Cool Mom

Since I dropped 10 lbs on my Whole30, I treated myself to a new pair of pants that fit me yesterday. Look at me dipping my toe into the distressed jeans look. I’m not a regular mom, I’m like a cool mom.


Also, yesterday was Dairy Reintro day, which I celebrated with a Pumpkin Spice Latte (full-fat milk, duh. Go big or go home).


I also had a kale salad with feta cheese and mashed potatoes with butter in my lunch. The potatoes are poking out from under the massive pile of BBQ pulled pork my hot bar box was rocking. Plus roasted veggies and garilic mushrooms. I may have had to close my eyes and put down my fork a couple of times in this meal just to truly savor the awesomeness. Once again, hats off to you Whole Foods hot bar.


Of course, after all of the dairy it was probably not the best day to go skinny jeans shopping. Bloat-city, man. So dairy reintro was a success in that now I’m sure I will start billowing like a balloon after consuming a latte. Knowledge is power, my friends. I might take a couple days then try a dairy day that doesn’t include 12 oz of milk in one sitting, just butter and cheese. I can survive without milk, but it would be nice to be able to cook Home Chef meals with the butter and the cream in the sauce on occasion if I can determine it doesn’t affect me that much.

On the lighter side of life, is it too early to request a Mother’s Day gift?

Photo cred to @cely524

Darn skippy, kids. I’m a gosh darn genius.

Go make it a great day!


The One Where I Eat and Maybe Shop

Hooray, it’s Wednesday! Just a few short, sweet days left until the weekend. Hulk left on his man-cation to LA yesterday. He’s going to stay with some friends and enjoy not being responsible for small children for a week. My folks are in town visiting Squish (oh, and my siblings and I too I guess) and I’m planning some fun family adventures to Golden Gate Park and the SF Zoo. You know, to see where everyone was eaten by that tiger a few years ago. Typical family activities.

My mom and sister went to the store today and got FOOD. Oh sweet Jesus, yes. Last night we feasted on oven-baked tilapia, mashed cauliflour, and green beans. It evaporated off my plate before I could photograph it, I don’t know what happened.

Then some champagne and chocolate happened, allegedely. Since there is no photographic evidence on that either, I am not at will to say if said champagne and chocolate occured or not.

We all stayed up talking until way past midnight, so I slept in and skipped my workout. My mom made breakfast (score!) while I got ready – egg and spinach scramble and fresh berries.


One of the many awesome things about my folks vising is that they pretty much eat the same way as we do, so meals are a fun, low-stress collaboration.

I packed up last night’s leftovers for lunch, along with the last of the edamame, an apple, and some AB.


Time to finish up some work, then Mom and I have a date to explore the mega Banana Republic flagship store. Three stories of fashion awesomeness. I may not get a workout in today, but my credit card will.

Hope you all are having a most wonderful day!

Run-down-itis Strikes Again

Note: this was supposed to go up last night, but my WordPress App seems to be having an issue with the Publish feature. Again. So it’s late. On the bright side, you just received two posts from me in one afternoon! You lucky, lucky kids.

Thanks to all of my irresponsible weekend shenanigans, I’ve been hit with a douse of run-down-itis. I think the last time I was actually sick, it was a year ago. And a horrible experience. This morning I woke up with some sniffles and a sore throat. Good thing I had a huge veggie-tastic dinner last night to help battle whatever I was coming down with. I made up another batch of Melissa’s Old-School Italian Meat sauce and topped it with a bag of frozen mixed Italian veggies.


The sauce is sort of a pain to make, but it is soooo good, and lasts for at least a couple meals. This one had chicken and Italian sausage links. We had a friend over to watch the Creighton game and all three of us had a hearty serving with plenty of leftovers for lunch today. To be honest, I really don’t care for basketball; it was more of an excuse to hang out and drink more beer.

I skipped my run (again) this morning. The alarm went off, and my throat and sinuses went, “oh HELL no!” so I slept for another hour. I’ve been such a get-up-early wuss lately. My alarm goes off and my brain just grumbles and rolls over. Obviously the solution is to go to bed earlier so I get the sleep I need to wake up on time, but I already go to bed at 9 pm. Any earlier than that and I’ll almost be going to bed earlier than Squishy which just seems not right. But maybe I need the same amount of sleep as my 15-month old.

