So Long, San Francisco!

It’s been a year since my family and I moved from our downtown SF apartment to our “forever home” in the East Bay. I had started this post last year but never published it because, well, we moved and I was totally swamped with moving-related activities. The past few moves we’ve added a child each time, and it’s amazing how exponentially harder it is to move with the addition of each small human. I normally like to move, but after this last one, I’m happy to stay camped out for a while! Anyway, here is a little tribute to our happy little cosmopolitan nest perched on the 31st floor that we enjoyed for 2 1/2 years.

That time is finally upon us. After months of searching and weeks of planning, we are moving out of our little SF apartment to our new home in the East Bay. We’ve had quite the adventures over the past couple of years.

2012 11 25 Moving Day 4
Moving day view from the living room, 11/25/2012

We came to SF from Sonoma County because I found a job downtown mere blocks from our apartment. It was a dream to have a commute I could walk.

2013 02 25 Emily Office View.JPG

Then I took another job on the peninsula where I could bike commute to the commuter train. Still pretty awesome.


Our little Squishy-man celebrated three birthdays in our apartment, growing from a baby to a toddler to a preschooler in a blink.

And let’s not forget that Miss Buttercup made her debut. Followed by Olive’s introduction to the family.

2014 12 31 Mercedes NYE Outfit 1

2015 05 22 Olive 1

And we said goodbye to our furry friend, Duke. I still miss you, buddy.

2013 11 14 Duke's Last Pic

We had tons of fun in SF events that were in our own backyard.

And had our fair share of good times with our city crew! Plus that New Years Eve 2013 party we hosted on the roof was epic. Just sayin’.

It was also fun to watch Squish become a “city kid.” He had a very different experience than Hulk and I did, growing up in the suburban midwest! That kid will never have a fear of heights, that’s for sure.

And then there was the pool. I’ll miss the pool.


And now it’s time to pack it in, and say our goodbyes. It’s been an incredible stop in the proverbial journey of life, but now it’s time for a new chapter. And I do not care that I am mixing metaphors.

2015 05 23 Packing

Farewell, San Francisco! We’ve had a wonderful time. And you’ll only be a BART ride away for future adventures and shenanigans!

2015 05 23 Last SF Sunset 7

Minnesota Rambles

Oh my goodness, I’m not even sure where to start, it’s been so long.

First of all, thank you all so much for your warm comments and thoughts for Duke. To sound all corny but true, there’s a small dog-sized hole in my heart that will not go away for a while I’m sure, and I appreciate the love. While putting together my Duke collage, I found his posting from the shelter where we adopted him. Since he was a stray, they named him “Kimi” when he was there. I think we did him a huge favor with his rechristening.


It didn’t really hit me until I came home from my business trip and was rounding the corner of the street where I always walked Duke every morning, and remembered I will never walk him again. He would never get another treat from the concierge desk, and I would never unhook his leash in front of the elevator and let him sprint down the hall to the apartment door because he likes to run. There was an empty spot on the bedroom floor where his doggy bed rested next to my side of the bed, and there was uneaten food in his dish. I bawled like a baby on and off all weekend every time I saw or thought of another thing that reminded me of Duke. Movies on the couch, unlatched doors being nosed open with a wagging tail, the fact that I now have to clean up the food that spills on the floor (okay, most of those tears were from my laziness), all made me sad that I wasn’t prepared to say goodbye. Good thing all dogs go to heaven, and that he will always live on in our memories, or I would be much sadder.

Okay, that’s been said now. On to happy(er) things.

We moved Squish to a toddler bed over the weekend. He’s been resisting bedtime/naptime more and more lately, but he loves being in our bed. So we thought he was ready to upgrade to a big boy bed. We have one of those convertible cribs where the front rail swaps for the toddler bed rail so it took all of 15 minutes to get it changed over. Now we need to teach him that just because he’s awake doesn’t mean it’s time to run all over the place. 5:30 is too early to wake up, kid. Okay, I know I wake up at 5:30, but that’s for my me-time. Squish’s time starts no earlier than 7. I doubt I can convince him of that, though.

We were in Minnesota last weekend visiting my grandparents. While there I went for a beautiful 5 mile run through the country roads around the lake.



Maria Chapel


The beach at sunset



Of course the next day when I did my 12-mile run it was cloudy, windy, raining, and miserable. Meh, good prep for race day.

Squish visited my aunt and uncle’s dog, a 2-year old Samoyed. The picture doesn’t do the size disparty justice; that dog is huge.



