WIAW #8 and a Little Link Love

Ahh! It’s Wednesday already. Travel weeks do that to me. Burning Monday all day in airports sets me a day back for some reason. Buuuuut … I’m joining the What I Ate Wednesday Link-up with Peas and Crayons! Hey, I remembered it’s Wednesday! If you want to jump in on the fun, check out Jenn and Peas and Crayons and join the party.


Nothing like a good hotel breakfast to start your day prepping for a busy week. Mine started with the usual eggs and sausage, bowl o’ fruit, and some loaded oatmeal. I don’t know why I’ve been on this oatmeal kick lately. At least it’s a delicious kick.


During the morning sessions I became ravenous, so I snaked some airplane pretzels and peanut butter.


Never mind about my watch tossed there in the background. I usually have to take my watch or bracelets off while typing on my laptop, since after a while they start digging into my wrist from resting and dragging across the keypad. Which doesn’t stop me from wearing it daily, of course. #girllogic

For lunch was a burger the size of my unborn baby.


I also opted for a side of seasonal veggies instead of fries for a change. It was a good call; that burger was enough to do me in even though I put the bun aside. Workin’ fuel!

We wandered over to one of the hotel restaurants for dinner. It ended up being a great choice, as I found out they have the best salads I’ve seen yet in the area. I completely forgot to snap a pic before I dove in, but it was full of mixed greens (NOT iceberg lettuce!) and shredded veggies.


I tricked convinced my coworker to split a pizza with me, because I knew after the salad I would only be able to eat a couple of slices. Italian sausage, mmm.


And then I went to bed. Because that’s what I do these days at 8:00 pm with no family responsibilities.

What else? What’s been on the interwebs lately:

Feeling like you need to get your act together? Check out these 27 ways to get more sh!t done. I personally like #7 – I still think the idea that multitasking gets more things done is a myth.

All #PSL’ed out (PSL = Pumpkin Spice Lattte)? Some other pumpkin spice ideas! > 9 Pumpkin Spice Recipes (that are way better than a latte)#pslforever

I can’t believe I forgot to mention this! My bestie Alexis has a couple of rad articles out there. Are you waiting for the perfect time to start doing whatever it is you know you need to do? Open up your emotional mailbox already! Emotional Mailbox: An Open Invitation

Ever had a creepy, handsy adjustment during yoga? Can’t Touch This – Without Asking

That’s it for today. Go make it a great day!

Blogging Fears [Thinking Out Loud #1]

Can I confess something? Lately I’ve been more and more afraid about blogging. Which is stupid, I know, but I want to have my blog express my desire to unabashedly put myself out there all “here I am” in a blaze of sass and style. But what I feel like I actually put out there pales in comparison to what I really want to do. For a lot if reasons, fear being one of them.

See, I’m trying to do a lifestyle blog. And in my head I am living my own version of healthy. But when I look back on my days, I can’t imagine anyone would believe me. I’m living this weird hybrid of paleo/”healthy” SAD/whatever the hell I want, and I just feel weird about it. On one hand, who cares. This is how I live, this is what I do. On the other hand, what message am I sending? What is my goal in all this? To show you can eat fried shrimp and still feel like a normal human? How it’s hard to work and tend kiddos and travel and eat right/exercise but you do what you can because that’s what you have to do? I could try harder. But on a deep level, I don’t wanna. I’m doing good with where I’m at, a good balance between hanging in there and not feeling stressed about being too far one way or the other.

I guess there’s a little comparison trap in there, too. I follow folks that have green on their plate every meal, awesome “OOTD” posts (outfit of the day for all of your social media misfits; don’t feel bad, that one took me a few weeks to decipher), contribute to all the fun link-ups and still have engaging, original content. And the Tweeting. Who has time to Tweet?!? That’s not me. I barely have the time for the “oh crap, I should post now,” throw it in the iPhone app with some blurry pictures and hope it reads coherently. Because that’s me.

