Yes, I Meal Prepped. Who Am I?

Well hello, happy people! Long time no chat!

I have so much to update on, I’m not even sure where to start.

First of all, I finished my #JanuaryWhole30. Yay! I even went over a couple of days, because I just wasn’t super interested in reintroducing anything just yet. Then one day, a cookie happened. I called it my cookie reintroduction. It was magical, and for the first time in I think my whole life, I was good with just one cookie. I enjoyed a cookie deliberately and intentionally, and after I got done licking the crumbs off my fingers, I found myself satisfied and went on with my day. Score. Since then, I’ve been slow-rolling the reintroduction by eating mostly Whole30 in my daily life but trying out foods here and there to see how they work with me. So far I’m still not a fan of sugar or gluten, and I’m still on the fence with dairy. It’s been really nice to just eat and notice and move on, instead of eat and berate and get angry with myself and binge.

I don’t always make the right food choices, but I’m using my mistakes as learning experiences rather than excuses to go off the rails, or beat myself up. The other night, a friend brought homemade bread pudding to our gathering. I had missed dinner and the bread pudding smelled soooooo good, so I had some. It was good, but not pay-for-the-effects-of-gluten good. I felt lousy afterword, and I’m still feeling bloated today. But now I know to evaluate better, and maybe bring have a snack on hand for those evenings I know I might miss a meal. No big deal.

Okay, what else? Oh, that’s right, the CrossFit Open is coming up! Yayyy! Here is a nifty poster from the CrossFit website that has all of the info:


I’m signed up and will be doing the scaled division again this year. I’m still not Rx’ing the workouts consistently, so I probably need another year to get stronger. But I have my double-unders pretty consistently now, so there’s that. Woot. You should go sign up too, it’s only $20. I’ll wait here. Peer pressure. Everyone is doing it.

Finally, with my crazy hectic schedule lately (gratitude moment: I am so grateful to be busy because it’s better than being bored!) I decided to finally get on the bandwagon with weekly meal prep. I know, who am I? I do not meal prep. I hate it. But I also hate blasting out of the house in the morning with the stark realization that I have had black coffee for breakfast (fail), I have no idea where/what I’m eating for lunch (more fail), and I am probably not going to be home for dinner (fail-lines flight number crapsticks, ready for departure). But since I hate weekly meal prep, I decided to start small, by planning out my meals for just three days.

This ended up to be key. It was way less overwhelming to think about, and since I always over-plan my food requirements anyway, it’s turning out that I made enough food for 4-5 days anyway. Win. I think this will be a thing from now on.

That’s all for now, go make it a great day!

Dreams of Festivus

We are t-minus two weeks left for the year, and over at my house we have our sights set on a January Whole30. That’s right, this time around everyone in the family is on board!


I am also simultaneously planning out what Christmas cookies we’re going to make. Because, duh, January Whole30. (In case you’re curious, it’s snowballs, those peanut butter cookies with the chocolate kisses, homemade fudge, and a glorious family recipe called “Swedish Jam Shortbread” which is basically crack.)

I’m half-serious about extending my Whole30 out to a Whole60 or Whole90. One thing that I noticed after my last round in September is that my sugar cravings still aren’t really in check, and I still am struggling with putting together easy go-to foods for crazy mornings and busy days. Planning and preparation just aren’t second-nature to me yet, and although I am an ace at the rules and knowing what foods are in and out, I just go to convenience foods because I never think ahead about what I need for tomorrow/that busy Saturday full of errands/that offsite work meeting. I think having my family on board this time will help, since all of the shopping and cooking won’t be solely on me. But I do think I could use a little extra time to develop the good habits for batch cooking and planning ahead for meals that I haven’t been really able to lock down yet.

