Cool Mom

Since I dropped 10 lbs on my Whole30, I treated myself to a new pair of pants that fit me yesterday. Look at me dipping my toe into the distressed jeans look. I’m not a regular mom, I’m like a cool mom.


Also, yesterday was Dairy Reintro day, which I celebrated with a Pumpkin Spice Latte (full-fat milk, duh. Go big or go home).


I also had a kale salad with feta cheese and mashed potatoes with butter in my lunch. The potatoes are poking out from under the massive pile of BBQ pulled pork my hot bar box was rocking. Plus roasted veggies and garilic mushrooms. I may have had to close my eyes and put down my fork a couple of times in this meal just to truly savor the awesomeness. Once again, hats off to you Whole Foods hot bar.


Of course, after all of the dairy it was probably not the best day to go skinny jeans shopping. Bloat-city, man. So dairy reintro was a success in that now I’m sure I will start billowing like a balloon after consuming a latte. Knowledge is power, my friends. I might take a couple days then try a dairy day that doesn’t include 12 oz of milk in one sitting, just butter and cheese. I can survive without milk, but it would be nice to be able to cook Home Chef meals with the butter and the cream in the sauce on occasion if I can determine it doesn’t affect me that much.

On the lighter side of life, is it too early to request a Mother’s Day gift?

Photo cred to @cely524

Darn skippy, kids. I’m a gosh darn genius.

Go make it a great day!

A Whole Bunch Of Random – Yoga, Coffee, and Standing Around


I meant to do a post on Wednesday. But then I forgot. Then I wrote a post for Thursday, but Squish came home from preschool with a fever and that didn’t go up. So now we’re going to cram everything in on Friday. Wheee!

I started out Tuesday with some yoga. Or as I like to call it, yogahhhhh …


I found a studio that has a 6:00 am yoga class once a week, which I figure I can handle getting up that early for yoga once a week.

Then Squish and I admired the neighborhood fog. Look, trees are finally changing color in California!


I’ve been doing a TON of Starbucks lately. It’s just too convenient to swing through the local shop in between preschool drop off and commuting across the bridge to work to grab a Christmas blend and a double smoked bacon sandwich. I’m savoring the convenience now.


New favorite coffee break snack. Just the right amount of chocolate-y goodness, marketed like it’s actually healthy and not a candy bar. It’s a candy bar. But with fruit!


Meanwhile on the baby front, she’s turning one year old on Sunday. And standing. Honey, remember what mommy said about growing up, about just stop?


She stands up unassisted for a few seconds, then plops back down. It’s great fun!

I’m off to get everything ready for a certain little miss’s big birthday bash. Go make it a great weekend!


Regroup and Reset

Okay! So, after writing about my funk yesterday, I knew that something has to change. I thought back to when I felt really in control and good about my life, and the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” came to mind. I read it back in 2008, and it really helped me focus my energy on the things that I wanted to accomplish. When I think about the years that followed, those years included some of my biggest accomplishments. I received a big promotion at work, I completed two marathons and a half Ironman, Hulk and I chased our dreams to living in San Francisco, and we started our family. But when Squish was born, I sort of tossed my “7 Habits” habits of goal-setting and planning aside to enter the crisis mode that comes from taking care of a newborn. Over the past couple of years, I’ve slipped back into my old, reactive, wait-and-see habits instead of firing it up and going for what I want to do. I’m in a funk because I’ve lost focus on what I’m working towards in life, and it’s not a good place for me to be.

After having a good talk with Hulk, he reminded me that, “when was the last time your life was perfect, and you had no problems and were completely happy all the time?” Hmm, I’ll take “Never” for $1000, Alex. I have really let myself sink into this reactive, victim-like mindset, where I am no longer in control of my life and happiness. External forces and people determine if I have a good day or a bad day. And this is really annoying, because I know I’m better than this.

So, no more! I’m putting on my big-girl pants (which are growing bigger by the day, thank you Baby v2.0!) and going back to the drawing board to identify where I am and where I want to be. Big changes coming up soon, I’m sure!

Okay, enough with the heavy stuff. Despite being all cranky-pants and mopey, it was still a good day yesterday. Sometimes, I need to pay attention to the small things that make me happy. Like having my most favorite lunch ever for Whole30 Meal #2:


Spinach, cucumber, bell pepper, hardboiled egg, tuna, and olive oil. I do my happy dance as I eat this, it is so delicious.

Pre-lunch coffee. I am so glad I decided to walk to Starbucks instead of grab a coffee from the break room, the weather was beautiful yesterday!



