Friday Favorites #1

Hi again. It’s Friday, and I’m feeling a bit festive. Why not jump on the “Friday Favorites” theme?

Favorite #1: Snapchat.


I’m on Snapchat now! I have no idea what I’m doing. Follow me at @emilyrocksroad if you dare. There will probably be mostly snaps of food and children doing silly things.

Favorite #2: My BBB time


Lately I’ve invented some “me time” which I call BBB – Book, Bath, and a Beer. I soak in the tub with a beer while reading whatever book catches my interest at the time. Last night it was an epsom salt soak with lavender and ylang ylang essential oils, our home-brewed oatmeal stout, and “A Brief History of Time” by Stephen Hawking since I was feeling a bit smarty pants.

Favorite #3: Toddler Hair


Buttercup’s hair is almost to a point where we can style it now, which is giving me such a squeee-able assortment of possibilities. It was pretty hot last weekend, so I experimented with a couple of ways to get her hair off her face and neck. Which she promptly tore out, but that makes it fun, right?

That’s it for now, go make it a great weekend!

Back to Reality, Again

Well, bummer! I thought I had saved my post, but it somehow wandered away into the internet abyss. Sad panda.

Oh well, I was just checking in to say hi. I’m on my way back west after spending a few good days visiting with family. It was a nice trip overall, and I’m looking forward to bringing the rest of the family later this year to see everyone again. Now it’s time for the hurry-up-and-wait routine that is airline travel.


I had intended on doing the scheduled crossfit workouts yesterday and today, but yesterday we didn’t make it back to the house until late in the evening, and then today I wandered down the rabbit hole of thinking, “I’ll work for a bit then take a break to work out later,” then several hours later I’m still working and it was time to head to the airport! Oops. Well, I guess I’ll be really refreshed and ready for 16.2!

One cool thing about this trip, I had about a bajillion miles saved, so I was able to use my miles to book a first class ticket. Flying in style, yo. I love the real glassware and fancy cloth napkins.


(New library book. I’m geeking out on the history of beer!)

That’s it for now. Go make it a great day!

Remembering Grandpa

Friday afternoon I got a call from my dad to tell my that my grandfather had passed away. That kind of sucked.

Grandpa and me, maybe around 1987-ish. Wow, I’m like, Squish’s age in this photo.

I’m still sort numb and in denial about it all, but I’m sure it’ll hit me soon. Slowly as stories are shared and pictures passed around, all of the memories of Grandpa as I was growing up start coming back. Since moving to California and starting a family, I’ve had fewer opportunities to visit. He passed away peacefully at home surrounded by family. So I was on a plane yesterday flying to my folk’s house to participate in the usual family “life celebration” festivities in my original hometown of New Ulm, MN.


And there’s snow. Because Minnesota.

I want to keep up with my Crossfitting, so I didn’t my gym’s WOD in my folks’ garage and played around with the Total Gym.



  • Handstand or pike push-ups 5×3


4 rounds of AMRAP in 2:3o with 1 min rest in between:

  • 10 push press (Rx is 35kg, I used the Power Block dumbbells at 17lb/each)
  • 30 double unders (I just hopped in place 90 times since I didn’t have a jump rope. And I can’t do double unders.)

After work I went out to dinner with my parents. There’s a tap house that had a fun beer selection, so I ordered a flight of some interesting-sounding brews.


Beer love! The Lift Bridge Batch 1800 double IPA was my favorite, I think.

That’s it for now. Make sure you hug your loved ones, or at least call if they’re not in a hugging distance, and go make it a great day!

Only In Home Brew

You guys. I started my January Whole30 just five days ago. I had to clean out the fridge so I could, you know, fill it back up with food that I can eat. Then this happened.


Where did all of that beer come from?? And I can’t have any of it until February, and now it’s sitting there, taunting me. Ugh. That’s what happens when you miss out on brew day during a Whole30 I suppose. Plus, it’ll be more bottle-conditioned by then, so, yay. Silver lining.

