Let’s Go Run at Kezar!

Hey, gang! I had a bit of time on my hands while I wait for dinner, so I thought I’d pop in and share the day with you.

So, I’m thinking about moving to self-hosting. And it’s freaking me out in a jump-around-excited way. I just want more control to do what I want on the blog. I really don’t like my header or design, and I would like to sort of play around with ideas. So I’m doing some research this week on the best way for me to do it. I’m thinking about going the plain ol’ “WordPress-Bluehost route 101 for novice bloggers”, but I have some family/friends in web development that might have other (*ahem* more cost-friendly) ideas. Because I’m cheap. But I might just roll with it and if it sucks, I can always pull the plug and go back to site-hosted (is that what this is? Is that a thing?) Anyway, if my blog is mysteriously unavailable in the near future (and not just I went AWOL for a month or so) then it’s safe to assume things didn’t go well. Eek, wish me luck!

I had a 4:00 wake up call to get going in time for my 6:15 flight. I crammed an egg-rito (egg, cheese, and salsa wrapped in a tortilla) in my face as I ran out the door, cutting it close as usual.


I saved a Chobani I found in the back of the fridge for my in-flight snack.

Holy wow did I cut it close. My flight was at 6:15, and the first BART I can take is at 4:48, which means I usually make it to SFO by 5:30. It’s a little later than they recommend, but since I have TSA Precheck I usually cruise through security in under 5 minutes. But for whatever reason, I must have missed the first BART train because I didn’t get on until 6:10, which meant I arrived at SFO when my plane was boarding at 5:45. Then I was stuck behind tons of people and luggage and long lines trying to take the air tram from the BART station to my terminal, and even for the Precheck line there was a bit of a wait. I finally made it to my gate about 5 minutes before they closed the doors. It wasn’t one of those dramatic, “hold the plane!” squeezing through the door as it was being closed type of situations, but it was way too close for my comfort. Of course, there’s Hulk’s take on it: “You walked right from security to the plane? Seems like you were right on time!” Har har.

Anyway, I made my flight and enjoyed a coffee and a cookie while I worked a bit.


Oh, I must have drank the coffee already. Probably when I was flying over my apartment. Hi, Hulk! (Yes, I did wave. Because I’m an idiot like that)


And we flew over Lake Tahoe, which normally I’m either asleep or it’s too cloudy to see. But the flight today was so clear and beautiful. Hey, there’s the cabin we stayed at last week!


That probably looks like a blue blob to you. Whatever, I think it’s cool. Okay, maybe I should get a “real” camera. Someday.

I arrived at my connection in Minneapolis with plenty of time, so I decided to relax with a sit-down lunch at TGI Friday’s. I indulged in some broccoli cheddar soup,


And a kick ass awesome cobb salad.


OMG, I was stuffed to the gills. So good.

My sweet tooth did hit mid-flight, so I planned ahead and scored some of my beloved Swedish Fish.


Then chilled with my reading material I brought from home. I never get to just sit down and read my magazines. I don’t know why I keep subscribing to them, they mostly get tossed unread.


Well, I’m glad I read this issue, because they had an article about the history of Kezar Stadium in Golden Gate Park! I totally need to get out of my “7-block” mentality of never leaving SOMA/Downtown and go running there some weekend. It’s a San Francisco classic! Anyone want to run there with me sometime? Bueller?

Anyway, time to get all settled in for the night. I’ll catch you later!




A Present to Me, from Me

Happy Tuesday! Since yesterday’s post was such a tome, I’ll keep today’s quick and simple with the eats and runnin’s. Annnnd, it’s Treat Yourself Tuesday, brought to you by Becky at Olives ‘n’ Wine! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to link up, so it’s good to be back 🙂 Squish is still […]

The One Where I’m Back on Track


I am having a bit of writer’s block today. Normally, when I prepare a post, I scroll through the photos on my phone to remember what the heck I did yesterday and build the text around the pictures. Since I’ve stopped photographing every meal (I don’t think I talked about that; more on my eats later. If you care.) I’m finding that my camera roll is quite sparse. I mean, here’s what I have from yesterday,



And they’re just funny pins from Pinterest I grabbed to store for a more appropriate time later.

So I guess I’m just stuck with talking about the gym. After work yesterday I had another Ruby coding class to get to, so I did a flurry of an arm session before I had to grab my sad little PC netbook and head out:

  • W/U 5 min on the treadmill, combo of run/walk << this is about as long as I can handle being on the “dreadmill”
  • Bench Press 3×10 @ 30 lb dumbbells
  • Bent Over Rows 3×10 @ 20 lb
  • Shoulder Press 3×10 @ 15 lb
  • Bicep Curl 3×10 @ 15 lb
  • Lat Pulls 3×10 @ 35 kg (I’m pretty sure the lat machine measures in kg’s right now. The “35” plate about lifts me off the seat, and I KNOW I’m not that little)

And as I looked at my calendar from the past week I realized that I’m on a workout streak. I’ve done something every day the past 7 days in a row. Woo-hoo! Last Wednesday I had to drag my butt out of bed and bargain myself to get back in the program, and I have successfuly maintained my track all week. I rock.

