So Long, San Francisco!

It’s been a year since my family and I moved from our downtown SF apartment to our “forever home” in the East Bay. I had started this post last year but never published it because, well, we moved and I was totally swamped with moving-related activities. The past few moves we’ve added a child each time, and it’s amazing how exponentially harder it is to move with the addition of each small human. I normally like to move, but after this last one, I’m happy to stay camped out for a while! Anyway, here is a little tribute to our happy little cosmopolitan nest perched on the 31st floor that we enjoyed for 2 1/2 years.

That time is finally upon us. After months of searching and weeks of planning, we are moving out of our little SF apartment to our new home in the East Bay. We’ve had quite the adventures over the past couple of years.

2012 11 25 Moving Day 4
Moving day view from the living room, 11/25/2012

We came to SF from Sonoma County because I found a job downtown mere blocks from our apartment. It was a dream to have a commute I could walk.

2013 02 25 Emily Office View.JPG

Then I took another job on the peninsula where I could bike commute to the commuter train. Still pretty awesome.


Our little Squishy-man celebrated three birthdays in our apartment, growing from a baby to a toddler to a preschooler in a blink.

And let’s not forget that Miss Buttercup made her debut. Followed by Olive’s introduction to the family.

2014 12 31 Mercedes NYE Outfit 1

2015 05 22 Olive 1

And we said goodbye to our furry friend, Duke. I still miss you, buddy.

2013 11 14 Duke's Last Pic

We had tons of fun in SF events that were in our own backyard.

And had our fair share of good times with our city crew! Plus that New Years Eve 2013 party we hosted on the roof was epic. Just sayin’.

It was also fun to watch Squish become a “city kid.” He had a very different experience than Hulk and I did, growing up in the suburban midwest! That kid will never have a fear of heights, that’s for sure.

And then there was the pool. I’ll miss the pool.


And now it’s time to pack it in, and say our goodbyes. It’s been an incredible stop in the proverbial journey of life, but now it’s time for a new chapter. And I do not care that I am mixing metaphors.

2015 05 23 Packing

Farewell, San Francisco! We’ve had a wonderful time. And you’ll only be a BART ride away for future adventures and shenanigans!

2015 05 23 Last SF Sunset 7


A lot has happened in the past few months!

New baby, new puppy, and now a new home!

(Like my obnoxious Instagram art? I texted this to Hulk and I think he threw up in his mouth a little.) 

Fortunately my family is a little crazy, and we like taking a lot on at once. Even Squish seems to roll with the punches.

It’s a baby cage!

We’re moving this weekend, and it’s been really hard to get everything I want to do done and balance it all out. I’m hoping once we get to the next New Normal I can make time to blog again, but until then I’ll just have to be satisfied with sporadic posts and Instagram check-ins (@emilyrocksroad of you don’t follow me yet!) to stay with it.

Above all, I’m doing my best to take care of myself first, so I’m capable of taking care of all the other creatures I’m responsible for. And if that means downing a huge plate of barbecue, well, I will do what I have to do.

I just like that picture and was trying to figure out a good way to stick it in this post. Oh, all the randoms.

But seriously, my last Whole30 taught me that as long as I am taking good care of myself with good food, just the right amount of exercise, and sufficient sleep, I can take on quite a bit.

So I’m off to hit up the work day, then pack All The Things for the move this weekend. While most Americans will be barbecuing and enjoying the official Memorial Day summer kick-off, I’ll be hauling furniture and anxiously awaiting the Comcast guy to hook up our internet.

And I need coffee. So go make it a great day!

Le Weekend

i can’t believe it’s Monday already. That’s what happens when you actually have plans over the weekend, I suppose. It was still a blast, and I will most likely be paying for it for the next few days *cough* allthebeer.

Saturday started out innocent enough. While Hulk was out running errands, Squish and I had a lovely weekend breakfast involving Nutella.

Then we went to SF Oysterfest in Golden Gate Park. I had way more oysters and beer than what was probably recommended for my age group.

Sunday morning started off with more brunch and more Nutella. Hulk’s mom was visiting, so we had a nice Mother’s Day brunch at La Boulange then took Squish to the playground so he could burn off some Nutella. When we were cold and wanted to go home we were met with only minor protests.

Later we went and checked out the house we’ve almost bought. Two more weeks! 

Then we went home to lay around and eat leftovers.


After all that, I still managed to get my run in this morning. 

Woo-hoo! I finally broke 3 miles! 

And that is all.