Meanwhile, I’ve had to scale back my appearances at the gym lately. For some reason, my whole body has decided to rebel against any type of comfortable locomotion. It started about a month ago when I came down with the “Winter Crud.” You know, it’s when that sniffly/crummy/run-down-itis bug makes its rounds. As soon as I was coming out of that, I twisted my ankle pretty hard. So there was another week off from the gym. Then I started coming back from that, but it’s been rather hit-or-miss. Thanks to the shorter days, I’ve been having a difficult time motivating myself to make the 6am classes, and if I put off the workouts to the evening classes there always seems to be some unforeseen circumstance that gets in my way. Rather than beat myself up, I’m just acknowledging that it’s winter, it’s the holidays, and if I want to hermit down for a few weeks and chill, that’s fine. The gym will still be there tomorrow. So will my stretchy pants, so it’s all good.

Speaking of the upcoming Festivus, who else has got their merry jingle elf hat on?


My holiday goals include watching “Elf” at least 11 times, and any night I don’t have something going on we spend it in front of the tree in the living room, fire ablaze in the fireplace (preferably), and “nice toddies” all around. “Nice toddies” are what we call hot toddies without the booze. Which is basically just lemon tea with honey.

Maybe I should order the new Whole30 Cookbook. Does anyone have that yet, is it any good? I still haven’t made it through all of the recipes in the original Whole30 book, so I have been holding off on getting the Cookbook for now.

Okay, that’s all my rambles for now. Go make it a great day!

Where is this “Tiger Blood” You Speak Of?

I’m on Day 13 of my January Whole30 and continue to have bouts of hit-by-a-truck exhaustion, usually around 7pm. I was hoping to find the sparkle energy back by now. Last Whole30 I was bouncing off the walls by Day 5! I guess I need a little more time to adapt with this round, since I’ve had a bit more on my plate than last time.

In related news, I have discovered crock pot cooking, and it is the most favorite revolutionary thing ever (thanks, mom!).

Pot roast from yesterday. And the kids even ate it! Squish said, “Mommy, I like this dinner!” which basically never happens. I made lemon thyme chicken thighs tonight, but they were a bit weird. I’m not sure what I did exactly, I think it was too much lemon (I have soooooo many lemons now that the tree is in full-on harvest mode) and too much cooking time. Next time I’ll stick some broth or something in there for more of a braised effect. But it feels so luxurious to walk home after work and already have dinner done! I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get on the slow cooker wagon. The best part is lunch  tomorrow is as easy as a box of leftovers!

That’s all the updates tonight. Go make it a great day!

One Whole30 Week (Almost) Down

Just a blog-keeping note for those of you playing at home, I’ve been cleaning out my drafts folder and posting some long-lost posts that should have been posted long ago. So don’t worry about your content feeds, those are supposed to be there.

We have wrapped up Day 6 and are onto Day 7 of my January Whole30, and I am surprised to turn around and find a week has gone by! Despite my horrific insomnia the past couple weeks (one night I didn’t fall asleep until 5:00. 5:00.) I’m starting to feel the old “sparkle energy” come back. I’m hoping I can kick some Life Stuff back into place and then feel a little back on track with things.

Because I haven’t been sleeping I’m starting to feel the effects so I skipped Sunday’s Crossfit to get a little more rest in. I did a couple walks and some light body weight training over the week, but I’m excited to get back to class tomorrow morning. I pre-packed my workout meals, breakfast, lunch, shower stuff, and laid out my gym clothes so we’re ready to rock. What is this, me all getting prepped in advance and everything?

It’s nice to get back into “real life” mode after the holidays. Squish is back in preschool after the break, so the daily routine feels normal again. I swear, the Whole30 is great to change every other habit except eating. I’m sure I’ll stay on plan for 30 days, reintro with the greatest intentions, then go off the rails and do another one later this year. But to be successful at it, you have to plan. And as long as you’re planning and prepping food, you might as well prep other things. And keep the kitchen clean, because it makes food making easier. And since the kitchen is clean, it opens more mental space to journal more. Or call a friend. And then you start to feel good eating W30 style so you exercise more. And sleep better. It’s this weird combo of Give a Mouse a Cookie and the snowball effect that makes it like a drug for me, I just want more.

Go make it a great day!