For Bfast this morning Squish and I feasted on the egg bake I prepped yesterday. With my usual cup o’ joe and coconut milk.


Packed some leftover Italian sauce and a small salad for lunch. Never gets old.


Now I’m counting the minutes until I can snuggle down in my bed at home with my sweats and a cup of lemon tea. A couple of early nights and I think I can shake this thing.

Despite the run-down-itis, I still managed to cute it up this morning.


I’m surprised my modeling career hasn’t taken off yet.
Stitch Fix top
Skirt from a suit I got at Ann Taylor back in the day
Ancient black pumps from who knows where
Tiffany’s necklace and bracelet, because I am a spoiled princess

Oh, and I got a mani-pedi this weekend. Hooray for being a girl!


Girls: you into any girly things lately?
Guys: are there any girly things you secretly want to have/do? There was a guy at the salon getting a MAN-i-pedi at the prompting of his girlfriend. He seemed to enjoy it.

How to Kill Your Quads in 15 Minutes

So, Tuesday’s post, which I wrote in Wednesday, still isn’t up yet. I’ve been using the WordPress app to write posts lately, and it seems that the schedule-to-publish feature is a bit fickle. I might have to rewrite the stupid thing, we’ll see how it goes.

Meanwhile in Workout Land, I can’t walk. I slept in yesterday morning and only had about 15 minutes to squeeze in a legs session. So I skipped my usually cardio warm-up for somebody weight squats and lunges and dove right in to the heavy stuff. I was feeling good so I added 10 lbs to my deadlift, then decided to do my leg extensions with one leg each rep. Using my normal weight. After I failed at 6 reps I realized I might not make it to my run this morning. And I was right; when I got out if bed this morning my legs all but collapsed as my feet hit the floor. Oh yeah, DOMS (“delayed onset muscle soreness”, the science-y term for “I can’t walk right or use stairs now”).

Warm up: 20 squats, 20 lunges
Squat: 3×10 @ 45 lbs
Deadlift: 2×10 @ 65,1×10 @ 75
Leg ext: 1×10 @ 60 (both legs), 2×6-10 ish @ 40-60 each leg (I played around until I could lift a full set)
Cool down: sprint to work (not recommended!)

Then this happened.


See all that electronic-y stuff? Yeah, that should be inside the casing. I tried to take the cap off my Garmin USB and somehow annihilated it. Off to Amazon I go and reorder a new one. As soon as that’s done I can upload the dozens (okay, maybe three) runs I’ve done since 2011.

I leave you with another Bathroom Blogger Fashion Moment:


Dress from Stitch Fix
Black rights from Target
Ancient pumps from Macy’s, I think?
Operation: Beautiful sign by my head 🙂

And … Yeah. That’s it for today. Have a happy almost-Friday!

Running and other Randomness

Happy Friday, kids!

Things are still ballz-to-the-wall crazy around here. My department was just “restructured”, so there is suddenly a mountain of work to do and no one knows who’s supposed to do it. Which means I end up doing it. At least it keeps me busy and out of trouble.

It's been kind of like this.
It’s been kind of like this.

(source)I did run 3.5-ish miles this morning. With the sun.

– Up Kearney to the sketchy part on Broadway with all the girly bars
– Down Broadway
– Along Embarcadero
– Up Market

It took me almost an hour from when I left to when I returned. Since I hardly use my Garmin, it takes a good 5-10 minutes to find the satellites, and that’s if I’m out in the open with good access to the sky. Um, I live downtown in the middle of blocks of highrises and skyscrapers. So I either have to A) sit on the roof until my watch synchs, then lose reception in the elevator down to the street, or B) walk accross the street to the park and stand in the middle of the green where there’s decent sky exposure. This morning I opted for option B since I wanted to walk around and warm up in the downtime rather than stand on the windy roof and freeze.

Anyway, after a 10-minute warm-up in the park I was able to do my run in 33 minutes. Then a 10-minute cool down so I could talk again. But I forgot to stretch and now my hamstring is killing me.

God, my life is so hard. Kind of like Squishy’s



Ice cream!




Ice cream!


Here’s another what-I-wore-to-work-today, exposed toilet edition.


