A Couple of Goodbyes

It’s my last day in Pittsburgh for a while. It’s doing its best to make me feel bad for leaving. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this week. It’s nice to be in a place where there’s a Fall. The Bay Area doesn’t really get Fall-y. It just gets hot and then cool and then the rains start (at least, they’re supposted to. I’m looking at you, Biggest-California-Draught-In-History). I wish I was out here a month later, because the trees changing color will look spectacular.



I had my usual hotel breakfast before heading out. Eggs, fruit, oatmeal with the fixings, and a yogurt to change it up.


Walking to the office is always pretty.


We ordered Thai take-out for lunch. I went simple with a chicken red curry that came with the saddest side salad I have ever experienced.


There is only so much you can do with shredded carrot and four leaves of iceberg.

I was having really annoying pains all day, so I ended up cutting out a little early. I don’t know if I was dehydrated or what, but even though I’ve been getting Braxton-Hicks (“practice” contractions) for a while now, my uterus decided that yesterday was the day to dive head-first into a new “get in shape” program. There was little I could do to make myself comfortable except lay down, so I went back to the hotel and worked laying on the bed while snacking on popcorn. Yay, comfort foods!


I’m looking forward to flying back home today and being with my little family. It’s been a busy and rough week. One of my besties, Lindsay lost her sister in a tragic car accident.  According to the news story, she was walking in a parking lot with her daughter when a woman lost control of her car and was headed right for them. The mother pushed her daughter out of the way, sacrificing her own life. I had not had the opportunity to meet Colleen, but if she was anything like her sister she was a fantastic, happy, big-hearted, strong person who made this world a better place. My heart breaks for their family. There is a fund set up to help with funeral expenses and provide some support for Colleen’s daughter. If you have an opportunity and the means, please consider a donation to these good people: http://www.gofundme.com/ewuv6g.


Go give someone a hug, and make it a great day, kids!

WIAW #8 and a Little Link Love

Ahh! It’s Wednesday already. Travel weeks do that to me. Burning Monday all day in airports sets me a day back for some reason. Buuuuut … I’m joining the What I Ate Wednesday Link-up with Peas and Crayons! Hey, I remembered it’s Wednesday! If you want to jump in on the fun, check out Jenn and Peas and Crayons and join the party.


Nothing like a good hotel breakfast to start your day prepping for a busy week. Mine started with the usual eggs and sausage, bowl o’ fruit, and some loaded oatmeal. I don’t know why I’ve been on this oatmeal kick lately. At least it’s a delicious kick.


During the morning sessions I became ravenous, so I snaked some airplane pretzels and peanut butter.


Never mind about my watch tossed there in the background. I usually have to take my watch or bracelets off while typing on my laptop, since after a while they start digging into my wrist from resting and dragging across the keypad. Which doesn’t stop me from wearing it daily, of course. #girllogic

For lunch was a burger the size of my unborn baby.


I also opted for a side of seasonal veggies instead of fries for a change. It was a good call; that burger was enough to do me in even though I put the bun aside. Workin’ fuel!

We wandered over to one of the hotel restaurants for dinner. It ended up being a great choice, as I found out they have the best salads I’ve seen yet in the area. I completely forgot to snap a pic before I dove in, but it was full of mixed greens (NOT iceberg lettuce!) and shredded veggies.


I tricked convinced my coworker to split a pizza with me, because I knew after the salad I would only be able to eat a couple of slices. Italian sausage, mmm.


And then I went to bed. Because that’s what I do these days at 8:00 pm with no family responsibilities.

What else? What’s been on the interwebs lately:

Feeling like you need to get your act together? Check out these 27 ways to get more sh!t done. I personally like #7 – I still think the idea that multitasking gets more things done is a myth.

All #PSL’ed out (PSL = Pumpkin Spice Lattte)? Some other pumpkin spice ideas! > 9 Pumpkin Spice Recipes (that are way better than a latte)#pslforever

I can’t believe I forgot to mention this! My bestie Alexis has a couple of rad articles out there. Are you waiting for the perfect time to start doing whatever it is you know you need to do? Open up your emotional mailbox already! Emotional Mailbox: An Open Invitation

Ever had a creepy, handsy adjustment during yoga? Can’t Touch This – Without Asking

That’s it for today. Go make it a great day!

A Pittsburgh Expedition



Good morning! Guess what? I’m going home tonight? Guess what else? When I checked into my flight, I found I received a first-class upgrade for BOTH of my flights. Woot! I love having status. As long as the weather is in my favor I’ll get home just after midnight after being in the lap of first-class luxury for several hours. My only disappointment is that I will be unable to attempt to drink them out of free wine.

I ran through Summer Shape Up Workout #3 this morning. My body was just not feeling it. I only did 3 rounds even though I had more than enough time for a 4th, and I skipped the optional cardio. I’ve observed that my Braxton-Hicks are a bit more noticeable when I workout hard, so better play it safe and take it easy when I can. My legs still feel like jelly from the burpee buy-in so I still feel like I got something done.