Then I traveled for work. Again.



Have you ever been in the crazy light psychedelic tunnel at Chicago O’Hare International?  It sort of freaks me out every time. I think it’s the creepy music box-meets-circus music they blast through there that gets me.


We have no plans for Turkey Day. None. There were some ideas thrown out, but they all sort of fizzled or fell through and neither Hulk nor I have made a solid effort to regroup. I might just cook some nice steaks instead of a turkey. At least I know we’ll have wine. That’s a given.





Ode to Duke

I have some sad news to report.

Monday night, after I had checked into my hotel and gone to bed, Hulk called to inform me that our dear little doggie Duke had passed away. He had suddenly taken ill over the weekend while we were away and it was rather unexpected. I knew Duke was getting up there in the years, but I thought we would at least have another few years with him. Since it all happened while I was away I never really got to say goodbye. So here’s a tribute to the best misshapen cookie dog a girl could ever have.

Taken shortly after we adopted Duke in 2009 (yes, my hair was brown back then):

Tapping into his wild dog instincts:

Always good for a cuddle:


And a great fur-brother:

He also put up with a lot:

He is and always will be my fur baby. Enjoy the Big Dog Park in the Sky, Dukester. I hear the trees there are made of bacon.

Weekend Recap, Wordless Version

Happy Monday, my friends!

Things are about to get 1000x more crazy busy over here. This is my last week at my current job, so my to-do list is filled to the brim with all of the close-out activities in anticipation of my departure, not to mention all of the nagging personal tasks I’m going to be tackling to prepare for having a real commute again (real commute = less time, must be more organized). Long story short, this is a quickie post as I dive into the thick of it, so here were some of our weekend shenanigans for you to indulge in and seethe with jealousy as I spin in circles over here.

Have a great week!










Catch-up and a Baking Fail

I’ve been blogging a day behind, and my OCD is starting to get on my nerves about this. Let’s see if I can catch it up.

Thursday morning started off with a 5 mi. interval run.

Pre-game: one egg.


By the way, I can’t believe I never thought of microwaving eggs sooner. We’ve lived without a microwave for two years before moving here, and I completely forgot it’s an option. Now I’m nuking everything out of novelty and sheer convenience. Plus, they come out of the bowl in a convenient round shape, perfect for fitting on the plate.

Anyway, my intervals were:

  • 1 mile slow (pace ~ 12:00/mi)
  • [1 mile fast, 2 min slow] x 3 (pace ~ 10:30/mi)
  • 1 mile slow (pace ~ 12:00/mi)




Duke was happy I was back. “IT’S WALK TIME!!”



He never sits correctly.

I had a lot of fun with the WIAW post, so I tracked most of my eats again. Breakfast was bacon ‘n ‘eggs with some leftover sweet tater fries from Wednesday night.



After doing the work thing all morning I came home and threw together a quickie lunch for the Squish and me: sausage and an heirloom tomato caprese salad, minus the basil. I don’t have any fresh basil (sad panda).



I might stop eating sausage just because there’s no way to make it look good in a photo.

The afternoon I was yawning in my meetings, and decided to use my Starbucks treat reward on a pumpkin spice latte.


Fall is here, y’all! Sorry about the dirty street, I was going for “gritty urban” but didn’t look closely enough and instead I ended up with “who puked here?”

The PSL didn’t do enough, so I had a couple of these too.


And a few unpictured squares of dark chocolate. My biggest takeaway from my London 2011 trip was ALWAYS have afternoon tea. 🙂

After all my post-lunch snacking, I really wasn’t feeling hungry for dinner. So Squish and I ran a few errands, and I decided to whip up a treat for when Hulk gets home today. I was feeling bread-snacky, so I tried out Carrots ‘n’ Cake’s Chocolate Pumpkin Bread (maybe with a glass or two of unpictured wine). At first it came out heavenly,



So I gave myself a sample slice for breakfast this morning with my eggs, sliced heirloom tomato, and olives.



See? Working on the “pretty” factor.

And coffee.



But on further inspection of the pumpkin bread, I found it was wayyy undercooked. Baking #fail.



Oh well, it’s like chocolate pumpkin lava  cake bread. Still delicious.

Duke was disappointed there was no bacon.



“Seriously, why do I even get out of bed? You’re a terrible human.”