Lately my neighbor friend Phillip and I have been teaming up to make dinner about once a week. We take turns picking out the recipe, gather/buy ingredients, then we prep and cook it together. It’s been really fun, and I like having a “kitchen buddy.”

Last night we made The Best Chicken You Will Ever Eat. Ever from The Clothes Make the Girl. I wanted a Whole30 complaint recipe, and Phillip had never brined chicken before, so it was a win-win. This is one of my most favorite chicken recipes! So moist and flavorful. And yes, I said “moist.” *shudder*

Anyway, I also made some mashed sweet taters and a salad. Phillip made an incredible balsamic vinaigrette for the salad as well.


Dig in! So tasty.

Time to clock in and get the work party started! Go make it a great day, everyone. And don’t forget to refuel:


Mmm, coffee. Can’t get enough.


Food Truck Fantasies

Okay! Dishes are done, the kiddo is in bed (well, at least in his room with the lights off), and I finally have a moment to actually sit down and compose a post at my computer! Wow, I’m not sure how to handle this not-blogging-from-my-iPhone thing. Weird.

I was super tired today, thanks to the last couple nights in a row being late ones for various social reasons. Plus, I was at work earlier this morning because I carpooled in with Hulk, and he had to be at his office early. So I made a mid-morning Starbucks run.


Just a coffee with some ice, to bring it down to sub-volcano temperature.

I was going to eat a lunch I packed, but then one of my coworkers said the magic words, “food trucks!” Um, yes. I will partake in the food truck assembly at the San Carlos Airport museum again.


I had KoJo again, this time the chicken. I really wasn’t feeling into the spare ribs today.


You know it’s legit food truck when you eat it sitting on the curb.

And a coconut juice, which I stupidly thought was coconut water. At least it had chunks of coconut in it, along with all the added sweeteners.


After all that food truck fare, I was super in the mood to work out after I got home. I did a furious and sweaty 40 minutes on the elliptical in “hill” mode.


Sweaty dork gym pic.

After the gym, I rummaged in the fridge for some dinner fare. Wow, we really need to go shopping. But I had a surge of inspiration and made fried zucchini with sauteed tomatos and scrambled eggs.



That hit the spot.

Time for this night owl to go to bed, I have another early day tomorrow!


Lunch at One Rincon

Happy Friday to y’all! Who else is doing the Friday dance?

Speaking of dancing, Squish busted out some moves last night while we were playing Pandora after dinner.


It’s blurry because he wouldn’t stop. Can’t stop the music.

Anyway, I had something new (*gasp!*) for breakfast after my run yesterday. A delicious grapefruit:


And the pumpkin “cereal” that Tina from Carrots ‘n’ Cake mentioned in her eggless breakfast ideas post the other day. I used up the last half of the can of pumpkin with a dollop of almond butter, honey, coconut, sesame seeds, and raisins.


It was okay. While it was nice to change up breakfast, I didn’t find it horribly delicious or life-changing. I’ll do it again if I have some pumpkin to use up.

I had to tour another potential day care for Squish in the morning, which took twice as long as I thought it would. Good thing I picked up a Starbucks short latte ahead of time.


Since the tour took longer than expected, I was in a crunch to grab lunch. I was nearby the Rincon Center I went to with my boss the other day, so I decided to sneak some pictures while I grabbed some take out.

All right, so I do not have a vast lexicon for describing architecture and style, so bear with me while I do this. The Rincon Center was an old post office back in the day but has been converted to an office complex with a huge food court. The design is really cool; they kept a lot of the original post office features.


The food court has a huge ceiling with a fountain that rains down from the top, surrounded by windows. It’s soooo light and airy! I love light.


The fountain falls from the ceiling,


To a pool on the ground. So cool. I don’t think I’ll bring Squish here; he’ll want to repeatedly run through the fountain puddle.


Anyway, I was craving some Indian, so I picked up a chicken tikka masala lunch special to go. On my way out I found this place tucked in the corner:


And when I passed by, I saw that they serve Paleo options! I haven’t seen that yet, how crazy. Maybe next time I’ll check it out.


These are sort of crummy pics because  I had to cut through the line of hungry customers to get a shot of the food, and it was a little awkward. #bloggerproblems

Anyway, here’s lunch. Chicken tikka masala with no rice and a salad, naan, and meat samosas.


I was soooooo stuffed from lunch. Uncomfortably stuffed. Definitely a treat for the week.

Dinner was already prepped to go. I marinated frozen chicken breasts in the Best Chicken You Will Ever Eat, Ever brining chicken recipe from Well Fed. Then I baked them with some pepper and fresh squeezed lemon.