Last hotel breakfast:


Fruit, sausage, a horribly scant waffle (I wanted a waffle but tried to only use half the mix. I ended up with half a waffle, but not the way I intended), lots of butter, and coffee.

Last night I chose “adventure!” and drug myself out of my hotel room into the wild of Pittsburgh. I decided to explore the area north of the river where I had never been. Google said there was a park somewhere up there. Google did not disappoint.


There was a nice park home to the National Aviary. The exhibits were already closed, but one of the outdoor areas housed an enormous vulture. S/He was all tucked up in a bird-ball and too far away to get a good picture, but let’s just say that at first I thought it was a uniquely colored boulder, until I got close and saw this giant boulder had feathers.

There was a sweet little lake in the middle of the park with walking bridges over it,




And water fowl. Always the water fowl.


Hello, ducks.


Even though it was rather an uneventful walk, I was still glad to get out on my own for a bit.


Awkward selfie.


Then I grabbed a candy from the reception desk on my way back in. Dessert!


Are you up to any (mis)adventures lately?

Make it a great day!



River Run

Even though I was super pumped last night thinking about my run this morning, when the alarm went off at 6:00 am it took a lot of self-butt-kicking to finally roll out of bed at 6:25.


As always, I was glad I did. However I felt really sluggish. My legs were just lead weights.


The scenery made up for it, though.


I enjoyed my little jaunt in Three Rivers Park along North Shore.

I’ve been using the Runkeeper app on my runs lately, since it’s one less thing to think about/forget than if I use my Garmin. Plus, I’m not really sure where my Garmin is right now. I don’t think the Runkeeper app is as accurate as my Garmin, but it will suffice to satisfy the data junkie in me.

From this morning:

Time: 30:02

Miles: 2.09

Avg Pace: 14:23

Calories: 218

I spend the first and last 3-5 minutes walking, but still I run pretty slowly these days. Whatever, I’m still out there running, right?

I ended my run ravenous so I plunged into my hotel breakfast du jour:


Eggs, sausage, fruit, peanut butter on toast, Activia yogurt, orange juice, tea, and water. I was thirsty.

Time to saddle up and ride out into the day. Make it a great day!

The Scenic Route

This morning I was out the door a few minutes early, so I took the scenic route to the office along the river walk.


Hello, water fowl friends.


Not a bad way to start the day.


For lunch I had a green salad with chicken and blue cheese dressing, but since I was eating with coworkers it was going to be really awkward to take a picture. So here is my artistic representation of what it looked like:


Why I didn’t pursue a degree in art is beyond me.

After work, we headed to the nearby bar to watch the second have of the Belgium vs. US World Cup game. It was busy, but not packed so we were able to get a table. Every tv was  tuned to the game. The bar was surrounded by big green squares of filmed soccer field.


I decided to go for a green salad. Don’t worry, it still comes with fried onion strings on top.


Oh, look. Nachos for the table. I helped with that, too.


Honestly, I don’t like nacho cheese. But these nachos had real melted cheese with the nacho cheese, so it was a fair trade-off.

Now it’s time to prep for tomorrow and get some rest. I’m looking forward to a nice run along the river walk first thing tomorrow morning! Have a great night!

Who Needs Titles? [Updated]

[Update: so, I apparently forgot a title on this post. Oops. But that’s easy to fix!]

A million years ago when my mom owned a dance studio and I was forced to assisted with the “little kid” classes, we had a series of ballet warm-up songs that were all garden themed. I think the series was called “A Fantasy Garden Ballet.” Think Tendu the Tulip, Saute the Bunny, Pas de Chat the Pansy, etc. Anyway, the first warm-up song we danced to started out like, “Good Mooooorning! Good Mooooorning! It’s tiiiiiime to wake up.” Once in a while that pops in my head before I begin the day’s salutations. Anyone out there still in the dance education industry that are familiar with this series, or is it still around even?

That was random.

Anyway, good morning! I’m over here enjoying my last hotel breakfast, a repeat of Tuesday, I suppose.


Eggs, sausage, fruit, yogurt with granola, coffee, water. Boom.

It’s my last day in Pittsburgh, I head back to SF tomorrow morning. When I checked into my flight this morning, I found that I got a first class upgrade on my flight from Minneapolis to SFO. Score! Happy dance, I love having status, even if it means I spend half my life in another city.

Better shove off to the office for another big day. Are you pumped it’s almost Friday? I love heading home on Fridays.

Go make it great day!

A Legit Thunderstorm

Holy buckets of rain, Batman!


I just got a taste of a real, bonafide thunderstorm here! I haven’t been in a gale like that since college. So much rain and big, boomy thunder. I don’t miss much about the Midwest, but a good summer thunderstorm is one thing I do miss that you just don’t get on the west coast.


Anyway, I had another working lunch today, so I just grabbed some food quick from the onsite cafeteria. It was burger day!


Plus a side of veggies, and a coke for some caffeine. Soon my internal clock will adjust, and then it will be time to go home. That is the way of things.


