Back to Reality, Again

Well, bummer! I thought I had saved my post, but it somehow wandered away into the internet abyss. Sad panda.

Oh well, I was just checking in to say hi. I’m on my way back west after spending a few good days visiting with family. It was a nice trip overall, and I’m looking forward to bringing the rest of the family later this year to see everyone again. Now it’s time for the hurry-up-and-wait routine that is airline travel.


I had intended on doing the scheduled crossfit workouts yesterday and today, but yesterday we didn’t make it back to the house until late in the evening, and then today I wandered down the rabbit hole of thinking, “I’ll work for a bit then take a break to work out later,” then several hours later I’m still working and it was time to head to the airport! Oops. Well, I guess I’ll be really refreshed and ready for 16.2!

One cool thing about this trip, I had about a bajillion miles saved, so I was able to use my miles to book a first class ticket. Flying in style, yo. I love the real glassware and fancy cloth napkins.


(New library book. I’m geeking out on the history of beer!)

That’s it for now. Go make it a great day!

Ugh. Reality.

i made it back from Alaska, free from rogue bear attacks!

Except for the teddy variety, of course. Who could not love Ralph the Bear. 

We saw lots of mountains, got rained on, and drove 1,000 miles because like idiots we assume that 1″ on a map of Alaska can’t be very far. Just a note: Denali to Homer is a very long drive.

A scenic drive, but a long one.  

Hooray, pretty scenery!

And now it’s back to reality. And work. And child-rearing. And all those things that make up your life while simultaneously make you want to escape them.

Make it a great day!

I’m Hooooome!

I’m hoooooome!


I arrived safely at my sweet little abode last night. Then I had carrots and hummus for dinner with Squish, and went to bed. The end.

Well, I had my last hotel breakfast first,


Eggs, fruit, and sausage FTW. And pumpkin spice coffee. I was early enough to the buffet to get some this time before it was all gone!

Then snacked on the plane with a couple of roast beef sliders and chips.


Then my phone died on the plane so I took most of the night off from technology. Not a horrible thing.

In other news, I found this article about how to stay positive while injured that interested me. I’ve been totally slacking in the gym department lately because doing simple daily things like going grocery shopping and vacuuming seem to wipe me out enough as it is, and I don’t feel like compounding my fatigue with working out. I waffle between “I’m pregnant, so it’s okay to give myself some slack; there’s plenty of time later to pick it up when I feel good again,” to “OMG I am so out of shape I am never digging myself out of this Hole of Cream Puff.” The article inspired me to look on the bright side of things, still feel my feels *sniff*, and focus on what I can rather than what I can’t. Always sound advice.

Also, big plans for the weekend! I’m going to the San Francisco Women’s Expo, courtesy of Massage Envy! I’ll be tweeting and blogging about the experience, so check out Monday’s post. I haven’t been to an expo like this before, so hooray for new experiences!

That’s it for me, go make it a great day and have a fantastic weekend!

A Couple of Goodbyes

It’s my last day in Pittsburgh for a while. It’s doing its best to make me feel bad for leaving. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this week. It’s nice to be in a place where there’s a Fall. The Bay Area doesn’t really get Fall-y. It just gets hot and then cool and then the rains start (at least, they’re supposted to. I’m looking at you, Biggest-California-Draught-In-History). I wish I was out here a month later, because the trees changing color will look spectacular.



I had my usual hotel breakfast before heading out. Eggs, fruit, oatmeal with the fixings, and a yogurt to change it up.


Walking to the office is always pretty.


We ordered Thai take-out for lunch. I went simple with a chicken red curry that came with the saddest side salad I have ever experienced.


There is only so much you can do with shredded carrot and four leaves of iceberg.

I was having really annoying pains all day, so I ended up cutting out a little early. I don’t know if I was dehydrated or what, but even though I’ve been getting Braxton-Hicks (“practice” contractions) for a while now, my uterus decided that yesterday was the day to dive head-first into a new “get in shape” program. There was little I could do to make myself comfortable except lay down, so I went back to the hotel and worked laying on the bed while snacking on popcorn. Yay, comfort foods!


I’m looking forward to flying back home today and being with my little family. It’s been a busy and rough week. One of my besties, Lindsay lost her sister in a tragic car accident.  According to the news story, she was walking in a parking lot with her daughter when a woman lost control of her car and was headed right for them. The mother pushed her daughter out of the way, sacrificing her own life. I had not had the opportunity to meet Colleen, but if she was anything like her sister she was a fantastic, happy, big-hearted, strong person who made this world a better place. My heart breaks for their family. There is a fund set up to help with funeral expenses and provide some support for Colleen’s daughter. If you have an opportunity and the means, please consider a donation to these good people:


Go give someone a hug, and make it a great day, kids!

