August Goals

Okay, so, how is it August already? That means summer is nearly over, and Baby v2.0 is going to make her squishy baby-like appearance in just a few short months. Eek! Time can just slow down a bit, that would be completely all right with me.

These days, I’m staring at the end of my second trimester, big projects at work, and the usual triumphs and battles on the home front. My focus this August is to just keep maintaining what I’m doing well, and to get in the habit of tracking and keeping accountable for what I said I’d do. So for my August goals, I plan on keeping them simple and setting the groundwork for handling the future unavoidable craziness ahead. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  1. Work out 4 days a week
  2. Daily blog post
  3. Sleep/nap more – 8 hours/night

Work out 4 Days a Week

Last month I thought I could fit in 5 days a week at the gym, and it didn’t happen. Some days I just lack the energy, others are too busy. So I’ll work on finding a “sweet spot” where I can get into a consistent routine that doesn’t stress or burn me out. At this point, any progress is still progress!

I think it would help if I had a fitness goal to work for, like a race, but since I’m going to pop a kid out in a few short months all I really want to focus on is to be ready for D-Day and make sure I can physically handle it. I’ve been to this rodeo once, and know it’s a doozy!

Daily Blog Post

I really, really want to keep track and be accountable with my food and fitness, but it’s so easy for me to blow off a post for tomorrow, or not discuss the fudge brownie sundae I made last night (it was totally delicious, btw). I need to be more transparent and honest with what I’m doing, for me, so I can see the patterns and know what needs to be tweaked. It’s so easy to miss the forest for the trees when it comes to the daily stuff. A treat here, a skipped workout there, they don’t really matter. Until it’s routine, but by then it’s now a problem and so hard to get back into it. That’s where I feel I am, and by documenting my food and workouts I aim to give myself a good 360-degree look at where I stand today so I can improve. I’ve got nothing but love and good vibes for me on this adventure!

Sleep/nap more (8 hrs/night)

I have been horrible about sleep lately. Mostly because I’m trying too hard to stay up late with Hulk and friends. It’s hard to be an early bird when you’re surrounded by night owls. But it’s also hard to get to work by 8am when you’ve been staying up watching Nurse Jackie and drinking scotch until midnight (okay, maybe not the drinking scotch. That’s what the boys were doing. But you know). I need to put my sleep as a priority again, before a certain little miss makes her debut and insists on reprioritizing it for me!

I feel that this is a way more manageable list than what I accomplished last month; it’s enough to make it a challenge, but not adding so many new habits that I get overwhelmed and can’t fit them into my lifestyle. By always focusing on making things better, I can build the habit of continuous self-improvement, if nothing else works 🙂

What are your August goals? Or if you aren’t a goal-setter, what’s your biggest pet peeve (besides people who set goals?)


July Recap – the Sweet Smell of Goal Success (Kinda)

Another month over and done! Now that July is in the past (*sob*) I want to reflect on the goals I set out for last month.

I used to do this all the time, to identify a handful of monthly goals that can be carried out through a month. I might pick a big goal that needs to span several months, like a race, but for right now I just want to focus on some “small win” stuff to get me back into the goal-setting mindset.

Here are the little goals I had this July:

  1. Work out 5 days a week
  2. Drink 4 water bottles of water a day
  3. Get in to work by 8:00 am
  4. Start a Whole30

How did I do?

Work out 5 Days a Week

With the exception of being in SoCal last week, I made it to the gym at least 4 days a week, which is still better than the 0-1 day a week I was averaging. I think if I post weekly workout recaps, I might be better able to track what I did and when I did it.

Drink 4 Water Bottles a Day

I almost made away with 100% on this one. I didn’t write it down every day, but I do notice that my hydration has improved. My skin feels better, and I don’t get as crampy as I did before. This is sort of an “always” goal, but I needed to make consistent water drinking more of a habit.

Get in to Work by 8:00 am

For the most part I made this goal, but there was one week where I wasn’t sleeping well, and would get in a little later than intended. However I did notice my productivity perk up when I made it in by my goal, so I need to start doing a better job of getting things ready the night before so I have fewer excuses to take the later train in.

Start a Whole30

Well, I started one. Actually, I tried to start a couple of times. But I couldn’t stick with it. I need a little more support and motivation on the home front, but between all of the other commitments I’m trying to work on the extra time and expense for food purchase and prep was a lot more to handle than I thought it would be. Plus, I’m in this weird, funky social place right now with being pregnant; I can’t go out late, I can’t drink, none of my friends have ever been pregnant, so putting one more “look at me, I’m weird” variable to the mix was bumming me out. If I eat clean 80% of the time, then I can go out to pizza and beer with friends and not feel like a total drag, only a partial drag because I can’t drink beer and I just want to go home and nap.

Overall, I didn’t do a totally stellar job of tracking my goal progress. I would make a note in my calendar if I either succeeded or failed that day, but I wasn’t very consistent, and I didn’t have a lot of “hard numbers” to go from. My progress was sort of subjective. Next month, I think I’ll stick with 2-3 goals and put some better thought and effort into tracking them, so I’ll stick with it.

How did you do on your goals this month? Or is goal setting sort of lame and it’s more fun to throw the planner in the ocean and roll with life? I like that, too.