Had an awesome arms/core session in the gym this morning. Due to my back injury and Hulk’s suggestion, I’m holding off on leg/lower body training while I’m running. That’s right, I listened to Hulk. I’ll wait here while you let that sink in. Done? Cool. So, I am doing light stuff with my legs but I’m not trying to push the weights like I was before. However it was my first time in the gym this week, so I felt like touching on a bit of everything:

  • Light warm-up: joint mobility, arm circles, etc.
  • 3 rounds of 10 reps:
    • Shoulder press, 20 lbs
    • Squats, 45 lbs
    • Deadlift, 45 lbs
  • “Regular” sets of 3×10:
    • Bench press, 30 lbs
    • Rows, 30 lbs
    • Lat pulls, 30 lbs
    • Dips, bodyweight
  • Another 3 rounds of 10 reps each:
    • Chest flys, 12.5 lbs
    • Shoulder flys, 12.5 lbs
    • Tricep kickbacks, 12.5 lbs
  • Everybody’s favorite, 1 min plank hold

Time to shower my stinky self, get the Squish going for the day, and go earn my bacon. I’m so, so happy it’s Friday! We have a super-fun weekend planned, I’m so excited! Squeeeee!



The One where Duke Wants Shrimp

How the heck are ya? I am so happy it’s almost Friday, just throwing that out there. Boo work. Yay not working. Unless it’s a permanent condition, then sometimes yay working. Yay balance of work and not work?

I don’t think I ate enough yesterday. I felt okay, but I got really hungry in the afternoon just before I went home. I fried up some hamburger and ate a banana before I went on my run. Well, I ate half a banana; Squishy was the recipient of the other half. He is definitely at that “Monkey See Monkey Do” stage where it’s impossible to do anything without a pint-sized shadow wanting to do it too. When I was frying the burger, he was pitching himself at my legs whining the whole time. Later, when the meat was cooked and the pan cooled, I picked him up, and he grabbed the spatula and proceeded to “cook” the meat. If he wasn’t so incompetnet and accident-prone, I would most certainly load him up with chores around here.

Anyway, it’s probably a good time to mention that I’m not really doing the Whole30 anymore. I really haven’t been doing it since about Day 5, but I kept telling myself that tomorrow’s another day, and don’t worry that there’s one after that … and so on. But it’s been three weeks and I have yet to fully commit, so I’m going to stop stressing about it and move on. As long as I’m not shoving cookies in my face, I’ll consider it a win.20130424-200124.jpg (from Pinterest)

Breakfast was a kitchen-sink frittata, since we’re getting low in the fridge again. I threw in last night’s chicken and broccoli leftovers, the last of the potatoes, a sausage, and some other bits and chunks of veggies.

Then I drank a lot of coffee.


Lunch was more frittata, a couple of eggs, an orange, carrots, and the last of the AB jar. As I said, I probably should have brought more substantial-ness with me. Could have used a can of tuna or something.


An empty jar is such a sad sight, and I don’t know when I’ll get more. I can’t justify a trip to Whole Foods for just almond butter, but it is ridiculously expensive at Safeway and Target. And before you tell me Trader Joe’s, there isn’t one nearby (*sniff*). I might have to make my own, gasp! Maybe I can sweet talk Hulk into getting one of those mega 5-lb bags of almonds at Costco next time he makes a run.

After work I had aforementioned banana and small pile of ground beef, then I did a 3-mile run with some sprint intervals. Holy rush hour madness, batman. I am NEVER running right after work ever again. I was constantly running and dodging people all over the place, it was nuts. Hulk always complains about this when he runs outside, which is why he’s a treadmill guy. Since my runs usually take place early in the morning or on weekends, I’ve never had this problem. Ugh. And you feel like a jerk because you’re blasting by little old ladies, knocking their walkers out from under them, or pushing small children into oncoming traffic because you don’t want to quit your interval before it’s done. But I felt good, physically. My legs are still a little sore and sluggish, but I figured a little runnin’ would help work out all the junk left over.

Came home and sauteed some shrimp and nuked some green beans. Slathered everything in olive oil.


I would have liked a potato or something starchy, but we’re out and I didn’t want to resort to the rest of the tortilla chips. Tomorrow, dear chippies. Tomorrow.

This is Duke’s “Can I have a shrimp?” face. The answer is, and always will be, no, Duke.


I know, we’re cruel owners. Look at him, wasting away to practically nothing. Don’t feel bad for him, he scores gold with the high chair fallout.

The One Where I Ran Seven Miles

Happy Monday to ya!

