A Rest Day and Some Pre-Easter Revelry

Today I took a rest day. Four days in a row of getting about six hours of baby-induced interrupted sleep then getting up with the alarm at 5:30 a.m. were not doing me any favors. I passed the kids off to Hulk for bedtime and crashed early last night, “sleeping in” until 6:30 this morning. I feel so much better with the extra sleep, and I’m sure my legs will thank me on my run tomorrow.

Yesterday was gym day for my Spitfire Athlete strength training program. I headed to the fancy Equinox gym for squats, bench, and deadlift. Awkward no-I’m-not-taking-a-picture gym pic time.


I like how my bedhead is making my bangs flip out. I didn’t even try to fix it, it was too rad.

On the family front, the grandparents sent the kids some Easter goodies, so we had a little plastic egg party. Buttercup is a little confused around her first Easter.


Squish tried to be a good brother and help her out. And for some reason they’re both in their St. Patrick’s Day shirts. I didn’t plan this, I’m not that crafty of a blogger mom.


“Mercedes needs more eggs.”

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the new baby rocker! Remember how I went to the StitchFix launch a few weeks ago? Well, I won a 4Moms rockaroo infant rocker* in the raffle! It’s so pretty.


The fabric is really soft and velvety, and the rocking mechanism is really quiet. It’s a front-and-back rocking motion as opposed to the side-to-side motion of her current baby swing, so it’s a good variation for baby placement options in the apartment. Plus, the little stuffed toys on the mobile are easy to pull out, so when Buttercup gets big enough to grab them she can easily pull it out to chew on play with it. Normally she goes after the attached toys to her mobiles and jumper chair and cries when she finds they are firmly attached. If you’re expecting, I would definitely recommend this for your registry.

That’s all for today. I’m just taking it easy, still eating my super awesome Whole30 food (on day 6!), and living the dream.

Now go make it a great day!

*No affiliate links in this post, just for info only. I’m not that cool.

Emily Runs! Kind Of

I’ve been running again!


My chunky little counterpart and I have been putting the BOB stroller to good use. I’m using the Couch to 5k app and so far have completed the first two weeks. Which really means I’ve been walking with spurts of running here and there.


And I’ve forgotten how hard it is to run with a running stroller in the city. Not every curb slopes down to street level, so I have to slow down to drop the stroller up and down curbs as delicately as I can. Squish loved bumpy stroller rides back in the day (still does, actually), but our little Cream Puff Princess acts like a bomb went off whenever we hit a rough patch, with the shocked facial expression and the arm flailing. The good part is by the end of the ride, she’s usually asleep so I can get a quick shower in before she wakes up and decides she wants to be held and comforted from the whole ordeal.

At least Buttercup was up for a run this morning, what with yesterday being St. Patrick’s Day and all.


She doesn’t even realize we’re not Irish.


Doesn’t stop her, though. Like her brother, she parties until she drops.


“Touchdown baby!”

In other news, we’ve expanded the house hunt to East Bay. There’s a bit more to choose from, and my commute will be about the same depending on where we end up. We’re still looking in the city, though, and every once in a while we find a gem that quickly gets snatched up before we can say, “let’s put in an offer.” But the more we look, the more we learn what we want and don’t want, so the extra time it’s taking to find a place will be helpful in the end.


A cool view: on the list of “must-haves even though it’s not really a must-have.”

Hope the green beer didn’t take you all too out of commission. Make it a great day!




Workout Updates, Complete With Baby Pictures!

So, since my last post was kind of a downer, I’ll do my best to keep this one a bit more uppetty. And if that doesn’t work, there’s always cute baby pics!


I keep meaning to get all caught up where I’m at these days with the eating and the exercising and the putting words together into sentences, but it’s been too long and I don’t really know where to start, so I’ll just talk about a bunch of random, sort of related things.

A couple weeks ago I went to a squat clinic at SF Iron, sponsored by the Women Who Lift Weights meetup group. You may have heard me talk about the Spitfire Athlete app. The girls who developed it run the meetup group, and I had the opportunity to go and brush up on my squat technique. It was super fun and I learned quite a bit about how magical the squat is, and what I’ve been doing wrong with my squats. I did powerlifting for a semester back in college, and it turns out I have been doing it “wrong” all of these years by not going down far enough. Huh. Anyway, it was a great group, and they’re doing another clinic on the bench press this Saturday I’m looking forward to. If you’re in the SF area and interested, the details are on this meetup page. There are more events to come, including a strength clinic for runners.

