Just Stop Already

It’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood.

I hadn’t worked out in almost a week, so I blasted to the park the other morning for a quick run before I clocked into work. It was a glorious 3 miles, and it felt so good to get my body moving again. I drove the kids up to Oregon for the week, and both work and all the smoke from the wildfires kept me from getting my run on. I am also way overdue for a drop-in to CrossFit GP, so I totally owe you guys! 😉

In other CrossFit news, my L1 certification is only two weeks away! Eek! I also realized that I chose to attend a fitness certification in the mountains. At altitude. And I am a coastal girl. This won’t be painful at all. No worries, it’ll just be two days of sucking wind under a pvc pipe, what could possibly go wrong?

Also coming up, the kids start school next week! Squish has leveled up to First Grade (!!) and will be attending the same local elementary school as last year. I’ve chatted with him about it, and he seems pretty nonchalant about the upcoming year. Buttercup has me a little concerned. She’s starting a brand new school this year, since her current one is closing. While some of her friends will be moving to the school with her, I know she’s had a really rough year as it is with all the changes in her little life (PSA: divorce is hard on everyone, yo) and transitions have never been her forte. I’m anticipating a few rough weeks of tear-streaked drop offs until she settles back in to the new-new-NEW normal. But kids are resilient, and I’m almost certain I’ll have a harder time with it than she will.

Stop growing up. Just stop already.

That’s all from my side of the mountain, have a most wonderful week, and go make it a great day!

Another One In the Books

This weekend, like most of America, we celebrated Halloween over here.


Gramma made the kids’ costumes, as she is a professional costume designer and has all the sweet hookups to obtain authentic gear. Squish LOVED his “real” fireman uniform complete with boots and a tool belt. Buttercup was less enthused about having to put on her Dalmatian puppy suit, but once she was in it she was pretty snuggly. And it had a super long tail, all the better for chewing/drooling on.


Squish came down with a touch of the flu on Thursday, so we had to skip out on a birthday party Friday night, and I wasn’t sure if trick-or-treating was on the agenda until Sunday afternoon when I was sure his mild fever wouldn’t be making a reappearance. He was a little slow, but still had a blast trick-or-treating with a pack of new neighborhood kids.


Or Auntie ‘Manda as a “Lazy Wizard”.

Sunday was my real birthday, but Squish’s flu had caught up to everyone else so it was a chill day. We went to brunch, then Amanda and I went out for some sister gossip and mani-pedis. Then while everyone was napping I went on a six mile hike out around Lake Chabot. It did not suck.

IMG_9346 IMG_9348 IMG_9350 IMG_9349

It’s been a while since I hiked that much, I think since our Alaska trip (which I’m still procrastinating on finishing the recap on. Only been two months, so whatever). Given that we are so close to some great day hike trails, I really need to take advantage of the great outdoors more often.

I’m pretty pumped about turning 33 this year. Normally I’m pretty “meh” about birthdays, but this year feels different. I’m pretty confident this is going to be a great year for me. Mostly because last week I decided that I was done with therapy. Yahoo! I’ve talked about it here and there, and I’ll probably put together an “ask-me-anything” type post on it one of these days, but I’ve been going to therapy for my postpartum depression since March. Lately I’ve felt that I have turned a corner, and decided to take the proverbial training wheels off and ride my own cognitive bike. While I may go back to therapy in the future if I need it, it feels pretty good to feel like I’ve made progress, and have the time and headspace to start working on other stuff now. Like blogging! And maybe exercise. Or I could do the laundry. The possibilities are endless!

That’s it for now. Go make it a great day!

Catching Up on Beer and Stuff

Ahh! I have SO MUCH to talk about! Mostly stupid stuff, of course. But yes, let’s get to blogging, shall we?

First up, my first batch of home brewed beer is bottled for second fermentation! Woo-hoo!

I really hope it doesn’t suck. Because it takes almost a month to brew beer, and that’s too long to wait in most beer-related circumstances.