Anyway, I’m having my glorious salads again.


Tuna on greens with avocado and this one has half a baked potato. This is just heaven in a mixing bowl. No joke.

I missed Crossfit this Sunday because I was really not feeling well, physically and emotionally. Which was probably a good thing, because I looked up the workout and it was basically “let’s have fun with double-unders then go run a bunch” so, sorry not sorry. There is a good chance that double-unders would have put me in a worse state.

We still have our Christmas decorations up. My excuse that I keep giving Hulk is that I grew up Catholic and we never took ours down until the Epiphany on January 6th because that was the “real” end of the Christmas season. In truth, I’m just too lazy to do it. And apparently so is he. 😉

Go make it a great day!

Brew Like a Boss – New Site!

Hi Guys!

I’ll put up a real post soon, I promise, but in the meantime, I started a new blog! Come visit me at Brew Like a Boss, where I will bore you to tears about beer and my homebrewing adventures. Since home brewing is starting to become an obsessive little hobby of mine, I figured it’d be best for it to have its own home. Don’t worry, I’ll still post all my nutrition, workouts, and deep thoughts over here (hopefully) regularly!

See you over at BLAB (oh my gosh, I love that acronym)!

New Beginnings and New Rules

Here’s to fresh starts and new beginnings! Today’s the first of (maybe) many really captivating, inspiring updates of everything I ate, drank, and did workout-wise yesterday. With no pictures, because no one wants to see pictures of food. And by that, I mean I am totally out of the habit of meal photographing and didn’t want to post a bunch of empty plates full of crumbs. Either way, you’re welcome.
You guys, I just wrote YOUR welcome. I’m losing my mind. Or is that how it’s supposed to be written? Yup, mind lost.

Breakfast yesterday was two fried eggs, a simple swiss chard salad with raspberry walnut dressing, and the last of the canned sweet potato puree. I ate with Squish before carting him off to preschool. He had “chocolate toast”, which is toast and Nutella. Because I am a conscientious, caring mom who only feeds her children the best. And I didn’t feel like fighting him from his beloved chocolate toast on a Monday morning pre-coffee. Pick yo’ battles. I also had a couple cups of coffee with milk.

Halfway through the morning, I had another work coffee with milk. But the fridge was empty of cow milk, so I tried this Silk brand of almond-coconut milk that was pretty awful and I dumped out half of my coffee I just couldn’t do it.

Lunch was amazing. I found out the grocery store nearby went through a huge remodel, and they have a carving station. Carved meats. Sold. I bought a lunch box of roasted tri-tip, steamed veggies, and this sort of orzo and squash risotto thingy. It was amazing.

Back at work, someone put cookies in the break room. I could lie and say I was not tempted and enjoyed drinking my peppermint tea, but in reality I ate three with a Diet Coke. 

Later I needed a break, so I wanted to Starbucks and got one of those hibiscus iced teas. It was really good, that might be a new thing.

After work I picked up Squish from preschool and we dove into the madness that is evening grocery shopping, since we were now out of all the food at home. He helped me pick out veggies for the week so I could justify grabbing a frozen pizza for dinner. It’s all about balance, you know. Hulk sautéed some green beans that were amazing, and I also grabbed an Italian chopped salad at the store that was pretty good. We ate outside on the patio table, which is Squish’s favorite place to eat everything.

I also had a beer with dinner (Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA), and by the time dinner was over I didn’t feel like working out anymore. So I had another beer and put the kids to bed. “Kids” includes me. New rule: no beer until the workout is done. I want to start a new Spitfire Training program, so I need to make sure to leave some time in the day for it.

My Jawbone report for the day was 12,902 steps on 8h 10min of sleep, so that’s not too shabby.

That is all for now, go make it a great day!

Catching Up on Beer and Stuff

Ahh! I have SO MUCH to talk about! Mostly stupid stuff, of course. But yes, let’s get to blogging, shall we?