Since I don’t think I really talked about it, here’s what the past week has been, work-wise:

Wednesday – Cardio & Legs
Thursday – Run 3.5 mi on the dreadmill
Friday – Lifting – Arms
Saturday – Run 8 mi
Sunday – Recovery, spin 30 min
Monday – Lifting – Legs
Tuesday – Lifting – Arms

You know, it is TOTALLY easier to list what I have done than listing a plan of stuff that I intend to do and will probably fail at. I feel much more accomplished this way.

Anyway, we’re doing the happy dance over here. And stealing Mommy’s phone because it’s great fun to take selfies.


The One Where It’s Almost Tuesday

Happy Monday … er, oh, it’s Tuesday? Hmm.

First, I ran 8 miles on Saturday. I have lots of lovely pics so this news will be it’s own separate post. I just wanted to start with something cheery. So fist bump to me, I rock.


Next, I had another amazing weekend of nothingness. Well, I actually did things this time, but they were sporadically inserted among long bouts of Netflix streaming.

bachelorette carebear periscope


(One of these things is not like the others …)

Finally, well, that’s it.

The One Where I Make Nut Butterrrrrrr!!

Yesterday I came home for lunch in total meltdown mode. I think I was stressing myself out on a bunch of little things, and since I’m an “emotional bottler” (you know, I bottle everything up, shake it, then watch the majesty that erupts) that happened to be the point where I “erupted”.

Fortunately, Hulk was there and able to talk me off the cliff. In a long and painful dialogue (for me; I’m not much of a deep emotions sharer) we discussed life, the universe, and everything until I felt better and could come to work.

I started to go somewhere with this story, but then changed my mind on revealing the details. In due time, I suppose, my first-world-problems shall be unveiled. Sorry for the teaser.

In other news, homemade NUT BUTTERRRRRR!!


We were out of AB (boo! – probably contributed to my meltdown, but not really) and I was too broke/lazy to go buy more. And I’m too broke/lazy to buy almonds. So what’s a nut-butter-lover to do? Get creative. I found a half bag of walnuts in the back of the pantry and decided to give it a whirl.

Homemade walnut butterrrrrr!!


I celebrated my nutty success with an apple. It’s the small wins.

Happy Friday! Go do nothing this weekend, but not too much nothing that you lose your zest and zeal for life. I know this.


The One Where I Give Up Coffee, and the Results

My head hurts. I’m tired. I’m cranky. When Squishy gets tired and cranky, we say it’s “bottle and bed” time. He protests. I would probably sell him for a bottle and bed right now. Spoiled kid, doesn’t know how good he has it.

Who’s idea was it to give up coffee again? Oh yeah, mine.

I can’t figure out how to get gifs to work when I add them from my phone. It’s such a cold, hard world.


This is supposed to be moving.

Yesterday, I ate food. This food.





And I worked out. At the gym. It took me 20 minutes to convince myself to get out of bed and go, and another 20 minutes to actually get there from my bed.

Elliptical 20 min with intervals
Lunges: 1×10 @ 10 lbs, 1×10 @ 7.5 lbs, 1×10 @ bw
Stretch & some yoga

It’s only Thursday. I was packing my lunch thinking it was Friday. But it isn’t. And I’m out of food for tomorrow. I hate everything.


The One With Tips to Avoid Mindless Snacking


So, THIS was the post I meant to write last week when my phone ate it. It was tragic. Recovery was a difficult road. Things have not been the same. But somehow, I beat the odds and overcame my post being deleted.

Okay, that may be a little bit dramatic.

Any-hoo, every afternoon I battle a big ol’ snacky demon. I’m not hungry since I just had lunch, and it’s usually my notorious sweet tooth coaxing me to have just a little sumpin’ sumpin’ … but it never ends up as “little”. This was my big motivator for doing a Whole30 this month, and so far – let’s face it – I haven’t done very well.


I hadn’t expected it, but some of your kick-in-the-pants comments from yesterday helped. Ugh, I just need to get over myself and do the right thing, ya know? So I composed this little list of things I can do INSTEAD of eat candy.

Ready? I know ya are 😉

1. Breathe. Take a walk. Stretch.
I’m a stress eater, so espeically if I’m facing a deadline I’m prone to sniffing out a candy jar. Taking a few minutes to practice some tranquil, stress-relieving technique will give me a pause to reflect on what I’m really feeling and the best approach to handing it.

2. Talk to someone.
I don’t talk nearly enough to my coworkers. A lively over-the-cube-wall chat will kill some time, build relationships, and get my mind off of food.

(from Pinterest)
(from Pinterest)

3. Take five.
I do this when I don’t feel like working out, too. I give myself five minutes, and after five minutes if I still feel ravenously hungry or snacky, then I’ll eat something nutritious.

4. Drink more water.
I’m probably just thirsty. Nothing wrong with more water. Or tea.

5. Use an Inspiration Board or Something to Recommit to Goals.
I’m a very visual person. I have my daily, weekly, monthly, and long-term goals written out in various spots of my planner. If I don’t write it down, I just forget what I’m trying to do. The trick is to actually read them when I’m struggling and remember WHY I’m doing what I am doing. I’m trying to get healthy. Pinterest would be good for this too, if I’m pinning other things besides funny pictures of dogs.