In other not-baby news, my apartment gym is getting renovated soon, so they are offering residence free passes to the Equinox gym at the Four Seasons. I know, fancy, right? I’ve never been to that gym before, but I’ve heard lots of good things about Equinox and maybe they’ll have a real squat rack! And classes! The only downside is that instead of just going downstairs to work out, I have to go down the block and across the street, which might as well be ten miles for what it takes for me to actually get away from the kids and get to the gym these days. I get maybe a half hour to work out, and now I need to budget in transit time to my workout. Maybe I should just run to the gym and get there faster, warm-up included?

Random baby pic, because I don’t have any real pictures to go with this post.


Unimpressed, I know.

Make it a great day!

Week 8

I’m just going to throw it out there, I am super excited for Easter! My whole family is in town, and we have big plans for brunch, maybe parade, and lots of egg hunting!

But in the meantime, a baby update! I’m at the point where the pregnancy is starting to kick my ass. Lots of fatigue, and lots of pukey pukeyness. I went to my first prenatal appointment last Saturday, and everything checks out great. She scheduled me for an ultrasound on Monday to look at some things, and we got to see the little peanut close-up! I hadn’t had an ultrasound that early before, it was cool to see the little heart beating and the little arms and legs twitching. Hulk joined me for it, and it was so cute to see him get excited as the technician pointed things out.

Belly Pics

My pants are getting snug, but I’m not sure if it’s because of baby or just too much food. One of these days I’ll add a belly pic, as soon as I can either find a full-length mirror or sucker Hulk into taking one for me.


My cravings have not been too crazy. It feels like normal. Once in a while I’ll want something out-of-the-ordinary, like bean and cheese burritos. But I’m still liking lots of fresh fruit and veggies. I had some jicama the other day and thought I’d died and gone to fresh veggie heaven it was so good.


There are definitely things that don’t sound great right now, but I can still eat them. Chicken breast, avocado, and sometimes eggs don’t sound good, but I still put them down okay.


Ugh. Is it nap time yet? Usually I can make it to about 7 pm, then I’m done. Last night, despite my whole family being over and visiting, I just couldn’t keep up anymore and went to bed just before 8:00. Slept like a baby, though!

Morning Sickness:

Holy puke pukerson, Batman! Nausea spiked from a 4 to, like, an 11 this week. (“Our amps go to 11”? Anyone?) eating helps for sure, so I need to throw food down every few hours. If I get dehydrated or my stomach gets too empty, it’s a trip to the bathroom for me, that’s for sure.

Other Symptoms:

Bathroom breaks: still happening frequently, especially with all the water I’m trying to put down.

Sore boobs: still achy

Light cramping: this is happening less now, so I guess that’s good.

Heartburn/Indigestion: I just bought a Costco-sized box of Tums, so I should be good for a week or two.


Weight gain: still not sure, but my pants don’t fit, which is a sure sign.

Other Stuff:

Best moment: getting the ultrasound and seeing the little peanut thrive and well!

Worst moment: soooo tired! I feel like I have so much to do, and nothing gets done because I need to crawl in bed. Squish has officially outlasted me in staying up late, I’m not sure exactly who put him to bed last night.


Oh, that’s right.

I’m also a little preoccupied with all of the uncertainty. How much longer will I be able to ride my bike to work? I’m not out of my first trimester yet, so miscarriage risk is still high; what if something happens? Where will we move to when baby comes? Will it be early like Squish, on time, or late? Pretty much all of my concerns are about the what and when, which is nothing out of the ordinary for this control freak, I suppose.

Make it a great weekend, and get a chocolate bunny in!

A Baby Story

The other day I was reminiscing about the day that Squish made his appearance.


I never really told my birth story with Squish. At the time I didn’t realize it was a blog “thing”, and really I was so overwhelmed I didn’t really know where to start. The short version was 20 hours, no pain meds (because I’m nuts), yes pitocin, 3 pushes, 2 stitches, and no poop. Score.

It was a pretty incredible day.


I still don’t remember how we brought him home. I was in some state of hormonal bliss. Or sleep deprivation. Maybe both. Apparently, we both made it home. Photographic evidence.


It continues to be a remarkable experience.

Squish 2 Collage

Especially when he teaches me that there is more than one way to play a kazoo.


So we figured, what the heck? Let’s do this all over again.

Squish gets a sibling! Baby #2 coming this November.