August Goals Review

It’s September already! Okay, it’s been September for a couple of days now, but I can’t seem to shake that bright, shiny, new-month feeling. Anyway, time to review my goals I set for August:

  1. Work out 4 days a week
  2. Daily blog post
  3. Sleep/nap more – 8 hours/night

Eww. Do I have to? Because I kind of, you know, didn’t do them again. Well, I certainly did my part on #3, the whole sleeping thing. Good grief, all the sleep. If I didn’t have to actively be at work or forcibly take care of another human, I’m pretty much in bed or laying on the couch. I get an A+ for sleep. Even if I do wake up 1,000,000 a night and wake up more tired than when I went to bed. My goal was quantity, not quality.

Anyway, I also crapped out on working out, mostly to make way for more sleep. But I’ve figured out an ingenious way around my whole boo-the-gym attitude. I have stopped riding my bike to the train station, and instead am now taking the Caltrain shuttle from the station to the business park in the morning, then walking the 1.5 miles from the office to the train station in the evening. It’s about a half hour walk, so this way I am guaranteed to get SOME activity in during the day. Then I pepper the week with sporatic squats, push-ups, and the occasional prenatal yoga (which I’ve been able to hit up here and there and I am LOVING it!) either at Satori Yoga in downtown SF or from a podcast. I do feel better, even though I still want all the sleep.

I felt really weird about blogging lately, because I’ve been so lazy and eating so crappily. But as I mentioned yesterday, you can’t present the good without also paying tribute to the bad. I’m struggling with giving myself a break and letting me just embrace the fact that this is the one point in my life where I am allowed to be lazy. Once the little miss comes (in just a couple of short months! Eek!) I’ll have my fair share of running around again. Until then, it’s time to order some more Indian take-out and watch another season of Archer in one sitting.


Thursday Wordsday

I wanted to do another “best of Pinterest” post for today. Is it just me, or has the “Humorous” category in Pinterest become less humorous lately? I used to find at least a few zingers upon perusal but now it feels inundated with references to TV shows I don’t watch, cliche memes, and a bunch of those “someecards” that are becoming less clever and more snotty.

But there are still minions. Minions are good.

20131010-082555.jpg (source)

So that’s cool.

History was made this morning. It’s been about two years since the last appearance of oats for breakfast. And this morning, they retuned. With a vengeance.


I blame you, blog world. You and all your overnight oats, pumpkin oats, and oats in an almost empty nut butter jar. I got oats on the brain and need to remind myself why I don’t do oats anymore. So Squish and I had a big ol’ bowl heaped with raisins, cinnamon, and milk. It was delicious. And now I have heartburn. And I want to nap. I guess that’s normal, though.

Breakfast is getting hard in the morning because whatever I make, Squish just isn’t interested in eating. But if course the mornings I don’t make him breakfast, he’s ravenous and ends up eating half of mine. Then I always forget if I need to make Hulk breakfast or not. It takes a lot longer to make breakfast for three people instead of one person. So if I invest the time in making the family breakfast, they better darn well eat it while it’s hot. Which almost never happens.

I want to go to yoga. I think I’ll go to yoga on Sunday.


I’m still fighting this bug. I took a Sudafed this morning. You know it’s real when I start to medicate, normally I prefer the natural relief routes. Yesterday I cut my run short to just over three miles. I wasn’t feeling it, and my hamstrings felt so tight I thought they would snap. So I spent some extra time on the foam roller when I got home. And I’m using this guy a lot more at work.


Here’s to a random, disjointed post. I think the Sudafed’s kicking in now.

Have a happy Friday Eve!

Eats of Lately

Happy Wednesday! In with Tara in that intros are the hardest. But I’m like that with everything. Let’s cut to the chase, I don’t have patience for pleasantries.

Today’s supposed to be a What I Ate Wednesday, but I have been pretty lousy managing the food log lately. I usually snap a picture of my meals and journal all my meals/snacks in my notebook, but the last couple weeks that habit has sort of fallen to the wayside while I’m working on other habits like making my train on time. I’ll need to work on this new normal. In the meantime, here is some random eats that I did capture recently, in no particular order.

Sunday night Hulk expressed desire to brown bag his lunch, so I offered to do a lunch cook-up for the two of us. Hamburger, onions, spices, peas and carrots were fried up and distributed into containers to grab-and-go. Tuesday I paired my container with a couple of mini peanut butter cups. Strictly for artistic appeal, I swear.


Mid-morning snack of Chobani, a ripe plum, and a small sprinkle of granola.


One of my Cooksmarts dinners. Note to self, I still need to do a recap on that. Salmon with teriyaki sauce, cauliflower, and cucumber salad.


Brekkie! A not-so-ripe peach under a mountain of Greek yogurt of questionable expiration (I had to scrape a little mold from the container; the rest was destined to garbage disposal-ville), cinnamon, an coffee.


Honestly, I am impressed that I had roughly a full day’s worth if eats on my camera roll.

In other news, in still battling this little bug that’s given me the sniffles and a bit of a cough. Squish has the same thing, so now I know where it came from. It’s not too bad, it’s just annoying. Especially when I realize I am no where near a tissue or something to blow my nose with, and I’m stuck doing that super-annoying sniffing.

The only thing worse than intros is closing. Okay, I’m done now. Have a most wonderful day!