First up, my first batch of home brewed beer is bottled for second fermentation! Woo-hoo!

I really hope it doesn’t suck. Because it takes almost a month to brew beer, and that’s too long to wait in most beer-related circumstances.

Second, we have been having some crazy gorgeous weather lately. Fall has always been my favorite season, and this year it doesn’t disappoint. We’ve been enjoying some epic sunsets with dinner, since our dining area faces west.


Sunsets, and children looking confused. Of course, it was so cute, they both were looking out the window together. But then I pulled out the camera and magic moment destroyed.

Then we woke up to Karl the Fog eating the neighborhood. Is it Karl in the East Bay? The signature fog that routinely engulfs San Francisco has been affectionately christened “Karl” and has its own Twitter following. But I don’t know if Karl extended over the bay or not.

Anyway, it was pretty cool.

Speaking of pretty cool, I finally put my standing desk together!

It still needs a few tweaks. Like a chair. Turns out that standing for 8+ hours doesn’t feel much better than sitting for 8+ hours. I know you’re not supposed to stand for the whole day, but my plan B for sitting (sit in a spare conference room) didn’t work when they were all booked. I survived anyway.

Meanwhile, in State of the Blog news, I’m going to start going back to posting daily eats and workouts, good and bad. After doing a bunch of pondering, I came to the conclusion to stop trying to force my blog into some predefined mold (that I never followed through on anyway) and to just let it rip with whatever I want to talk about. Which seemed to be what I ate and how much I ran and/or lifted. And maybe a personal rant here or there.

I also owe a post on our Alaskan Adventure part 2. I’m done writing it, but on the day we took lots of really good pictures my phone died, so I keep meaning to pull the pictures I took off of Hulk’s phone, and it hasn’t happened yet. And it probably won’t happen until I find some time that’s not already booked with a paying job or keeping small humans alive. But it’ll happen one of these days!

That’s all I got for now. Go make it a great day!

All the Alaska, Part 1

I finally went through my Alaska pictures, so get cozy ’cause here’s a run through of our Alaska vacation!

Hulk and I headed out Sunday night.

Yay! No kids!
Yay! No kids!

We had an amazing view of San Francisco as we headed out.

Alaska 2015 008

For the flight Hulk slept while I enjoyed a beer and caught up on some reading.

Alaska 2015 010

We arrived in Anchorage pretty late, so we stayed in a hotel by the airport our first night. The next morning we figured we’d kick around Anchorage and see what the cool kids are up to. Turns out on Labor Day, the cool kids are somewhere else. After a hike around the bay,

Not without beautiful scenery, of course
Not without beautiful scenery, of course

we headed up to near Denali to check in to our Airbnb cabin.

Alaska 2015 013

Wait, no. That’s the brewery.

But it might as well have been the cabin. We went there literally every day evening when the hours of drinking were appropriate. If you end up in Talkeetna, Denali Brewing Company is amazing! I loved every single one of their beers, especially the Abbadon.

Alaska 2015 017
This is what a glass of happy looks like

After we were done sampling the local brews, we finally checked in to our cabin.

Alaska 2015 022
Very “Alaska,” no?

We “oohed” and “ahhed” at the super fun quaintness of the cabin we drove over to nearby Talkeena to check out the goings on.

Alaska 2015 034

Alaska 2015 031

Alaska 2015 033
Awkward selfie!!

Alaska 2015 042

Of course we had to dine on some local fare. I had a smothered halibut that was so not Whole30 and so worth it, while Hulk demolished some king crab, complete with crab shell shrapnel at the poor couple eating next to us.

Alaska 2015 039

Alaska 2015 040
The only bear I saw

Tuesday we wanted to do some tourist-y things like ziplining, but it was raining buckets. So we went with plan B and drove up to Denali State Park to see the famed highest point in the continental U.S.