WIAW #8 and a Little Link Love

Ahh! It’s Wednesday already. Travel weeks do that to me. Burning Monday all day in airports sets me a day back for some reason. Buuuuut … I’m joining the What I Ate Wednesday Link-up with Peas and Crayons! Hey, I remembered it’s Wednesday! If you want to jump in on the fun, check out Jenn and Peas and Crayons and join the party.


Nothing like a good hotel breakfast to start your day prepping for a busy week. Mine started with the usual eggs and sausage, bowl o’ fruit, and some loaded oatmeal. I don’t know why I’ve been on this oatmeal kick lately. At least it’s a delicious kick.


During the morning sessions I became ravenous, so I snaked some airplane pretzels and peanut butter.


Never mind about my watch tossed there in the background. I usually have to take my watch or bracelets off while typing on my laptop, since after a while they start digging into my wrist from resting and dragging across the keypad. Which doesn’t stop me from wearing it daily, of course. #girllogic

For lunch was a burger the size of my unborn baby.


I also opted for a side of seasonal veggies instead of fries for a change. It was a good call; that burger was enough to do me in even though I put the bun aside. Workin’ fuel!

We wandered over to one of the hotel restaurants for dinner. It ended up being a great choice, as I found out they have the best salads I’ve seen yet in the area. I completely forgot to snap a pic before I dove in, but it was full of mixed greens (NOT iceberg lettuce!) and shredded veggies.


I tricked convinced my coworker to split a pizza with me, because I knew after the salad I would only be able to eat a couple of slices. Italian sausage, mmm.


And then I went to bed. Because that’s what I do these days at 8:00 pm with no family responsibilities.

What else? What’s been on the interwebs lately:

Feeling like you need to get your act together? Check out these 27 ways to get more sh!t done. I personally like #7 – I still think the idea that multitasking gets more things done is a myth.

All #PSL’ed out (PSL = Pumpkin Spice Lattte)? Some other pumpkin spice ideas! > 9 Pumpkin Spice Recipes (that are way better than a latte)#pslforever

I can’t believe I forgot to mention this! My bestie Alexis has a couple of rad articles out there. Are you waiting for the perfect time to start doing whatever it is you know you need to do? Open up your emotional mailbox already! Emotional Mailbox: An Open Invitation

Ever had a creepy, handsy adjustment during yoga? Can’t Touch This – Without Asking

That’s it for today. Go make it a great day!

What Dreams are Made Of

Yesterday I made my last trek from San Francisco to Pittsburgh for the year. I expect I’ll be back out in January (oh boy, winter!) but until then I’m looking forward to sleeping in my own bed consistently. Normally my hotel has a pretty comfy bed, but either my sleeping needs have changed or they gave me a room with a wonky bed, but last night I just couldn’t get comfortable.

But the day started out bright and happy. I picked up some Starbucks on my way to BART. Nothing like some gourmet Starbucks oatmeal on a bench in a downtown BART station. Not sketchy at all.


They’ll put blueberries in your oatmeal now. Score.

I was still hungry on the plane, so I ordered a breakfast.


For my connection, it was coffee time. Those little Biscoff cookies that Delta serves are best when dunked in coffee. Just sayin’.


On my layover in Detroit, I had about 20 minutes to grab dinner before my next flight, so I decided to stop at the first place I came across while headed to my gate. And that place was Popeye’s. Some of my friends were lamenting about the lack of a KFC in downtown San Francisco the other day, and it got chicken on my brain so I grabbed chicken strips and cole slaw. Popeye’s biscuits aren’t as good as KFC’s (in my opinion), but the chicken was pretty tasty. Gotta have it with spicy mustard.


So I shoved fast food in my face all day then wondered why I had a crappy night of sleep. The end.

But hey, I now have Gold status for both Delta and Marriott! My dreams have now became reality. This is my free upgrades dance: *dance dance dance.* Hulk had to congratulate me.

Now I’m going to get some of them fancy luggage tags in the mail so everyone knows that I am a very important traveler. It’s all about letting people know that you are more important than them, really.

Time to do a little hotel room yoga and head to work! Make it a great day, kids.

SoCal Family-palooza, Part 1

Hello! Everyone is taking some downtime this morning from the family adventures so far, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up on all the SoCal craziness that’s been happening around here. Also, I’m experimenting with Photobucket to save/archive my pictures. I have no idea what the best way is to import them into WordPress, but since I have about 2000+ photos now loaded, I had better figure it out. Oh, and they all need to be organized and tagged, too. Project!