We have, like, no veggies left in the fridge so I scrounged frozen bags of butternut squash and okra. I have never had okra before, but I’ve heard it’s slimy. To be honest, I was really scared to try it (I’m a texture wimp sometimes). But veggies with dinner we must had, so I heated up half the bag with copious amounts of butter. Because everything is better with butter.

Squish POUNDED the okra. Like, hand-over-fist plowed it down. I guess he likes okra. Mom win! I didn’t think it was too bad. Definitely the slime factor took some mental happy place to get through, but the taste and texture was all right. Especially with Squish’s encouragement I think I’ll include okra in our veggie rotation in the future.

It’s Gym Day, so I’d better get my fitness on and get the morning started. Have a most wonderful Friday, and weekend if I don’t see you later!

What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) #1

Greetings, my fellow blog minions!

So, this post is coming a bit later than usual because I want to (finally) jump on Jenn’s “What I Ate Wednesday” bandwagon. I see the series everywhere but could never pull together an entire day’s worth of eats to participate! Well, sometimes you have to set your mind and commit. I was determined this morning to photograph everything before it goes in my mouth. And try to make it not look like crap-ola if I could help it.

So here we are, Emily Rocks the Road’s WIAW #1!

It took me forever to roll out of bed this morning, so by the time I was done with my run I was in a mad flurry to get to work on time. I snacked on bites of apple in between showering and teeth-brushing.


Then picked up a green smoothie from Jamba Juice around the corner on my way to work. I had a gift card left over from last Christmas I decided to finally use and splurge.


The Apples-and-Greens smoothie, by the way, is very apple-y.

Of course, apples and apple smoothies does not eat away a 6 mile run. I was ravenous well before lunch. So I ran to Starbucks down the block and picked up coffee,


And a sausage breakfast sandwich. Artfully displayed on my “work plate” (what, you don’t keep an entire place setting in your desk drawer?).

That helped me make it to lunch. Which was leftovers from yesterday’s lunch! Sauteed ground beef and onion with some nuked frozen veggies.


I tried to make it pretty by posing it on a tea towel.

I also polished off about 1/3 of the sausage I cooked for Squish’s lunch. I was too lazy/in a hurry to make it look pretty, and it was quite frightful sitting there all sausage-y and greasy on the cutting board.

Anyway, I needed an afternoon pick-me-up so to Peet’s I ran for another coffee,


(And sparkle shoes!)

And sustenance of the dark kind.


Totally necessary. Totally worth it. I had about 1/4 of the bar, just enough to take the edge off.

I wasn’t really hungry when  I got home, and Squish was out in a late nap. So I sipped a Coke Zero (unpictured) while I did some cleaning, knocked off some to-do’s, and burned my finger lighting my candle.


So, apparently the trick to lighting a match is you move your finger AWAY from the match head once it has been struck and ignites. Make a note of that.

Anyway, after I nursed my small blister, Squish was up so we had a quick and easy dinner of chicken tenders and homemade sweet tater fries, using Tina’s recipe.





Squish ate most of my ketchup with his fork.

I bought Squish some classic Mr. Bubbles bubble bath today, so he had is first bubble bath before bed. At first he didn’t really know what to do with the bubbles, he just stood there scooping them up in his hands, then shaking them all off. Finally he figured that he could smear them on the wall. That was cool.

Now Squish is down, chores are done, and It’s time for one of these.


Just showing that candle I’m not afraid of him.

There we go! A whole day of my (fairly typical) eats. Thanks to the lovely Jenn for hosting, and I hope to do this again next week!

See you tomorrow.

The One About an Awesome Day of Eats

First off, I finally had a champion day of eats! (*trumpet fanfare*)



Salad with 2 fries eggs, greens, bell pepper, baby taters from last night, and Greek dressing from “Make it Paleo” cookbook.

And black coffee.


AM Snack:


Some coconut and a big ol’ orange. Plus some green tea.

Then it was Free Starbucks time!


Starbucks was serving their tall house blend until noon. All free for me!



Chipotle carnitas salad with mild salsa & a massive pile of guacamole. I couldn’t finish it. Hulk didn’t seem to mind.



Spinach, more roasted taters, can o’ tuna, pickles, bell pepper, EVOO, balsamic. I shared it with Squish like a good momma. Turns out he likes tuna! Score.

Yup, I had an awesome day of eats.

Then we went to a friend’s party and I drank three glasses of wine. And ate a brownie. And woke up feeling like death. I probably need new friends. Ones that don’t stay up until 2:00 am drinking because they have 7:00 am runs planned. Do these people actually exist? God, I’m so old.

Time to hit the gym for some leg action. I heart deadlifts and squats. Have a happy Saturday!