Treat Yourself Tuesday: Some Fun Stuff

Hello and happy Tuesday! I’m feeling pretty fantastic about this week as it rolls along. I’m headed back to Pittsburgh tomorrow for a quickie business trip. Sad panda. It feels like I just got home from last week! Wait, I did. But duty calls.

Anyway, it’s time to check in with Becky at Olives ‘n’ Wine for another round of Treat Yourself Tuesday! Thank you once again to Becky for hosting this week’s linkup, and encouraging all of us crazy kids to take time and give ourselves a treat (or several) each week!


  • I bought some summer sandals! Since I’ve discovered that I have wide feet and actually need my shoes to accommodate ALL of my toes, summer sandal shopping was becoming my least favorite activity. Either the shoes were super cute but too narrow, or they fit but made me look like I was 80 years old. Not sexy. But I picked these Jessica Simpson sandals up at DSW last weekend. I enjoyed them on the roof Sunday while supervising Squish on his scooter bike. Super cute and comfy!


  • Squish and I had a mommy-son date Saturday and stopped at Cako Creamery at the Metreon for an ice cream treat for two very good shoppers. We split a single scoop of the strawberry cheesecake (well, Squish, I, and Squish’s chin/shirt split it), but mysteriously there is no photographic evidence 😉
  • Since I can’t drink, I’ve been looking for creative beverages so I don’t get completely sick of water/sparkling water all the time. I picked up some of these Sanpellegrino sparkling lemon Italian soda thingys at the Italian deli next door, and they are the perfect replacement to the sunny afternoon cocktail on the roof. Yeah they have a bit of sugar in them, but I figure if I was drinking a beer I’d still be consuming carbs anyway. And these are so tart, that I only really want to drink one, as opposed to several beers. They are the perfect sunny afternoon refreshment!


That’s it for now, time to scrub up, pack up, and get the work thing done!

How has your Tuesday been treating you?

Treat Yourself Tuesday #6 – it’s back!

Hey hey hey! How are you doing today?

Off note, I still love this song:

So how goes it?

I decided to jump back on the linkup bandwagon for Becky at Olives ‘n’ Wine‘s Treat Yourself Tuesday!


I think it’s important to give yourself a treat or a little “me” time as often as possible to keep yourself refreshed and happy. Here’s what I did this week to treat myself:

1. Two naps over the weekend. That’s right, two.

2. I went to a friend’s birthday party, and therefore had birthday cake! Yay, cake!

3. I’ve been indulging in a wee bit of internet shopping. Even though I live in a shopping Mecca right off Union Square, I rather dislike in-person shopping. Especially with a two year old. So I found out that J Crew was having an online sale and scored some white pants for summer for $40. Hellz yeah!

20140325-065457.jpg (source)

I just recently discovered J Crew and don’t know where I’ve been all my life.

4. All the snacks. My hunger has been off the charts lately, and I’m less concerned with snacking in between meals than I used to be.


All that plus a single-serving bag if chips, a cookie, and a huge bowl of strawberries pre-bedtime. Fooooood.

5. Cutting myself a lot of slack. I’m going through a life-goals-reexamination again, and am slowly identifying habits and activities I probably don’t need to continue doing. More on that, and spring cleaning in general, to come. But overall I’m getting better at not overwhelming myself with tasks and saying it’s okay to just veg on the couch with a movie. Last night we watched “Django Unchained”, which I really liked only it did make me sort of nauseated at parts. I must be getting more fragile as I age.

Wait, no, I’m not. We watched this, too. Oh, my beloved Archer.

20140325-082831.jpg (source)


That’s all for me, kids. Go take this Tuesday and treat yourself!

A Present to Me, from Me

Happy Tuesday! Since yesterday’s post was such a tome, I’ll keep today’s quick and simple with the eats and runnin’s. Annnnd, it’s Treat Yourself Tuesday, brought to you by Becky at Olives ‘n’ Wine! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to link up, so it’s good to be back 🙂 Squish is still […]

Treat Yourself Tuesday #3 – Coconut, German Beer, and Self-Love

It’s another Tuesday! Another Treat Yourself Tuesday from Olives ‘n’ Wine, that is!


And another opportunity to spill all the self-love beans I’ve been holding onto from the week! Okay, some of this you may already know about. But here it all is, abridged.

So, I still can’t find the coconut Chobani yogurt that Ashley keeps talking about. And that makes me sad. But I did find that Chobani Flip yogurt in coconut. Well, Almond Coco Loco, which has coconut AND chocolate chips, so it’s pretty much better. I snacked on that Friday at work with a coconut water. Then I went and got some Blue Bottle coffee, which is pretty much the best coffee in the world. #justsaying


Saturday night we accepted an impromptu invitation from some new friends to check out Oktoberfest. The venue was at Pier 48, just behind AT&T Park. We indulged just a tad.