We arrived in San Diego in one piece Saturday afternoon.

As soon as we got to the house, Squish made quick work of playing with his cousin’s toy trains. Run all the trains!

Sunday morning Hulk and I found a cute coffee shop in Fallbrook, the Fallbrook Coffee Company.

Hulk doesn’t take kindly to my blogging crap before he’s had caffeine.

I had a hard time deciding if I wanted straight up coffee, or something more indulgent. But since it was about 80 degrees already, I opted for an iced coffee.

Hulk feels much better once properly caffeinated. Preferably with a super-extra-jumbo-large coffee.

And then we beached. All the beach.

This was the only picture I took, since I was afraid of my phone ending up buried in the sand. But, you know, it’s a beach. With sun and stuff.

Time to rally the troops and find some more adventures. Make it a great day!

Any family vacations this summer?

If you blog, what do you use to store/edit your photos? After using Photobucket for this post, I am a fan! Super easy to edit and import stuff.

Thursday Thoughts [Whole30 Day 4]

Hello, and welcome to Thursday. Or Friday. It depends on how soon I have uploaded this post, I guess.

I didn’t intend to take so much time off this week, but it sort of ended up that way. Part of it was my travel schedule, and the other part, well, I just couldn’t find myself able to write. I guess it was writer’s block, but whenever I sat down I just couldn’t think of anything better to say than, “Hey, for lunch I ate a burger without the bun. That was awesome,” and I just wasn’t okay with that.

I guess I’m kind of bored. I guess I think I’m boring. I’m always toeing the line between how much I want to share. I can share food and workouts, but that just doesn’t even hold my attention for very long. But I feel weird talking about friends and family here, since this is a little public space on my own corner of the inter-webs for all to see (who can actually find it and choose to see, I suppose). I know I read a lot of blogs that keep it strictly professional with recipes and workouts and stuff. That’s cool. I also enjoy those that post about all the regular daily life stuff. That’s cool too. I guess I’m still trying to figure out where I’m comfortable between the two.

Anyway, I’m sitting at the airport, waiting for my connection and almost home! I miss home. Back-to-back travel weeks are rough, even if we did get a 3-day weekend in between. And Hulk and I are headed to Tahoe tomorrow and leaving Squish behind with the sitter (another real-life thing; we have an au pair that lives with us, but I don’t mention them because it feels to weird and personal. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if I talked about them here, but it still feels weird) because the trip we’re going on is adults only. So I’ll get to see Squish a few hours this week, total. That’s just so weird to think about.


Honestly, I think he has more fun when Mom & Dad aren’t around anyway. What kid doesn’t? Fortunately, I don’t have any more travel scheduled for a while since our project is almost wrapped up, so, as my dad said, it’s time to hit it hard, get it done then go have a baby.

Oh yeah, that. She started all kicking and stuff last week, which has been fun and sort of reassuring. It’s always a weird experience, being pregnant. You know you are, but besides the puking and feeling tired you still feel like your normal self. And then your pants don’t fit, but you still feel normal and not like you’re, you know, pregnant. The kicking is sort of like, “Yeah, Mom, it’s real. I’m coming. Get ready,” reminder. And as long as she’s not kicking my bladder, I’m cool with it. Bladder kicks suck.

I’m resetting my Whole30 when I get home tomorrow. I did well with my food choices, but I know there was little stuff here and there (sweet potato fries that I’m sure had sugar sprinkled on them, meat fried in who knows what) that merit a reset. But my food was a million times better than it’s been lately. And I’m glad to reset, if it means I don’t have to have another sausage-fake egg-fruit hotel breakfast ever again.


We are done, hotel breakfast. And your too-salty sausage patties, too. Those fake eggs alone deserve a reset.

Ooh, this post sort of turned into a random brain dump pretty quick. Too much airport travel does that to you, I guess.

I am looking forward to relaxing on the lake this weekend, then coming back with renewed energy next week. But for now, I’m done. Make it a great day, everyone!

Still Alive!

Howdy and happy Tuesday!

I was on a plane all day yesterday and I haven’t had a chance yet to put together a real post. But I wanted to check in and say hi, I’m still alive after the long weekend! I’ll try and catch up tonight, resuming our regular posting schedule. You know, if there ever was one.

In the meantime, breakfast!


Sausage, eggs, fruit, and tea.

High ho, it’s off to work I go! Make it a great day, everyone!