So We’re Doing This Now

I opened up my Commit30 planner this morning and discovered that I had made it my monthly goal in March to blog daily. It’s already March 4th, y’all.


Whatever. I’m getting cheese fries.

So, I’m still recovering from bronchitis. Yesterday I carried a moderately heavy preschooler down the street and didn’t feel like I was hit by a truck afterward, energy-wise, so I think I’m doing better. I hope to make it back to CrossFit this week because OMG my body is going nuts with all of this resting stuff. I am so anxious and antsy and I just want to move.

Last night I went to my sister’s birthday party (Happy Birthday, Amanda!) and because we are actual weirdos she taught me the little dance/warmup routine she choreographed. It was the most exercise I’ve gotten in 3 weeks and it felt amazing. Oh, and in other dance-y exercise news, I for some reason volunteered to teach a dance aerobics class for an upcoming spiritual workshop I’m on a committee for. I am not a dance fitness instructor. And I haven’t actually danced in like 15 years. But I figued, how hard can it be? I’ll throw a playlist together, watch some Zumba and Jazzercise videos on YouTube, and see what happens. Famous last words. Let’s just file this under our “Have Fun With That, Emily!” and y’all can pop some popcorn and watch this train wreck as it unfolds.

As always, go make it a great day!


“Have Fun With That, Emily!” #1 – The Early Bird Challenge

I decided to start a new series on the blog. It’s called “Have Fun with That, Emily!” It’s where I pick a mildly irritating or self-flagellating challenge and see how long I can run wit it, while posting random updates on my progress (or lack thereof, since I am historically reliable at not finishing what I started, looking at you #JanuaryWhole30).

For Have Fun With That, Emily! (Or #HFWTE for short – wow that is an ugly hashtag) I woke up at 5:00am this morning. And I kind of hated it. (No kidding, right?)

But what made it worse was I was waking up to go to work after 2 blissful, restful weeks of vacation, where I guiltlessly slept in every morning until I darn well felt ready to wake up (which was usually somewhere between 7 and 8 am, because I’m old). So now getting back to the usual morning routine is the worst. Hyperbolically speaking.

And then I had a small, mad idea. What if I never slept in? What if I always got up by the same time every morning regardless of schedule (except for early morning flights, obviously) to the point where my clock resets? Is that a thing?

The “experts” (in quotes because I’m too lazy to look up real scientific data) suggest to wake up the same time every morning, and don’t deviate by more than an hour if you must. Because we all love to wake up by 6:30 on a Sunday, right?? That’s why brunch is an early meal. Wait, I’m thinking of marathon start times, not brunch. Yeah, that’s different.

Anyway, for a weird n=1 experiment, how about I try to wake up the same time every morning? How many days of a 5am wake up call can I handle before my senses and emotions implode with overwhelming sleep fatigue? Or will I be a responsible adult and stop scrolling insta in bed for 90 minutes a night after I tell the kids to turn their lights out so I can get extra sleep?

Only time – and my puppy slippers – will tell.

Yes. Puppy slippers.

Tomorrow I set my alarm and begin The Early Bird Challenge (if I come up with a better name I’ll update this post). Off we go!

Go make it a great day!