Well, I still need to finish putting together my Whole30 wrap up. That’s on the bucket list for this week. And we got a dog on Wednesday, so I need to give you the proper introduction to her when I get the chance. So, I guess that’s all for now.

Go make it a great Monday!


I went all MIA yesterday, and for a good reason.

We have an accepted offer on a house!


We found an amazing house in the East Bay with gorgeous views in a quiet neighborhood down the street from some of the best schools in the area. It’s perfect for us. There’s a lemon tree by the front porch. I think that’s a requirement for all homes for sale in California to have at least one citrus available. If not, it should be. Anyway, if all goes well we’ll close at the beginning of May, and our lease is up at the end of May. We have a lot of planning to do, but sometime in May we will be making the migration from SF to the ‘burbs.

Time to go over-think move planning and freak out that I don’t know where to get moving boxes for free anymore now that I don’t work at a warehouse.

AHH, it’s happening!!

Go make it a GREAT day!

Emily Runs! Kind Of

I’ve been running again!


My chunky little counterpart and I have been putting the BOB stroller to good use. I’m using the Couch to 5k app and so far have completed the first two weeks. Which really means I’ve been walking with spurts of running here and there.


And I’ve forgotten how hard it is to run with a running stroller in the city. Not every curb slopes down to street level, so I have to slow down to drop the stroller up and down curbs as delicately as I can. Squish loved bumpy stroller rides back in the day (still does, actually), but our little Cream Puff Princess acts like a bomb went off whenever we hit a rough patch, with the shocked facial expression and the arm flailing. The good part is by the end of the ride, she’s usually asleep so I can get a quick shower in before she wakes up and decides she wants to be held and comforted from the whole ordeal.

At least Buttercup was up for a run this morning, what with yesterday being St. Patrick’s Day and all.


She doesn’t even realize we’re not Irish.


Doesn’t stop her, though. Like her brother, she parties until she drops.


“Touchdown baby!”

In other news, we’ve expanded the house hunt to East Bay. There’s a bit more to choose from, and my commute will be about the same depending on where we end up. We’re still looking in the city, though, and every once in a while we find a gem that quickly gets snatched up before we can say, “let’s put in an offer.” But the more we look, the more we learn what we want and don’t want, so the extra time it’s taking to find a place will be helpful in the end.


A cool view: on the list of “must-haves even though it’s not really a must-have.”

Hope the green beer didn’t take you all too out of commission. Make it a great day!




Home Alone, the Mom Version

Another day, another latte on the Metro.


I am slowly getting back to reality after my mom-cation last week. Hulk was out of town for work, and Squish’s babysitter took him to Sacramento to visit family for the week. So I had the entire apartment all to myself for the first time in I don’t know how long.  I spent it mostly doing this:


… and then binge watching “Gilmore Girls” on Netflix and sleeping. Oh, and I cleaned the whole place in two hours, because there were no humans around me to get in my way. And I had a couple dinner dates with friends. It was nice not having to be responsible for other people for a while. Single people with no kids have no room to complain that they don’t have time. Unless they have real hobbies or charity work or, like, work three jobs or something. But really, when your time is all your own, it’s amazing how much you can do with it. Or squander it, as in my case.

Anyway, everyone came home over the weekend, so it’s back to live in the current normal again. We looked at houses. Again. I’m starting to lose faith that we’ll find something we really like before I go on maternity leave. I think we’ll have to settle for something we can do for now instead of something that we’re really excited about. But at the end of the day, whatever happens will happen and we did the best we could. I just fell in love with the perfect house again, and since the last time I let myself mentally move in only to have our offer turned down, I’m all morose and pining for it. Boo-hoo me, #firstworldproblems.

Speaking of boo, I actually put together a Halloween costume for this year. Squish’s grandma is making his costume and I know what it is, so I decided to theme it up to match what Squish will be going as. Here’s a hint:

download (1)

Too much awesome right there. Can you believe I haven’t seen it yet?

Hope you all had a glorious Fall weekend. Anyone pick up some pumpkins or apples? Go make it a great day!

Bad Blogger

I’m entering “bad blogger” territory again. After a good few weeks of feeling motivated and like I have so much to gal about, I then get into this major “meh” state where I don’t really feel like I have much worth saying. I talk about food, but really there’s nothing unique or creative about what I’ve been eating lately. Workouts are a long walk during my lunch break, where I get to say hi to the neighboring waterfowl.


I didn’t get hissed at this time taking the picture, so I think the geese are growing accustomed to my unusual obsession with aviary photography.