I guess in my head I want this blog to be one thing, but in reality it’s something completely different. It’s just an extension of me. It’s my lifestyle, it’s what’s in my head, it’s a reflection of my life and how I choose to live it.

I don’t use a photo editor. 90% of my posts are written on my phone while standing on the commuter train because there are no more empty seats. I don’t post “healthy” food, and I don’t take enough pictures to properly document festive occasions such as birthdays and baby updates. I wish I could, but at the end of the day that’s not what I make time for. Instead, I sit and chat with Hulk for an hour in the evening before dinner, catching up on our day and some alone time to decompress. I sit with Squish watching “Cars” for the seventh time that day or help him race his trains across the kitchen floor. I don’t photoshop, I don’t scour the internet for interesting articles to share. I live my life, and when I can I blog about it.

At first pass, I feel “blog guilt” about it. I should be doing more, but at the end of the day I just choose to spend my time doing other things (like catching up on sleep). So in a sense, this blog is totally 100% authentically me, in a “here it is, take it or leave it,” way. Because that is who I am, and really, at the end of the day, that is what I want to be on this blog.

Thank you to Amanda at Running with Spoons for the Thinking Out Loud Thursday link-up opportunity!



What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) #1

Greetings, my fellow blog minions!

So, this post is coming a bit later than usual because I want to (finally) jump on Jenn’s “What I Ate Wednesday” bandwagon. I see the series everywhere but could never pull together an entire day’s worth of eats to participate! Well, sometimes you have to set your mind and commit. I was determined this morning to photograph everything before it goes in my mouth. And try to make it not look like crap-ola if I could help it.

So here we are, Emily Rocks the Road’s WIAW #1!

It took me forever to roll out of bed this morning, so by the time I was done with my run I was in a mad flurry to get to work on time. I snacked on bites of apple in between showering and teeth-brushing.


Then picked up a green smoothie from Jamba Juice around the corner on my way to work. I had a gift card left over from last Christmas I decided to finally use and splurge.


The Apples-and-Greens smoothie, by the way, is very apple-y.

Of course, apples and apple smoothies does not eat away a 6 mile run. I was ravenous well before lunch. So I ran to Starbucks down the block and picked up coffee,


And a sausage breakfast sandwich. Artfully displayed on my “work plate” (what, you don’t keep an entire place setting in your desk drawer?).

That helped me make it to lunch. Which was leftovers from yesterday’s lunch! Sauteed ground beef and onion with some nuked frozen veggies.


I tried to make it pretty by posing it on a tea towel.

I also polished off about 1/3 of the sausage I cooked for Squish’s lunch. I was too lazy/in a hurry to make it look pretty, and it was quite frightful sitting there all sausage-y and greasy on the cutting board.

Anyway, I needed an afternoon pick-me-up so to Peet’s I ran for another coffee,


(And sparkle shoes!)

And sustenance of the dark kind.


Totally necessary. Totally worth it. I had about 1/4 of the bar, just enough to take the edge off.

I wasn’t really hungry when  I got home, and Squish was out in a late nap. So I sipped a Coke Zero (unpictured) while I did some cleaning, knocked off some to-do’s, and burned my finger lighting my candle.


So, apparently the trick to lighting a match is you move your finger AWAY from the match head once it has been struck and ignites. Make a note of that.

Anyway, after I nursed my small blister, Squish was up so we had a quick and easy dinner of chicken tenders and homemade sweet tater fries, using Tina’s recipe.





Squish ate most of my ketchup with his fork.

I bought Squish some classic Mr. Bubbles bubble bath today, so he had is first bubble bath before bed. At first he didn’t really know what to do with the bubbles, he just stood there scooping them up in his hands, then shaking them all off. Finally he figured that he could smear them on the wall. That was cool.

Now Squish is down, chores are done, and It’s time for one of these.


Just showing that candle I’m not afraid of him.

There we go! A whole day of my (fairly typical) eats. Thanks to the lovely Jenn for hosting, and I hope to do this again next week!

See you tomorrow.