FYI, my posting might be a little off-and-on this week. I’ve been reorganizing my schedule and am trying to figure out the best time to blog. I’m going to do the ol’ fashioned trial-and-error to figure out what works. Ooh, a project! I know, right?

I, um, can’t walk today. Which wouldn’t be so bad except I forgot my badge at work this morning. Since all of the elevator lobbies require a badge to enter the floor, I’ve had to use the stairs to all of my meetings, which have seemed to average 3 floors away from my desk. Holy mother of dog, this was a bad day to forget my badge. I guess it could be worse. I could have to run today, too.

Ah yes, the Sunday Runday. To prep for my scheduled 7-miler, I fueled up with a delicious bfast of another sausage and veggie frittata.


+ unpictured coffee. Lots of it.

Squishy and I got a little park time in while I digested. It was such a warm, sunny day that it would have been a travesty to not get a little Vitamin D for the Squishers.


Another stealth photo while he’s not looking. Otherwise my phone is in his grubby paws.

Then I went on the most horrible, godawful, unscenic and hot run I’ve been on in a long time.

First, my legs were still shredded from yesterday. Stupid, stupid.

Then, as I was heading out I found my Garmin was dead. I’d blame Squishy because it’s easy, but really I just was too lazy to put it on the charger after my last run. So I had to figure out how far to run 7 miles with a combination of Google maps and counting the number of songs played on my iPhone. I can usually run a mile in 2-3 songs, so I just estimated it from there.

Also, it was HOT. Okay, not HOT hot, but hot for someone who hasn’t run in a temperature above 60* in several years. When you only run in the mornings in SF it doesn’t get much warmer than that. I was so glad I thought to bring a water bottle, but I still got home red-faced and a little sunburned. I do feel a little guilty whining about it being too hot and sunny since most of my relatives are still under several inches of snow, but you weren’t there and you’re not sunburned. So I’ll whine.

Finally, since I didn’t have my Garmin I didn’t want to experiment with prettier routes. so I just ran straight down 3rd Street and back. 3.5 miles down past the Port of San Francisco and back. Ugh. Treeless sidewalks and big, abandoned, industrial buildings were my scenery. There was a Giants game playing, so there were enough people out and about to make me comfortable, but it was still a pretty hot and dreary run. I’ll be experimenting with some of the side streets that looked a bit more scenic and inviting in the future.

I did find a bike trail on a small portion that offered some bay views. Still hot with no plants, though.


After I stumbled back to the apartment, I took an ice bath. That was another notch in the things-I-haven’t-done-in-years belt. But it actually felt really good after my toes went numb.

Then I did a lot of this. Pardon the finger bomb.


He just wishes he could have joined me. I just know it.

Then I ate a whole lot of food that I didn’t bother to photograph. I know you’re crushed, I’m sorry.
Down the hatch in no particular order:
– bunless burger
– monstrous salad with about every veggie we have on hand
– HB eggs
– a handful of Squishy’s cheddar bunnies
– Roasted chicken
– some chips and salsa (just a few; I have a superhuman ability to not eat a whole bag/jar)
– peas
– beer (to celebrate a running victory!)

Then I watched a lot of movies and sat on the floor with Squishy, rolling and stretching my argumentative hamstring.

Then we had a pillow fight.

And that was my Sunday.

How was yours?

The One Where I Decided To Murder My Legs

It’s Sunday, and we have a play date scheduled for the park; plus, I’m sure you have fun things planned for today. So I’ll try and make this quick.

The Eats:

Breakfast – Hulk made a heavenly frittata with italian sausage, mushrooms, peppers, and spinach.


Lunch – peas and shrimp sauteed in garlic butter. I had about this x3. Note the Duke photo bomb.


Also, a small bowl of chili was devoured after my workout.

Dinner – roasted chicken, potatoes, and broccoli.



Once again, another sideways picture.

The Works:
Leg Day!
w/u 5 min on the dreadmill.
Hulk suggested I try utilizing dumbbells more instead of the Smith machine or barbells, to engage more stabolizing muscles. So my weight are all weird as I figure out how to do this.
Lunges – 3×10 w/ 10 lbs (I haven’t done lunges in MONTHS, and these totally killed me)
Deadlift – 3×10 w/ 25 lbs
Squats – 3×10 w/ 25 lbs
Calf raise (on the leg press) – 10 @ 80 lbs, 10 @ 90 lbs, 10 @ 100 lbs, because I couldn’t figure out where I was last time.
Thigh Ad/Abductor – 3×10 @ 70 lbs each
Stretch & cool down

My legs are dead to me. I haven’t done lunges in so long. I have to do my long run today, and it’s not going to be pretty. Why don’t I do my run BEFORE my leg day? I will never learn.