(from Pinterest)
(from Pinterest)

What techniques do you use to avoid mindless snacking, or sugar cravings during a sugar detox?

20130412-133704.jpg (source)


The One About Another Lazy Pinterest Day

This weekend I took a social media break and spent some quality time in Pinterest. Which I understand is a type of social media – the irony is not lost on me – but since I don’t have to actually interact with other online humans, I feel that it is a grey area.

Anyway, since I don’t have a real post planned and my personal life has seemed to veer from a “manageable insane” to “Welcome to Crazytown” in the last 48 hours, here are some of the pins I found amusing, for your amusement.

Real content to come tomorrow. Maybe.



Note: I didn’t get that memo.
















Long story short, we got a sitter for last night so we could attend a friend’s birthday party. There was this magical drink called a “Yacht Club” made with vodka, lemon, cucumber, and some magical fairy dust. I lost count somewhere around 3. So it’s been a slow morning.

But we arrived at the birthday party prepared.

BD Card

In my family, we like to give stupid cards. Bonus points if it’s a monkey card, but in a pinch you can get away with an obnoxious children’s card.

But THIS one came with a free princess crown, which Hulk was kind enough to model. Great success!

Tim BD Princess

Oh, it was kind of dark in the bar.

Anyway, I might as well recap the rest of the weekend as I procrastinate on going for a run.

On Fridays I like to grab an indulgent breakfast to kick off the weekend. This time it was a Specialty’s blueberry coffee cake. SO not paleo. In case you weren’t sure, with all the fluffy, crumby, brown-sugary goodness.

Bfast 3-22

Lunch was a quick sandwich that Hulk packed for me. Normally I don’t do sandwiches, but Hulk did the shopping this week and bought one of those 2-ft subs from Safeway to lunch with. We were out of salad greens, so it had to do.

Lunch 3-22

After the coffee cake, I really wasn’t feeling a huge French roll. I tossed half of it and just ate the meat and cheese.

We had a friend over for dinner, and I made this sort of slap-together chicken marinara bake. Then I drank a bottle of wine, did some drunk blog reading (sorry if I wrote a stupid comment on anyone’s post Friday night) and went to bed. Woot.

Saturday Squishy and I had a mommy-and-me date. I fueled up with some coffee and coconut milk.

Coconut Coffee 3-23

And we checked out the Children’s Creativity Museum across the street. I had been meaning to check it out since we moved here since they do a 10:30 little tyke class for 0-2 year olds on Saturdays. That usually happens during Squish’s naptime, but Saturday he was pretty amped and didn’t want to go down, so I decided to pack him up and go for it. It turned out to be a great idea. There was tons of probably-won’t-kill-himself activities with plenty of supervision so I could just turn him loose. He spent the first 15 minutes running around like a maniac, then he settled on some giant blocks and foam noodles.

Squishy Museum

Yeah, I ended up taking the pool noodles away from him because he kept trying to eat them. I found him chewing on a huge chunk of neon pink foam as we were leaving. But it was still a lot of fun and he had a great time.

Then we chilled out at home for a while.

Reading Nook

Squish found a new reading nook.

I made another throw-together lunch trying to use up the last of the veggies and open cans in the fridge.

Lunch 3-23

Ground beef, canned tomatoes, carrot, mushroom, coconut milk, curry, cumin, and some parsley for garnish. Not bad, sort of turned out like a Thai beef curry.

Squishy napped, Hulk and I watched a movie, then we got ready to head out to the party.

I had a quick carrots and AB snack. Duke wanted in on the action.

Snack 3-23

Our babysitter came and Hulk and I went out for sushi before meeting our friends at the bar. We went to 25 Lusk in SoMa. I drank a lot of vodka. It was a good night.

I’m still putting together a maybe Attack List for today. In my head it goes something like this:

  • Run 4 Miles
  • Laundry
  • Grocery Shop and Meal Prep for week
  • Make bed/pick up bedroom
  • Cook roast for dinner, avoid drinking because I’ve had enough for a weekend
  • Pack lunch and work bag for AM/lay out work out clothes

In reality, it’ll probably end up like this:

  • Watch Season 3 of “Archer”
  • Nap
  • Procrastinate until Hulk goads me into running 4 miles
  • Order pizza for dinner, drink a bottle of wine because it’s too damn tasty
  • Panic tonight at 10:30 because I really want to go to bed but I have no clean gym clothes for the morning, the kitchen’s a mess, and I don’t have any food ready for tomorrow’s lunch.

And now, some coffee.

Coming Soon to an Internet Near You

Welcome, Internet Journeyer. This is the new home of the blog formerly known as “Munchies ‘n’ Marvels“. Be prepared for more epic adventures and crazy hijinks as the drama unfolds. In the meantime, I am working on getting this site up and operational; so as that one dude said on “Jurassic Park”, “Hold on to your butts.”