October 2016 Goals

Better late than never, right? Now that we’re a few days into the month, it’s the perfect time to start pondering what all shiny, exciting accomplishments we might have a scarce chance of achieving before we crack out on Halloween candy and celebrate my birth-month of November. My birthday’s on November 1st, but it sneaks up on you, so I find it’s best to stick in some extra celebratiousness just in case it blows by too fast, you know?

My big, hairy, scary goal for October is to blog more. In all my free time.


Mostly because I want to talk about CrossFit more, and my friends and family are afraid for me. Or maybe tired of hearing about it, I can never tell if those are looks of panic or concern. So I’m going to blog more about CrossFit. Which means I should, like, keep going to the gym so I have stuff to talk about. Which is a good transition to my next goal:

CrossFit more. Right now I’m going about 3 times a week, and I think I can squeeze in another class as long as I stay on top of my recovery and sleep and food and life and stuff. Should be do-able, right? Plus, my gym offers specialty classes in Olympic lifting and yoga an other stuff I want to take advantage of. I know Hulk mentioned he wants to go more often, so I think if we blend our collective motivations together we will become the most unstoppable CrossFit bores ever. Sorry not sorry.

I’m also going to keep plugging away at my 2016 CrossFit Goals. I am particularly interested in learning more of what I like to call Stupid Human Tricks, like HSPU and muscle-ups,  of which I am so far, far, far away from doing but it’s going to be so awesome once I can finally land them. But first, pike push-ups and negative pull-ups all. the. time.

Finally, since I will hopefully be ending my September Whole30 on Monday, I’ll start a legit reintroduction protocol and plan out my “Life After” in a sustainable way where I can enjoy the things I missed (beer!) in a way that doesn’t make me dive head first into Safeway sheet cake and go back to feeling the craptasticalness I felt prior to this round.

Sounds easy enough, right? And of course now that I’ve announced all this and planned it out I shall spend the next 27 days not doing anything to get me to any of these goals. Being a “Rebel” is so fun.

That’s all for now! Go make it a great day!

She’s a Rebel?

Last week, I teamed up with my husband to complete 30 consecutive days of working out. I made it through two whole days, then dropped the initiative. When I realized that it wasn’t happening, I was super annoyed with myself. Really? Again? I even buddied up with Hulk and publicly announced it this time on the blog. Why was it so hard to follow through with a commitment like this?

When I first read Better than Before several months ago, and learned about the Four Tendencies framework, I assumed I was an Obliger. I have a hard time following my own rules and expectations, but I thought I was better at doing what others tell me. So I started planning my new habits around that framework, leveraging external accountability by getting other people or organizations to set my own expectations. But you know what? Even when I have a deadline, announce a goal, or rope in my well-meaning family to hold me accountable, I still don’t always follow through. What is wrong with me?

Then I realized … I’m a Rebel. I want to do what I want to do when I want to do it. I have to completely fly by the seat of my pants and my own motivation, which absolutely kills my plan-loving, spreadsheet-preparing, live-by-the-clock-and-calendar self. Because I only plan, spreadsheet, and live by the clock and calendar when I feel like it. And that right there just absolutely screams “Rebel” with day-glo glitter embossed highlighting.

Wow. I have no idea what to do with this information. Basically, there’s no way to get me to do anything unless I want to do it. Which explains a lot, actually.

Have you read Better than Before? Did your tendency surprise you?

As always, make it a great day (or if you’re a Rebel like me, make it a great day if you want to … or not … whatever, it’s up to you)!