of a standing squat where you go down and come back up. I thought they were really fun, and can’t wait to try this at home.

The weighted belts were fun too, I’ve never used one before. It’s a weightlifting belt with a long chain in the front so you can clip weights (we used kettlebells) to it to add bodyweight. We then stood on boxes to provide clearance for the weight when we squatted, and cranked them out. It’s supposed to work your core and stability, because as you move the kettlebell starts to swing and you have to keep yourself tight to not fall over. I’m filing this one in “stupid human tricks.”

Tuesday – hike with Olive

Olive and I set out on the ridge trail at like 5:30 in the morning, so it was dark the whole time. I forgot my headlamp, but the trail is on an open ridge, and there was plenty ambient city lights to see. Olive loved it.

Wednesday – hike with Squish

I started to get ready to go to CrossFit when I went to pick up Squish from preschool, but on my way there I felt like I’d rather be out in nature with trees instead of the gym. So I asked Squish if he would prefer going to the gym with me or going on the ridge trail for a hike. He choose hike, and I was glad. When we got there, they had a huge herd of goats grazing the dry grass.


I’d seen them from afar working on the other hills, but this time they were right over the trail. I delighted in being so close to them, watching them munch the grass and casually saunter away from us. Squish wanted to pet them (of course) but I told them that the goats were working and couldn’t be disturbed. So he settled on talking to them. It was a delightful walk to remember. Oh, and he also found a stick.


It’s his “special stick”. I’m sure Olive will find it special to chew on at some point.

That’s all from me for now. How did you move this week?

Go make it a great day!

Stick With It

Happy October 3rd, y’all!


And happy birthday to my mom. Hi, Mom!

Yesterday I was feeling blah and I didn’t want to put forth the effort into packing the kids up and going with Hulk to the morning CrossFit class. Squish does really well when we take him to the gym, and he’s happy to play in the kids’ area while we work out. Buttercup, also affectionately known as “Scream Puff”, prefers to stand in the corner of the fenced-in kids’ area and scream at me if she can see me during the WOD. It’s best to avoid eye contact. Unless she gets herself into trouble, so it’s always a bit of a gamble if I should interrupt my wall balls to check on her or not. Last time it’s because she tried to take her leggings off without removing her shoes first. So that could have waited until I was finished with the WOD. But I felt bad, seeing her waddle back and forth with her leggings tangled around her feet. Then one of the coaches went and untangled her, and held her until I was finished. I need to teach Squish how to untangle his sister from her own clothing.

Anyway, I didn’t want to deal with that, but I did want to stick with my super awesome workout motivation that I’ve had lately. So after some reassurance from Hulk that he would help me, I cleaned up the garage enough to go play with my new barbell. I decided to do some back squats since I hadn’t done a proper back squat in ages, and I had no idea what I could do weight-wise, so Death by Weight seemed like a good time. I started with the barbell and added 10 lbs every 5 reps until I failed a set, which happened at 125 lbs. Then I dropped the weight to 105 lbs and did three more sets of five. Then I did a whole bunch of stretching and sat in pigeon pose for eternity, or until small humans realized I wasn’t in the room and began to scrounge around for me.

Meanwhile, it’s Day 29 of my September Whole30. What?!? I know, right? I didn’t want to announce it or make a big deal, since the pattern has always been if I talk about it I crash and burn within like two days, but when I keep my mouth shut and just do it I can actually finish it out the full 30 days. But here’s where I feel a bit icky: six days in we hosted a big party to share our home-brewed beer, and I planned ahead on enjoying some beer at the party. Which I did. So technically, I should have restarted the next day. Which I did. But it was too depressing to think that I was back on Day 1, so I figured I’d just extend it out a few more days. But now that it’s Day 29 assuming I didn’t indulge at the party, the thought of going on until next Monday is just … ugh. So now I’m trying to decide if I should just say “good enough!” and start the reintro on Wednesday (*ahem* have a beer) with everyone else, or if I should acknowledge that I made a choice to drink beer at the party, that I owe myself 30 compliant days IN A ROW, and that it’s just six more days and I have done harder things and I can stick it out and do this and finish the full 30 days and enjoy the Tiger Blood that much longer before I go diving into a Safeway sheet cake. Plus, if I stick it out I’ll have plenty of time to read the new “Food Freedom Forever” book I preordered when Amazon delivers it and plan out my reintro and Life After. Ugh, I think I just answered my own question. I guess I’ll modify our Home Chef meals for one more week.

