The Workit30, Days 1 & 2

While I’ve been feeling pretty good about life in general, I’ve noticed that a lot of healthy habits have been slipping. Despite constantly thinking about what I need to do, I’ve only been working out about once a week on average, and I may have had corn dogs for breakfast the other morning in a rush to get out the door. Darn adulty things and poor planning keep getting in the way.

I know I don’t have it in me to do a Whole30 yet. With the rabid Holiday season upon us now, I have some even to go to or host every weekend until New Year’s, including both of my kids’ birthdays.

That’s right, bitchez. I’m almost a toddler now!

I know I need to do something to pull my healthy habits back on track. I’ve been listening to the audiobook version of Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin on my commute to try and inspire me, and decided a challenge with some at-home support sounded like a good idea. So Hulk and I cobbled together what I’m calling a Workit30 (in homage to the Whole30), a 30 day challenge to work out every day.

Here are the rules:

  1. Exercise every day for at least 30 minutes
  2. Any moderate to high intensity exercise counts – running, weights, power or flow yoga, HIIT drills, etc
  3. Low-impact stuff like walking only counts as a recovery day, and must be preceeded and followed by a moderately or high intense workout day
  4. Warm-up, mobility work, and stretching/light yoga are encouraged, but don’t count towards the 30 minute minimum time

We started on November 5th. I went on a 2 mile run/walk using my Couch to 5k app. I have literally been doing a couch to 5k for ten months now, because I never finish the program, and when I want to get back into it I just restart at Day 1.

This morning I threw some weights around in the home gym. Olive participated by selecting random trash bits on the floor to chew up in her favorite garage spot, the trampoline.

You weren’t using this piece of cable, right?
  • Squats 3×10 @ 45lb
  • Bench press 3×10 @ 45lb
  • Assisted pull ups, 1×8
  •  deadlift, 3×10 @ 45lb
  • Kettlebell swings, 1×10 @ 35 lb

I’m hoping by the end of the 30 days I’ll have more of a rhythm going when it comes to working out, and maybe get a bit of my strength back. Let me know if you want to join in, or if you’re doing a similar challenge right now.

Go make it a great day!

Business as Usual

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about my meals and workouts. Mostly because I don’t think anyone cares. But my life is pretty boring, so without lots of chatting around pictures of bacon ‘n’ eggs and the obligatory “running shoes standing outside” to emphasize a run, I don’t have much to talk about.

“Lies! All lies!”

Anyway, I’d like to get back to tracking my meals and exercise again. Now that Buttercup has been here for a few months,  we’ve moved into our “forever house,” and I’m not traveling for work as much, I feel like I’m at a place now where I can get back to business as usual.

Yesterday I had to meet the carpool early and I knew I wouldn’t have time for breakfast, so I put my breakfast and lunch together the night before. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I planned ahead. I cooked a cube of ground beef with some garlic and onion and portioned it out into two containers for each meal. Then I packed some snap peas to go with breakfast and a green salad for lunch. Plus some carrots and a bag of “trail mix” (coconut flakes and macadamia nuts) for a snack. Boom. 

This is my Tower o’ Food.

This morning I worked from home, so instead of commuting I got a great 2.84 mile trail run in. Upgrade.

Slightly better than sitting on the San Mateo bridge. 
Meanwhile, the latest in the “I freaking love this house” adventures is the first of the lemons on our lemon tree have ripened!

I am now putting lemon juice on EVERYTHING. Can life get better? I submit that it cannot. 

That’s what I’ve got for today. Go make it a great day!

Le Weekend

i can’t believe it’s Monday already. That’s what happens when you actually have plans over the weekend, I suppose. It was still a blast, and I will most likely be paying for it for the next few days *cough* allthebeer.

Saturday started out innocent enough. While Hulk was out running errands, Squish and I had a lovely weekend breakfast involving Nutella.

Then we went to SF Oysterfest in Golden Gate Park. I had way more oysters and beer than what was probably recommended for my age group.

Sunday morning started off with more brunch and more Nutella. Hulk’s mom was visiting, so we had a nice Mother’s Day brunch at La Boulange then took Squish to the playground so he could burn off some Nutella. When we were cold and wanted to go home we were met with only minor protests.

Later we went and checked out the house we’ve almost bought. Two more weeks! 

Then we went home to lay around and eat leftovers.


After all that, I still managed to get my run in this morning. 

Woo-hoo! I finally broke 3 miles! 

And that is all.

Well, I still need to finish putting together my Whole30 wrap up. That’s on the bucket list for this week. And we got a dog on Wednesday, so I need to give you the proper introduction to her when I get the chance. So, I guess that’s all for now.

Go make it a great Monday!


Hooray! It’s Friday! I hope it’s “Friday” for you, too.

I’ve had a couple of nice runs this week. We had a bit of a scheduling snafu on Tuesday, so I wasn’t able to run in the morning like I’ve been doing. Instead, I brought my gear to work and ran over lunch. Is this called a “Runch”?


It was nice to change up the scenery a bit.


I’m halfway through my Couch-to-5k plan, so that’s exciting.


Yesterday I ran 20 minutes straight. Not super impressive, but it’s the most I’ve probably ran in one shot in over a year.


I’m sooooo close to actually running a 5k distance! 2.4 miles covered yesterday.