We were caught in the storm while still at the office, and we were starving. So we literally ran through the downpour to the closest restaurant for dinner, which happened to be The Tilted Kilt. If you haven’t been to a Tilted Kilt, it’s basically an Irish-themed Hooters. However I did appreciate the mural in the ladies room:


Be kind to your friends, girls.

Since I had a burger for lunch, I decided to balance dinner out with a Caesar salad.


The pics are really dark because the light above our table was out.

I still indulged in some of the fried appetizers my coworkers ordered.


Can’t go wrong with mozzarella sticks and garlic fries.

And with a full belly, I bid you a good day while I prep for my demo tomorrow morning. Have a most wonderful evening!

Breakfast with a side of Link Love

Is it morning all ready? I never get used to the East Coast time change.

Still blogging from Pittsburgh, and getting used to humidity again. Still, my run yesterday was pretty nice.


Having the “usual” hotel breakfast of eggs, fruit, and Activia yogurt,


With one twist: oatmeal! Normally I don’t do the oats, but for whatever reason this morning it sounded good. I topped it with raisins, walnuts, blueberries, and some peanut butter.

I’ve gotta jet to the office, but in the meantime here are some blog posts by some of my bloggy “friends” that I think are worth a read. Hope you enjoy!

There’s more than one way to meditate. Finding how to make meditation work for you from A Dash of Meg:

Just leave me alone and let me lift heavy things! The benefits of working out alone from Bendiful Blog

A rebuttal to those that say you’re not getting enough carbs from a paleo diet. Yeah, because that’s what the western diet needs more of. Carbs. From Mark’s Daily Apple.

Be your own version of healthy! On being real about following your health heart at Olive to Run

Go make it a great day!

A Mountain and a Run

Hey, kids. I am just sitting on my cush hotel bed with my feet up putting the final touches on my meeting prep for tomorrow. I am really looking forward to bed tonight; I’ve woken up to the equivalent of 4:00 am the past 2 days in a row. I like to think of myself as a morning person, but not that kind of a morning person.

For lunch today I volunteered (okay, my PM requested) an order of Jimmy Johns for the onsite team. I indulged in my inner tuna cravings with a terrific tuna sandwich. I also had 1/2 a bag of salt and vinegar chips, I just wasn’t feeling them. And a can of poison Diet Coke.

IMG 6049

And a cookie. Why not a cookie.

IMG 6050


After work, I went out with my team to the local sports bar. I really wanted a beer, but figured that would probably not be the best. So I went with the lesser evil, nachos. I was expecting your typical appetizer serving of nachos. You know, the one that could feed 2-4 people most satisfactory. No, not this place. I received Nacho Mountain.

IMG 6051 

For real, this thing was a monster. I barely made a dent. 

We ate at the patio outside, and it was beautiful weather. After I returned to the hotel, it was still quite light and beautiful out, so I decided to dust off my sneakers and start my Couch-to-5k app I downloaded weeks ago and never bothered to use.

Totally awesome.

IMG 6056

I made friends with the local waterfowl.

IMG 6055

The ducklings were soooo cute! Leetle bebe duckies! Okay, that was scary.

Anyway, I survived and want to go out again! So glad I sucked it up and got a run in, even if it was a run/walk.

IMG 6046

Hey, a bump! Most of it is nachos, I’m afraid.

Time to finish my demo prep and head to bed. See you on the other side!

WIAW #4 – Thursday Edition

And it’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood.


Okay, that was actually Tuesday. It was sunny, 70 degrees, and totally gorgeous. I couldn’t get enough. Sorry I went all MIA yesterday. By the time I sat down to write, my brain was all, “Zzzzz” so I didn’t bother. Of course, my brain was asleep, but my internal clock was like, “Why are you going to bed at 6:30?” Now it’s all, “Why are you getting up at 2:30?” Just because, okay? Anyway, here is my WIAW for the week, a day late. Thanks to Jenn from Peas and Crayons for hosting!

The breakfast bar at the hotel has a tiiiiny bucket of spinach next to the eggs. I assume so health-conscious people can sprinkle a few leaves on their eggs and feel good about themselves. I dumped the entire contents of the bucket on my plate. My mantra lately has been, “gotta get my greens!”


So, the cafeteria used to have a salad bar, which was my usual dining option for lunch. But a couple months ago they did away with it for a make-you-own-sandwich bar. Really? Now all the salads are pre-made iceberg monstrosities. Normally I haven’t been impressed, but I found this “vegetarian” salad hidden behind all the ones covered in cheddar cheese and decided to make it my own. Vegetables! Yay! I also added a couple of hb eggs.


And the obligatory daily Justin’s AB pack, with a banana to wash it down.


Okay, this was awesome. Seriously, the best dinner I’ve had here yet. Panko-crusted salmon on top of ratatouille. This was so many ways yummy, I just shoveled it in my mouth. The slice of salmon is probably the size of my face, and it allllll went into my face.


Larabar dessert. Why not?


Then I grabbed a couple (root) beers with my team. They guessed I was preggers pretty quick when they saw this.


I guess my brain is not yet functioning, that’s all I can think of to say this morning. Go make it a great day!