Time to go buy some more bulk meat to throw in the crock pot and chop some veggies. Home stretch!

That’s it for now. Go make it a great day!


Crossfit Catch-up

I have no idea what just happened. I was doing a pretty decent job of posting regularly, then … I dunno. I just didn’t.

Anyway, I left off all squee-excited to start Crossfit. I made it through the fundamentals series, and had my first real class on Sunday. And I am still sore. It’s awesome.

The fundamentals series is divided up into six classes over two weeks. It’s designed to introduce you to all the common exercises,proper technique, and general class format so you don’t walk into a class, get super confused, then totally kill yourself and blow out body parts. I was one of three women in my class, and it was comforting that we were all pretty similar in life status and goals: all moms of littles looking for fitness in a challenging, positive environment. Every class consisted of a group warm up, some technique work, and a daily workout of the day, or WOD.

I was impressed on how structured the programming is.

The series send me along a spectrum of emotions and challenges. I have always been the type where if I don’t pick up something immediately, I get really frustrated really fast. Needless to say, the double-unders (jump rope where the rope goes around you twice – remember those days back in elementary school gym class?) were my worst day ever. But for the most part, I loved the heck out of everything else. Power snatches? Yes, please! Bring on the burpees! Hey, let’s go do pull ups! But I did struggle with wall balls on the last day because I slept weird again and pulled something in my neck/shoulder making it impossible to throw the ball while looking up at it. So I did what I could and called it a day; my legs were totally trashed by day 6 anyway!

My first real workout Sunday was a good ol’ fashioned chipper. I’m not 100% sure what a “chipper” is, but I think it’s a longer workout designed to work on endurance. At least, that’s what it seemed like:

  • 800m run
  • 15 overhead squats (I think women were to be at 30kg)
  • 15 toes-to bar
  • 10 overhead squats
  • 10 toes-to-bar
  • 5 overhead squats
  • 5 toes-to-bar
  • 400m run
  • 15 overhead squats
  • 15 toes-to bar
  • 10 overhead squats
  • 10 toes-to-bar
  • 5 overhead squats
  • 5 toes-to-bar
  • 800m run

I had to modify a bit since I still don’t know what I’m doing and am not strong enough in some areas. I used a junior bar for the squats (15kg) because I am still working on my form. I’ve only done back squats my whole life, and my chest/shoulders are really tight from my computer jockey job. As the workout progressed I felt more confident in my technique, so next time I’ll use the women’s bar (20kg). Also I’m not strong enough to do toes-to-bar yet (when you hang from a chin-up bar and pull your feet all the way up to the bar – hence, toes-to-bar) so I modified with pulling my knees to chest. I still need to work on stabilizing my body so I don’t start swinging all over the place, but it’s a fun move for me so I enjoy having something to work on.

I finished in 21:43, not a bad time for my first chipper! I can’t wait to see how much I improve in the next few months. As my momma always says, “there’s nowhere to go but up!”

Go make it a great day!

Suburban Running Problems

I think Norther California has finally accepted the fact that it’s fall. Even though it’s almost winter.
With the cold(ish) temps and foggy, rainy days also come the early darkness. This whole it’s-5:30-and-completely-nighttime-outside thing is really putting a cramp on my attempts at running. Hashtag “convenient excuses.” But lately I’ve had a lot of motivation and maybe an opportunity to lace up when I get home from work, but it’s now so dark I don’t feel safe. Our neighborhood planner wasn’t exactly a big fan of sidewalks it seems, so I have to run on the shoulder on many of my routes. I also like to run on the nearby trails, but that seems like the perfect recipe for a twisted ankle.