Second, we have been having some crazy gorgeous weather lately. Fall has always been my favorite season, and this year it doesn’t disappoint. We’ve been enjoying some epic sunsets with dinner, since our dining area faces west.


Sunsets, and children looking confused. Of course, it was so cute, they both were looking out the window together. But then I pulled out the camera and magic moment destroyed.

Then we woke up to Karl the Fog eating the neighborhood. Is it Karl in the East Bay? The signature fog that routinely engulfs San Francisco has been affectionately christened “Karl” and has its own Twitter following. But I don’t know if Karl extended over the bay or not.

Anyway, it was pretty cool.

Speaking of pretty cool, I finally put my standing desk together!

It still needs a few tweaks. Like a chair. Turns out that standing for 8+ hours doesn’t feel much better than sitting for 8+ hours. I know you’re not supposed to stand for the whole day, but my plan B for sitting (sit in a spare conference room) didn’t work when they were all booked. I survived anyway.

Meanwhile, in State of the Blog news, I’m going to start going back to posting daily eats and workouts, good and bad. After doing a bunch of pondering, I came to the conclusion to stop trying to force my blog into some predefined mold (that I never followed through on anyway) and to just let it rip with whatever I want to talk about. Which seemed to be what I ate and how much I ran and/or lifted. And maybe a personal rant here or there.

I also owe a post on our Alaskan Adventure part 2. I’m done writing it, but on the day we took lots of really good pictures my phone died, so I keep meaning to pull the pictures I took off of Hulk’s phone, and it hasn’t happened yet. And it probably won’t happen until I find some time that’s not already booked with a paying job or keeping small humans alive. But it’ll happen one of these days!

That’s all I got for now. Go make it a great day!

Suburban Paradise

What is up? It’s just another beautiful day over here in suburban paradise.

I have too many updates to keep this post any sort of organized. I guess that’s what happens when you take several unplanned, non-consecutive weeks off from blogging. I guess I grossly underestimated how much time getting a puppy and moving across the bay would take on top of regular life stuff.

The good news is that life is slowly normalizing. I find that I do better with a consistent routine that takes out decision making. For some reason this is way easier to do commuting from the ‘burbs. I guess there’s just fewer distractions? 

Okay, now updates. Everyone is doing great. The end.

Olive caught a bear the other day. Security is not just a hobby, but one of her passions.

It was Hulk’s birthday this week. We managed to not burn the place down with birthday candles.

Squish went nuts over the whole birthday thing, especially with cake development. He “helped” me make the classic chocolate birthday cake (absolutely not paleo-fied, I have to draw the line somewhere), and when I broke out the chocolate powder he gushed, “ooh, I’m going to LOVE it!”

Can’t even. His chocolate love is only rivaled by mine.

Other things coming up: our garage gym is in progress. I’m commuting these days with an all-electric car, which is pretty geek-tastic. We are super close to some really nice hiking/biking trails, so I’m getting a ton of long walks in nature done these days. All in all, not bad.

That’s all I have for now. Go make it a great weekend!

All In

We have been super busy over here moving into our new home!

Olive is “helping.”

I had a “Farewell, San Francisco” post planned, but I never sat down to make it happen. I’ll probably put it together months later and never get around to posting it, similar to Buttercup’s birth story.

We’re six months old and think mirrors are awesome!

It’s been tricky trying to figure out a new normal as quickly as possible. I miss the gym, but we’re just 10 minutes away from a Lake Chabot Park trailhead. I’ve been finishing up my Couch-to-5k runs there.


I am so amped to start trail running again. Hooray, nature! 

I also started another Whole30 yesterday. Since I didn’t do a proper reintroduction period after my last one (and never got around to the wrap-up post on that, either) I thought it would be good to do another one to sort of settle into the new kitchen and establish some good habits right away. I’m a little bit nervous about adding all the food prep and planning on top of the unpacking and figuring out a new lifestyle. But the more I make Whole30 eating the rule and not the exception, I think it’ll help set good food habits up going forward. Because let’s be honest, when is life not going to be crazy?

That’s the update around here. What’s happening in your neck of the woods?

Make it a great day!