Blazer – from my Stitch Fix
Top – Ann Taylor
Pants – Macy’s
Shoes- I don’t remember, they’re a million years old

And this concludes your Friday Edition of Emily Rocks the Randomness. Have a happy weekend.

A Carby Send-Off

I’ve decided to take the Whole30 plunge again starting today. Since finishing up my first Whole30 in January, I have come to realize that I wasn’t ready to go out on my own and needed a little more time to firmly quelch my sugar cravings. Now that I know what to expect, I feel that this one will go much smoother. I know what my quick go-to foods are, I know that I need to keep eating healthy to ward off cravings, and I want to incorporate exercise more so I can start feeling better sooner. Not sure if exercise is actually proven to improve the benefits of eating clean, but when is exercise NOT a good thing (assuming you’re in good health and all)?

Anyway, my last day of not-Whole30 consisted of all things horrible and carby. Another reason why it’s time to climb back up on the wagon.

Egg-and-cheese croissant sandwich and coffee with Half-and-Half from my new favorite bakery around the corner eaten at my desk for breakfast.


Lunch was a whole bunch of randomness that I purged from my desk – coconut flakes, a can of tuna, leftover carrot sticks, and a box of Cracker Jacks from an office party the other day. And half a Specialty’s cookie someone left in the break room.

20130301-091058.jpg 20130301-091105.jpg

Oh, and I may have sat on a tennis ball for most of the afternoon. My hamstring was really tight from my run Wednesday, and this is the only thing that keeps it from aching. Nothing more awkward than your coworkers catching you rocking your hips back and forth in your chair as you try to massage the ball up and down your leg.


At least I looked cute. New skirt from Macy’s, I paired it with all-black and some patent Mary Jane pumps. Sorry for the toilet, I did a bad job of cropping it out. What’s a blog without a little bathroom-mirror-self-portrait action?


For Dinner, Hulk and I met at chipotle. I had a chicken bowl with fajita veggies, lettuce, mild salsa, cheese, sour cream, an a side of Squishy helping me eat it. He did not do so well with a spoon as he does with a fork.

When we got home it was still early. Hulk offered me a beer. I told him I wanted wine, but I didn’t want to open a whole bottle just for one glass. His brilliant solution was to invite some friends over to help drink the bottle. Friends came over, bringing more wine. One bottle turned into three. Someone suggested we go out for Indian. Samosas, chicken tikka masala, rice, and naan were all consumed. I went to bed late, slightly drunk, with a belly full of carby delight.

And this is how I ended my night before a Whole30. Day 1 is going to be fun.


The Privileged

I finally went for a run! Yayyyy!
I did just under 3 miles down the Embarcadero yesterday morning. I think it’s been almost 3 weeks since my last run. It felt awesome.

I enjoyed breakfast with Hulk and the Squish before blasting off to work. A quick lunch at my desk in the afternoon, then headed home to an impromptu party with some neighbors and friends.

Oh, in case you were curious about my Stitch Fix, this top came with it. It is soooo soft and comfortable!


There was a networking party at a nearby bar we were thinking about attending, but the pre-party started at our place and went longer than planned. So everyone just went out while I put the Squish down and finally watched the last episode of Downton Abbey. Now I understand why so many people hated this season. I didn’t exactly *hate* it, but I definitley think they’re running out of plot ideas and I don’t particularly prefer their method of shaking things up, to put it nicely. There is really no reason to make me cry every other episode, D.A.

Anyway, dinner was leftover beef curry topped with bacon. Because everything is better topped with bacon. Squishy agrees with me.

Oh, we also got some roof time in. I had no idea you could see Union Square from our roof. But you can.


A coworker and I were musing about how techology has transformed my generation. Just yesterday Carrots ‘n’ Cake talked about her first experience with the internet. When our parents were growing up, they were discouraged from spoiling with stories of how their folks lived through the Great Depression, the Holocaust, etc. The worst I will be able to tell my kids is life without cell phones and internet. We are truly a spoiled, privileged genration. Anyway, just a rambling thought for your Thursday!

The Munchies:
Breakfast – egg scramble with red pepper and spinach, coffee x 2


Lunch – spinach salad with evoo, lemon juice, bell pepper, chicken, sweet potato


Dinner – leftover beef curry, bacon, lots of wine

The Works:
2.5-ish mile run, ~ 10 min/mi pace (gotta download my Garmin data at some point)