I was complaining brainstorming with Hulk about this the other day, and he suggested for the trails I get some legit, waterproof hiking shoes. That way I could go hike rain or shine and not worry about getting too wet. I love hiking in the rain, so that was a no-brainer, and some (hopefully) super sweet Merrill trail shoes are being delivered by the merry Amazon elf today.

My next hurdle besides the proper gear is lighting. I’ve ran with my iPhone flashlight on, and it’s annoying and lame. Hulk suggested I carry a real flashlight, and that seems slightly less lame. I have considered one of those geek-tastic headlamps for ultra running in the middle of the night which seems to fix my problem but I’ll feel like an idiot wearing one. Unless I’m running a 50k over a mountain at 11:00 pm I feel not “legit” enough to rock one of those. Silly, I know. 

Finally, safety. I have a white windbreaker I’ve been wearing for visibility. I might want to get some reflective stuff for it, too. I’m down with the blink light thing; coming from former bike commuting I could not put enough red blink lights on my person to feel confident I was visible to traffic. But even with all the reflection and blinky lights, I’m still betting that the driver of the car coming right at me will actually SEE me. I’m thinking I need to find some safe sidewalks to drive to for runs instead of heading out directly from my house and crossing my fingers as I trot down the shoulder of the dark road.

Ahh, suburban running problems. I’ll have to mull this all over for a bit. But I’ll take this any day over hassling through downtown SF crowds and the occasional crazy person aggressively screaming to themselves and possibly urinating on various street corners.

Are you cool with night running/walking? I’m comfortable in group runs, but solo is tough.

Blinky lights while running – yay or nay?

Go make it a great day!

The Mental Game: Summer Shape Up Workout 1 Review

Good morning! I am so happy it’s almost Friday. Ahh!

Sitting down to some breakfast of eggs with a sprinkle of cheese and some apple with almond butter,


And drinking as much coffee as I can. Last night was a late night, and I had trouble sleeping so that 5am alarm was most not welcome. It’s going to be a long day of the sleepies, I can tell!

Still made it to the gym for my first pass at The Fitnessista’s Summer Shape up Workout 1 (click on the image for the Pinterest pin URL):


The verdict? Ugh! I am really out of shape, and that was really hard. Mostly the lunges and inchworms, they are not movements I normally incorporate into my routine. When I was doing it, I hated it. I wanted to say that it was stupid and I didn’t like it and I was just going to do my own thing from now on. Then I felt bad. One, Gina puts the SSU on every year for free, and it’s a lot of work. Who am I to sit comfortably back behind my keyboard, sweat slowly drying on my brow and whine, “boo, I don’t like this, it’s stupid?”And Two, I signed up for it, so I should do it and not punk out.

So I thought about it some more. I thought about why I found it so difficult and mentally draining. Why could I not finish the inchworm-to-pushup set? Why did I stop doing the side lunges to press as a compound movement and just do a set of side lunge and a set of presses? And the ab circles – no. Just no. I realized that I like to think I am in better shape than I am. I like to Olympic lift “big” weights. I’ve run marathons (you know, years ago). I’m not that out of shape, am I?

Yes, yes I am. And since I enjoy doing workouts I think I’m good at, and I am most certainly NOT good at this one, I need to recalibrate my mental game here.  As I stretched after my measly 10 minutes of half-hearted HIIT intervals, I mused about when Squish was 10 months old and I finally felt ready to get back into the fitness world for real, and joined a boot camp class. I was so weak compared to where I used to be. I couldn’t do pushups without being on my knees, and even then I couldn’t do a full set without breaking form. That was after a pregnancy and 10 months post-partum taking-it-easy workouts of long walks and an occasional Jillian Michaels Yoga DVD. Lately, I haven’t been doing much more than biking the 3 miles to work and occasionally carrying heavy bags of groceries home from Whole Foods. I’m not much better now than I was two years ago.

