Need to Catch Up

Catch up on sleep, that is!

Hey, gang! Wow, I am about ready to fall asleep on my keyboard here. I haven’t been sleeping much lately, and I do not do well on so little sleep. I’ve lost count of the meltdowns and freak-outs over nothing. I don’t have to get up early again until Monday, so I hope to get caught back up on sleep by then!

I put bacon in my lunch salad today. I needed it. It was like a delicious bacon hug.


Along with greens, tomatoes, bell pepper, goat cheese, carrots, chicken, and olive oil.

And an apple gor snack, with an unpictured packet of Justin’s Almond Butter. Man, I love that stuff.


Hulk made a hamburger hash for dinner. I was too tired and distracted to take a pic, but it was delicious. The leftovers will probably make an appearance at lunch tomorrow.

Note to self: stop wearing white pants when bike commuting.


Anyway, that’s it for tonight. I think it’s bedtime now, although Mr. Squish doesn’t believe me. But I assure you, ’tis time.


An R&R Kind of Night

Good morning! I flaked on posting last night, you’ll see why in a bit. But it was a much-needed R&R kind of night. Work has been crazy busy and I have been getting home later and later. I didn’t put a lunch together yesterday so I ended up grabbing a burrito bowl from Una Mas. […]

My Own Advice

Last night, I took a dose of my own self-care adventure advice, and instead of cranking out the billion self-imposed things on my to-do list I took a night off.

Backing up, I had leftover beef hash with a little rice for lunch. The hash had ground beef, onion, squash, zucchini, and bell pepper. I also had some carrots and olives but never got around to eating them.


When I got home from work I was extremely grateful that dinner was already made a la leftover ground beef hash. Our au pair offered to walk Duke for me so I could get Squish and I fed.


I threw in some leftover butternut squash to the hash so it wasn’t like I ate the EXACT same thing three meals in a row.

Then Squish and I packed up and walked down to the library at Mission Bay. It’s not a huge branch, but it’s within walking distance through non-sketch and non-hilly neighborhoods and they have a small children’s area with toys and games. Squish pounces on the games to give me time for a quick browse for the two of us. I picked up some new board books for Squish and a couple indulgent novels for myself: “The Red Queen” by Philippa Gregory and “Crossed” by Ally Condie.

Front Cover(source) and  (source)

I was super excited to find the whole “Matched” trilogy at the library! I have “Matched” on my kindle but couldn’t bring myself to spend another $25 on the rest of the trilogy. I’m a bit cheap when it comes to my fluff reads. Now that I have my library card, a whole world of fluffy YA literature is now in my reach!

After we got home from the library, I put Squish to bed with some mild protest and left the dishes in the sink so I could curl in bed with a glass of wine and my new books. I also decided to sleep without an alarm and when I wake up, I wake up. I found myself wide awake at 5am from a weird dream but decided that it was too early to wake up in the name of self-care. So I dozed until 6:30 and paid for it by being late for everything.

Random breakfast that I ate maybe 3 bites of before forgetting it on the counter:


Yogurt, apples, and cinnamon.

At least I’m well-rested. And my legs really hurt. I so need a massage for my poor hammies. 😦 I haven’t done anything since Sunday’s run (well, except for sprinting on my bike commute) and I’m starting to feel antsy. I have to go to the airport stupid early tomorrow so I might be able to convince myself to work out tonight. Or I might just go to bed early again because of the 3:30 am wake-up call tomorrow. Boo, grown-up decisions.

Anyway, have a happy Thursday and a happy weekend. I will probably not get an opportunity to post tomorrow, so I’ll see you Monday!

The Train of Life

Hey, kids.

Well, this train o’ life just keeps on rolling (can you tell I’m commuting right now?). We received some sad news this week. Hulk’s grandmother passed away after a year-long battle with lung cancer. She was a remarkable, inspirational lady and will be missed. Everyone in the family is headed to Omaha this weekend for the services. Although I’m glad Squish will be able to visit his grandparents, it’s a bummer of a reason for the trip.