I’m on Day 13 of Whole30 and it’s actually been really amazing. The biggest improvement is my energy and sleep so far. Before, I would be a wreck when I got home from work with no energy to do anything but crawl into bed. And I would wake up (baby or not) in the middle of the night wide awake. Now when I get home I’m still pretty energetic, with my fatigue setting in around 8 or 9pm. I’ve been getting up at 5:30 in the morning to work out, and I know that’s too early for me. Next week I’m going to experiment with working out in the evening now that I have the energy to do it, so I’ll be able to sleep in more and get some extra rest. Well, sleep in as much as the kids let me 🙂

That’s all for now. Go make it a great day!

Easter Festivus and Equinox Love

We had a nice little Easter festivus over the weekend. Squish participated in his first egg hunt where he was an active egg hunter, and not just cluelessly following my prompts to the hidden eggs. Actually, by the time I realized he was up and got out of bed myself, he had found most of the eggs and already plowed through half of his chocolate bunny. I’m glad he’s so resourceful and self-sufficient.


Buttercup was less hopeful, but she enjoyed the shiny colorfulness of the plastic eggs.


And my paleo pancake Easter brunch earned a two-Squishy-thumbs up from the most discerning food critic at my table.


In addition to managing Easter Bunny activites, I did get a couple of good workouts in. Saturday was Gym Rat Day, where I got my squat on. Then Sunday I braved the grey, rainy morning for a Couch-to-5k workout.


Week 5, bitchez! I’m now 1 mile shy of completing a 5k.

Then in the afternoon I finally cashed in my birthday gift certificate to Kabuki Springs & Spa for a massage and soak in the baths. This is the best spa in SF, I swear. I had an amazing, relaxing Swedish massage that felt awesome on my post-run legs. Then I soaked in the bath house and steam room and drank copious amounts of cucumber-infused water. I headed home in a fog of post-spa bliss.

Meanwhile, my membership at Equinox is finally processed, so I’m a “real” member now! Woot. I tried to get a non-blurry picture of my pass, but it wasn’t happening this morning pre-coffee.


I had submitted my application over a month ago, right before my last trip to Pittsburgh. Every time I’d go to the club hoping I was finally processed and in the system, I wasn’t. They were cool about it and let me work out anyway, but it was kind of annoying to give my whole story to the front desk person every time (I’m not trying to scam a free gym membership, really!) Finally I asked who I could talk to to get my status escalated, and Jamal hooked me up. Thank you, Jamal!

Speaking of Equinox, I. Love. This. Gym. It has so much stuff, my mind was blown my first day. I just wandered around for about 20 minutes, trying to soak it all in. Any workout you want to do, they probably have the gear for it. And it’s really clean, too, and they have Kiehl’s body products in the locker room. It’s starting to become my most favorite place in the world.

Time to go try and take over the world again. Go make it a great day!

All the Running

I am so glad I’ve found my motivation to run again!


I’m going to post Bay Bridge in the Sunrise pics every time, until we move. You have been forewarned.

I’m still plugging along with my Couch to 5k (which I abbreviate to C25k because I think it sounds cool). I haven’t been the most consistent (my first run was in early February, and I’ve just started Week 4) but so far I’m still feeling good. I have found that since my pregnancy I’m finally at that age where stuff just breaks and I have all sorts of mysterious twinges and pains at random. Just more evidence that I need to take time out for self care, making sure that I stretch and foam roll often.


Today I think I did more than 2.21 miles, it looks like my GPS didn’t pick me up when I started my run. But I felt good, so I’m not going to complain too much. My goal is to be able to comfortably run a 3 mile loop a few times a week so I’m not too concerned with pace or time. Just getting ‘er done.

In food news, I keep dabbling in starting a Whole30 but never really making through a full day of clean eating. Something always comes up that nudges me off plan. But I figure if I’m shooting for 100% but I’m really doing 80%, that’s good enough for now. As long as I stay away from the sugar, I’m feeling pretty good. And any eating plan that includes ceviche is good enough for me!


Mmm, raw fish. #alltherawfish

Off to go make magic happen. Make it a great day!

Emily Runs! Kind Of

I’ve been running again!


My chunky little counterpart and I have been putting the BOB stroller to good use. I’m using the Couch to 5k app and so far have completed the first two weeks. Which really means I’ve been walking with spurts of running here and there.


And I’ve forgotten how hard it is to run with a running stroller in the city. Not every curb slopes down to street level, so I have to slow down to drop the stroller up and down curbs as delicately as I can. Squish loved bumpy stroller rides back in the day (still does, actually), but our little Cream Puff Princess acts like a bomb went off whenever we hit a rough patch, with the shocked facial expression and the arm flailing. The good part is by the end of the ride, she’s usually asleep so I can get a quick shower in before she wakes up and decides she wants to be held and comforted from the whole ordeal.

At least Buttercup was up for a run this morning, what with yesterday being St. Patrick’s Day and all.


She doesn’t even realize we’re not Irish.


Doesn’t stop her, though. Like her brother, she parties until she drops.


“Touchdown baby!”

In other news, we’ve expanded the house hunt to East Bay. There’s a bit more to choose from, and my commute will be about the same depending on where we end up. We’re still looking in the city, though, and every once in a while we find a gem that quickly gets snatched up before we can say, “let’s put in an offer.” But the more we look, the more we learn what we want and don’t want, so the extra time it’s taking to find a place will be helpful in the end.


A cool view: on the list of “must-haves even though it’s not really a must-have.”

Hope the green beer didn’t take you all too out of commission. Make it a great day!