So what to do? I need to get in a better headspace and see this as a motivating challenge. Next time, I’ll use my timer to see how long it takes me to get through one circuit. Then I’ll have a goal to beat that time. I’ll find the joy in the movement, being grateful my body still works enough where I physically can do these exercises even though they are difficult, and not get caught up in how I look to other gym-goers, and how wimpy I must look to them. Who cares what they think, anyway? And for the stuff that doesn’t feel right because of my preggo belly or fitness level: modify, modify, modify. I can’t do ab circles, but I can do planks. I need to use a lesser weight for the lunge stuff (I was using 10lb-ers). Finally, I need to give Gina a big huge thank-you for putting this together and giving me the wake-up call I needed to kick me in the butt and get me moving again.

Okay, that was a good ramble/rant for today. Time to go conquer the world again. Make it a great day, everyone!

Summer Shape-Up!

Good morning, and happy Monday to you!

It must be Monday. I totally wrote an awesome post over breakfast after installing Live Writer on my home computer. Then I remembered our wireless went down last night and I had no way of posting it! D’oh. So I’m iPhone blogging on the train, trying to remember what I was talking about before.

Oh yeah, Summer Shape Up!


I’m joining The Fitnessista‘s Summer Shape Up this year. Last week, I set the intention to get back on board with my healthy eating and exercising. I did pretty well given it was a travel week, but I am looking forward to having some support and motivation with the Summer Shape Up (heresoforever after abbreviated as “SSU”, since I’m lazy and I like acronyms), plus someone else is telling me what to do, which always helps.

Anyway, if you want more info or want to join yourself, check it out here. Join us … come join us …

Since all my pictures are on my home computer, I won’t share breakfast with you. I had bacon and eggs. So, you probably don’t need a picture to get a visual on that.

Off to seize the day. Make it a great day, everyone!

Yes I Can!

Good morning! As my mother says, it’s Yippie Skippy Friday!

So, I mentioned yesterday that I’ve been in a crummy mood lately. After some reflection (and reading Caitlin’s post), I realized that I have not been checking my negative thoughts as much as I should have been, and now my outlook is negative. The good news is that it’s totally doable to turn this around with happy thoughts! So no more “stinkin’ thinkin'”, it’s time to turn that frown upside-down, look on the bright side of life, and all of those other hippy-crunchy woo-woo cliches.

In other news, I left work early yesterday for my physical therapy appointment.

Train office!

I can’t believe I haven’t talked about my PT yet! So, I finally had it with all of the hamstring pain that is preventing me from running, lifting, and living in general. So I went to the doctor and he referred me to a PT. My first session was last week before I left for Pittsburgh.

Gearing up for PT. Always a dork.

They took down my history, had me do some walking and stretches to see the movement I was making, and assessed that I was really tight due to strong muscles overcompensating my weaker ones, primarily my hips. We also went through sitting posture, which I do a LOT of in my work at both the office and traveling, and I found that I need to keep my feet flat on the floor as much as possible. Which is hard because I’m 5’0″ and do you think I can ever find a chair that when sitting my feet touch the ground? Then we did some combination massage/stretching on my hammies and glutes, and gave me a few exercises to do at home every day.

After my first session, I boarded a plane to Pittsburgh the next day. Normally the day after travel I would be feeling it, but I had no discomfort whatsoever! I did my best to keep my feet flat on the floor when I was sitting on the airplane (really flat on my carry-on bag, since my feet don’t really touch the floor) and I found it helped a lot. Also, I felt better after I did the exercises they prescribed me.

Then on the trip home I completely forgot to sit correctly and do my exercises, and my legs were killing me all weekend. So, the moral to the story is do stuff that makes you not hurt, and don’t do stuff that makes you hurt.

I’ve never been to physical therapy before, so this is all a new experience for me. I hope with the regular body work and exercising the weak muscles it’ll improve my “muscular balance” so to speak and I don’t have to deal with my poor overworked hammies anymore.

Have you ever done PT? Any crazy weekend plans? I’m hoping to eat my weight in jelly beans and watch Squish hunt eggs.

Make it a great day!