I have such a freakish evil expression in that photo. But in context, it makes sense. I mean, you had me surrounded in tasty beer, delicious food, and polka music. The German in me couldn’t contain herself. That’s probably why this is all I was really up for doing on Sunday.


I was the mom on the playground with disheveled hair, massive Starbucks, and a general glazed look of malaise. Oh wait, we’re all parents. Everyone looked like that. Also, the teeter-totters these days require a surprisingly little amount of effort to make entertaining. I could launch Squish in the air and barely slosh my coffee.

Finally, I received contact from two of my dear friends yesterday. One was in town and had time to meet me for happy hour at a nearby restaurant. I indulged in postponing my post-work parental responsibilities to hang and gossip with a bestie. Even though it was brief, I was sooo happy and grateful we could fit in a little time in our schedules to get together.

My other dear friend, Alexis is launching a “The Self-Care Adventure Series: 30 days of wholehearted self-love” challenge, open to anyone who want to join in developing a new habit(s) of self-care and destressing. It can be whatever works for you – journal, bubble baths, taking time to breathe, talking to a friend, or anything that helps you decompress and reconnect. Make the time to savor in some self-love, and Tweet, Instagram, or post it to share with everyone. We’ll be using the hashtag #selfcareadventure on social media (follow her on Twitter at @alexis_marbach), and commenting on Alexis’ blog, to share and hold each other accountable as needed. Feel free to check it out and join in. It might give you some additional ideas on how to treat yourself. (Side note: I am so excited!!)

And now, I leave you with another Squishy dance jam.


Treat Yourself Tuesday # 2

Good Morning, kids! I just finished an awesome, easy 4 mile run that for whatever reason hurt like the dickens.


At least it was pretty.


Dead Garmin. Le sigh.

Anyway, it’s time for another Treat Yourself Tuesday, sponsored by Becky at Olives ‘n’ Wine! Yayyyyy!

I had a fair few treats this week, from the little things, like my favorite green chia kombucha as an afternoon pick-me-up,


(Mmm, green chia kombucha)

To some awesome things.


(Beach time. Always a treat.)

I’m also being more aware of when I need a break, and asking for it. When we came home Sunday night, I was beat and tired from the fun-filled weekend. I knew I didn’t have the energy or patience to deal with unpacking and cooking dinner for an over-tired and hungry family. So I asked Hulk to put dinner together while I took a long shower. I’m trying to get better at identifying my limits so I don’t cross them so often.

Finally, this afternoon I have scheduled for myself a MASSAGE! It’s only a 30 minute sports massage for my legs, but I am so psyched. Massahhhhhge.

That’s it for me today, peeps. Tune in tomorrow for a new What I Ate Wednesday.

Treat Yourself Tuesday, Vol. 1!

Welcome to the first Treat Yourself Tuesday!


Becky over at Olives ‘n’ Wine is hosting a link-up party every Tuesday to share all the little and not-so-little things we can to take a break and treat ourselves a bit. This totally hits home for me, and I’m sure a lot of other working moms (and working non-moms … and non-working moms … and non-working, non-moms) feel the same way. We all need a little break now and then to sort of savor the moment and recharge.

Over the last few days I’ve been attempting to be more mindful about relaxing and not stressing over every little thing. Hulk has been (cautiously!) mentioning to me lately that I’ve been pretty wound up, and he’s not too far off base. When you’re a type A-perfectionistic-procrastinator like me, you want to always be the best but put off doing the work and now it’s not going to be perfect so let’s freak out. So my focus has been to enjoy life more and let go of stuff that’s not really a big deal.

Like finally burining this candle over the weekend.


I bought it a million years ago last year when we lived in Santa Rosa, and always thought it was too “good-smelly” and pretty to burn away. Well, if I never put it to use, what was the point of having it? I lit it as I tidied up the bedroom yesterday, and the whole apartment smelled like flowers and the color pink. Just delicious.

I also broke out the juicer last night and put some produce to good use.


Kale, beet, apple, and lemon.

Squish wanted a taste, too. I gave him a small cup hesitantly, because I knew I was about to get beet juice everywhere by giving him his own cup. But he’s gotta learn how to do it eventually. And as we say in my family, “It’s not a meal until somebody spills.”


Fortunately, it was not a meal. And his juice mousache made him look like an old-timey movie villian. “Mwa ha ha! You say you don’t want me to spill the beet juice, Mommy? We’ll see about that! My evil plan is coming along perfectly!”

Work has been majorly crazy-go-nuts with my impending job change looming on the horizon, so this morning I decided to take a me-time-out and grab a coffee solo. Just me, my cuppa, and the crazy morning rush going on about me.


That’s all my Tuesday Treats for this week. If you’re interested in joining our little link-up party of treaty goodness, hop on over to Olives ‘n’ Wine and join us. Come join us …

What have you been planning for treating yourself?