Alaska 2015 048

Well, that was the plan. In practice, it’s usually too cloudy to see the peak. On a rainy day, you’re lucky to see mountains. Good thing they have an infographic there, so you know what you’re missing.

Whatever, it’s still pretty.

Alaska 2015 049

Alaska 2015 063

That's Hulk's "I can't believe we drove two hours to look at clouds" face
That’s Hulk’s “I can’t believe we drove two hours to look at clouds” face

As we were driving around, we caught some of the mountains peeking through the cloud cover. They looked so imposing from the road.

Alaska 2015 067

After all the rain hiking, beer!

Alaska 2015 072

The next day was slightly less rainy, so I started off with a walk around the “neighborhood”

Alaska 2015 073

Then we drove North again to Denali National Park

Alaska 2015 091
Not a selfie!

Alaska 2015 085

Between the leaves turning and all the rain, the mountains were literally all the colors.

Alaska 2015 075

We even got an awesome rainbow out of the deal. Perfection.

Alaska 2015 094

We had lunch at a hotel that overlooked, like, everything.

Alaska 2015 099

You know, because we like to rough it. Oh look, more beer!

Alaska 2015 102

On the drive back, the clouds slightly lifted so we could get a good peek at the mountains.Alaska 2015 108

Alaska 2015 113

Still no sight of THE Denali mountain peak, though. These were all of the piddly lesser mountains. If I paid more attention to that infographic yesterday I would probably know the names of them. But here’s two people that don’t quite care.Alaska 2015 115

And then more beer.

Alaska 2015 116

Then the REAL adventure began …

Treat Yourself Tuesday #3 – Coconut, German Beer, and Self-Love

It’s another Tuesday! Another Treat Yourself Tuesday from Olives ‘n’ Wine, that is!


And another opportunity to spill all the self-love beans I’ve been holding onto from the week! Okay, some of this you may already know about. But here it all is, abridged.

So, I still can’t find the coconut Chobani yogurt that Ashley keeps talking about. And that makes me sad. But I did find that Chobani Flip yogurt in coconut. Well, Almond Coco Loco, which has coconut AND chocolate chips, so it’s pretty much better. I snacked on that Friday at work with a coconut water. Then I went and got some Blue Bottle coffee, which is pretty much the best coffee in the world. #justsaying


Saturday night we accepted an impromptu invitation from some new friends to check out Oktoberfest. The venue was at Pier 48, just behind AT&T Park. We indulged just a tad.


I have such a freakish evil expression in that photo. But in context, it makes sense. I mean, you had me surrounded in tasty beer, delicious food, and polka music. The German in me couldn’t contain herself. That’s probably why this is all I was really up for doing on Sunday.


I was the mom on the playground with disheveled hair, massive Starbucks, and a general glazed look of malaise. Oh wait, we’re all parents. Everyone looked like that. Also, the teeter-totters these days require a surprisingly little amount of effort to make entertaining. I could launch Squish in the air and barely slosh my coffee.

Finally, I received contact from two of my dear friends yesterday. One was in town and had time to meet me for happy hour at a nearby restaurant. I indulged in postponing my post-work parental responsibilities to hang and gossip with a bestie. Even though it was brief, I was sooo happy and grateful we could fit in a little time in our schedules to get together.

My other dear friend, Alexis is launching a “The Self-Care Adventure Series: 30 days of wholehearted self-love” challenge, open to anyone who want to join in developing a new habit(s) of self-care and destressing. It can be whatever works for you – journal, bubble baths, taking time to breathe, talking to a friend, or anything that helps you decompress and reconnect. Make the time to savor in some self-love, and Tweet, Instagram, or post it to share with everyone. We’ll be using the hashtag #selfcareadventure on social media (follow her on Twitter at @alexis_marbach), and commenting on Alexis’ blog, to share and hold each other accountable as needed. Feel free to check it out and join in. It might give you some additional ideas on how to treat yourself. (Side note: I am so excited!!)

And now, I leave you with another Squishy dance jam.