I did get some roof time in while everyone was napping. It was a little too breezy for comfort, but I can’t complain too much.


Ugh, so pasty.

Wish me luck on my long run, and happy Sunday!


The One Where We All Take a Nap

We should all do this.


With our little puppy pillows.

I’m feeling super-blah today. Not sure if it’s from the stress of yesterday’s dramatic events, or becaue we had pizza last night. I’m finding that wheat makes me a raging cranky-pants of toddler-like proportions.


“Not funny, Mom.”

Clearly he has his father’s sense of humor.

Any-hoo, I’ve been trying to make up for my extreme lack of Whole30’ing today. Eggs, leftover salad for bfast, with 1/2 of Squish’s uneaten apple with a bit of AB.


Lunch: random leftovers salad, olives, 2 clementines. 


That’s about it. Time to see what’s for dinner, and maybe I’ll pull myself out of this funk by tomorow.

The One About the Weekend, and my Six Mile Run!

Happy Monday!

I unplugged over the weekend, so I’m just getting back to bloggy business today. I was just feeling like a little break would be nice, and spent a lot of time with the family.

Friday was a complete 180 from Thursday. Thursday I wanted to smash everything that was beautiful in the world, and take a nap. Friday was about giving everything a hug, and running a marathon. Maybe a good AM workout makes all the difference? I refuse to believe it was the cake.

Work started with a nice surprise. Check out what I found in the break room!


SO excited it wasn’t a big ol’ bow of donuts. Oh yeah, I hit that.


I wasn’t hungry at the time, so I was just stashing it for later. Then I read blogs and all the food pictures made me hungry. Then I ate it.

Lunch was yet another not-very-photogenic pile of leftovers.


Leftover chicken, green beans, and squash from last night; Italian casserole from the other day.

At least plating it helped the aesthetics some.


Okay, maybe not. It was tasty, though.


Oh, and I decided to rock the “fashion mullet” for Fridy: blazer with jeans. Business up top, party down below.


Blazer & top from Ann Taylor
Jeans from Levi’s
Shoes from Tar-zhay (Target, for you non-French speakers)

Saturday I took the Dukester for a long walk by AT&T Park. The game hadn’t started yet, so it was a nice, quiet walk.


Since the rest of the family/roomies were still sleeping off Friday night, Squish and did a nice mommy-and-me coffee date at the nearby bakery. I had a rather un-Whole30ish quiche, which Squish received most of the crust.


Then we walked in the sort-of rain until a reasonable hour to go and wake everyone else up.


Saturday night we went out with some friends. I had ONE cocktail and drank a ton of water. It was just too weird to go to a fancy lounge and not drink, plus we were meeting some people for the first time and I just wasn’t down with immediately singleing myself out as the weird one.

Sunday morning was Zero Hour for the food situation. We were out of eggs. Out of veggies. Out of meat. Squish and I breakfasted on some frozen edamame I found in the back of the freezer and the last of the birthday cake. Yeah, that bad.

Then I ran six miles. I had to, after eating birthday cake for breakfast.


I found a new path that goes down some river behind AT&T park. It was game day, so I ended up running in the bike lane a lot. It reminded me of Husker Game Day back in college, only everyone was in Orange instead of Red, and all of the really cheesy marketing slogans referred to home runs instead of touchdowns.

I was only supposed to run five miles according to the made-up training plan I crafted, but my GPS didn’t pick up for the first seven minutes or so. And I started feeling AMAZING, so I just rolled with it. Longest run since I did Bay to Breakers 10k in 2011! Which was when I found out I was pregnant and put running on hold for 9 months. I felt pretty accomplished, like it’s all coming back. Oh, and a friend coerced me to doing a sprint triathlon this September. I might have to break my bike out of storge. *Sigh* 

Then I chilled out with the Masters of Chill.


Also the Masters of Cuddle.

Hulk FINALLY went grocery shopping last night. I will be eating eggs, chicken, and spinach all this week, because that’s all he bought. At this point it’s an experiment of wills.

As a result, breakfast of egg and spinach. Thank god we’re not out of coconut milk yet. I’m not ready to quit coffee.


And a sunny Monday morning to ya!