Last night I stayed up late to help write two more offers on some houses we toured last weekend. Since Hulk still has his San Francisco broker’s license he’s acting as our agent, which is super convenient since he has access to the realtor listings and can contact the seller’s agents directly which speeds up the communication process. But he is out of town this week without access to his files, so I had to actually write up the offers, which was kind of exciting. Let’s hope we get a good one!

This weekend I have a facial and massage scheduled with Massage Envy Spa. I can’t wait! I especially love it when my shoulders go “crunch crunch crunch” and the therapist is like, “you work at a computer, don’t you?” Then I’m hoping to take Squish to the pumpkin patch on Sunday. I’m going to find a pumpkin that’s as big as my belly and pose with it next to my belly.

That’s all for me, make it a great day!

The Waiting Game and a Pie Fail

Lately life is a big holding pattern. Waiting to have a baby. Waiting to buy a house. Handing off my work to my colleague so I can take my leave, meaning I’ll soon be waiting to get back to work. It’s hard feeling stuck in one place when all you want to do is move on.

We looked at twelve houses over the weekend. Twelve. We’ve put in offers on two and have already been turned down on both of them. I’ve stopped looking at it from the warm fuzzy ” we’re buying a home for our family!” place and started trying to view it as a business transaction. It’s less irritating and painful that way. Once we actually close on something will I allow myself to get all excited and mentally decorate. San Francisco real estate is nuts.

I had my 34 week doctor appointment last week, and the little miss is still sitting breech (head up, which isn’t ideal). If she hasn’t turned by my next appointment in two weeks, I’ll need to go in for a fetal stress test and assessment to see if she’s a candidate for manual turning. Fortunately I’m a good candidate since I’ve had a baby before so I’m still stretchy and have a “proven” pelvis that works, but we have to make sure the peanut is up for it, that she has enough fluid and the umbilical cord isn’t in a wonky position. As many times a day she kicks my bladder and head-butts my ribs, the least she could do is put some of that energy into a quick somersault.

In less depressing news, the other day there were still baked potatoes available in the downstairs cafe for lunch. Score!


#allthecarbs. I never get baked potatoes unless someone else baked them for me. I’m too lazy otherwise.


Also, I made my first pumpkin pie. I have never made one before. I failed on one of the rules of pie making:
Make sure your filling volume does not exceed your crust capacity. I found out that my filling volume did indeed exceed my crust capacity and spilled pumpkin pie filling all over the place. I salvaged what I could and baked the excess in a separate dish for some good ol’ fashioned crust-less pumpkin pie later on.


I don’t clean while I bake.

And that’s all I have for now. Make it a great Monday!

A House Hunt Update & Some Link Love

Hey, kids! Hope your Wednesday is treating you well so far. It IS Wednesday, isn’t it?

Some updates on our house hunting is first on the agenda today. Last week before we left for a resort with NO WIFI OR CELL RECEPTION we placed an offer on a really beautiful house. Well, while we were away another buyer placed a better offer, so we didn’t get that one. We might have matched the offer had we been in negotiating range, but oh well. Yesterday Hulk went on the Broker tour (it’s like a sneak-peak tour for brokers and realtors of all the new properties that have just come on the market) because technically he is still a licensed realtor. He found a couple of nice houses and is working on making offers on them. I didn’t see them myself, but I trust Hulk to pick a good one. He knows what I like.


Yeah, that’s good too.

Anyway, I don’t have much else to add, so I’ll let the internet fill up the dead space. Here is some link love for stuff I found interesting lately:

When I started blogging, I because ultra-concerned with the investment aspect. How much should I spend on self-hosting? How do I know I’m getting ripped off? The Healthy Maven shares the five things worth the money if you want to get real about blogging, and I agree (except for the camera thing. But you never know, maybe someday I’ll get sick of grainy iPhone photos).


And I love food more than I love pretty pictures of food. Okay, that doesn’t really make sense, but I’ve been wanting to use that image for a while now.

From MindBodyGreen, why don’t you make healthy choices? Self love is key.

A perspective on making money from blogging from The Paleo Running Momma.

From Greatest, how to stop at just one cookie. But why would you want to? My favorite part of the article:

Listen. Don’t ever let anyone tell you what to eat. And conversely, don’t let anyone tell you what you shouldn’t eat.

Amen to that. Especially when my lunch consists of baby carrots and a cookie. Because they balance each other out, right?

That’s it for now, make it a great day!