Hulk’s been out of town this week, and I’m finding myself just through-the-bones tired. Even though I could probably use a workout, I’ve been sleeping in every morning and still zombie-ing it through the day. If it wasn’t for my grueling 6-mile-a-day bike commute I would be doing nothing. Which is probably my problem. Maybe tonight I can get a light run in after Squish goes down.

In my rush to catch my train yesterday morning, I completely forgot breakfast and didn’t even realize it until I was sitting at work with a grumbly tummy. I grabbed a Kashi protein bar to hold me over to lunch, which I commended myself on packing before I forgot it for a change.


Spinach salad with hb eggs, tuna in olive oil, cucumber, and carrots.

I realized that with Hulk out of town my evenings have to be completely on pointe and organized. As soon as I walk through the door Squish wants dinner NOW. So I absolutely threw together a flurry of a beef has with a cranky, hangry toddler on my hip in about 10 minutes. I even chopped the squash with one hand. Total mommy award for this one.


Ground beef, onion, and squash on a bed of spinach.

Once Squish went to bed I cooked another batch for lunch/dinner today. Now all I have to do when I get home tonight is throw it in the microwave and dinner is served!

Since we have to clean out the fridge before leaving this weekend I found the last of the leftover oatmeal and cooked apples Mom had made when she visited this weekend. I topped it with a dollop of yogurt and some cinnamon for a festive flair.


And coffee. Always coffee. Hulk had roasted a batch of beans before he left, but he grossly underestimated how much coffee my mother and I can go through when left to our own devices. I had to make an emergency run to Peet’s to pick up some more beans yesterday morning. I should really learn how to use the coffee roaster, but every time I try a batch on my own I either end up with barely roasted beans or I set them on fire. Both are not good.

Squish was a good helper getting mommy’s bike ready for the road. I noticed that he isn’t much taller than my bike pump. How intimidating would that be to pump a tire with a pump taller than you? The world must be crazy big in the perspective of a toddler.


With my fatigue, the family news, and still adjusting to this new normal of a schedule, I realized yesterday that I really need to focus on taking care of myself. It’s going to be a crazy next couple of weeks with all the travel and adjustments. The last thing I need is to get sick. So last night and for the rest of the week I’m focusing on getting sleep, eating clean, and lots of water. Hopefully this will get me through and out of the sleepy slump I’m in.

Well, I’m off to catch up on your blogs and get set up for another crazy busy day. Have a happy hump day! It is Wednesday, isn’t it?

It’s Almost Friday!

Hi guys!

Let me just start out by saying that I love my new job! Seriously, I could not wait until Squish went to bed last night so I could break out the computer and do more work. I sure hope this enthusiasm is reflected a few months from now.

Of course, in true Murphy’s Law fashion, the day after I started work Hulk left on a business trip, and our babysitter gave notice. Fortunately Hulk found someone else to Squish-wrangle, but I’m having to cut out early from work to get home in time to release the current Squish-wrangler. Plus I’m really sad she’s leaving because she’s awesome with Squish and does a great job, but I know I’ll like the new sitter, too.

In other trying-to-figure-out-this-new-life news, I had to cut my run short yesterday. I was supposed to do a total of six miles including four one-mile intervals but I knew there was no way I could squeeze that in with my new commute. So I did my usual four miles and threw in some strides. I’m going to have to drastically modify my training schedule; at some point I’m suppose to run 8 miles on a weekday. There is no way I have time for a 1 1/2 hour run, plus set-up and tear-down on a Thursday. So I’ll do what I can, rock my long runs on weekends, and not stress. I’ll also have to think about training while traveling for work. I foresee some hotel treadmills (dreadmills) in my future.


New topic, I rode my bike for the first time in over a year yesterday. My bottom is so sore, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to ride again today. Then I remembered that I still had a super-hard racing saddle on my bike. Duh. Squish helped me switch it out this morning to a super cushy WTB Speed V, and my ride to the train station was much more comfortable.


That’s all I have time for now, the train is almost to my stop. See you tomorrow with some more adventures!