The Last 90 Days – Week 3, the Catch-up Edition

Good morning, friends!

How did the weekend already fly by so fast? And it’s already Tuesday? We had a flurry of a busy weekend over here, so it’s no wonder that I feel like I looked up and suddenly it’s Tuesday.

So let’s play catch-up a bit from what I had started writing as last Friday’s post, but then Little Miss decided to wake up early (again!!) so I had to put my laptop aside and put the Mom hat back on for the rest of the morning. Sometimes despite best efforts Life happens, and we just roll with it.

I had mentioned last week that I’ve been feeling a little “over it” with the Last 90 Days challenge. And with all of the blank check boxes from my progress tracker for the week, yeah. I suppose so.


Wake up 1 Hour Early – I slept in Saturday morning after a late Friday night, but since I had a whole day to myself, it wasn’t like I was deprived of that hour of me-time. So I let myself sleep in a bit. Honestly, getting up early is the one thing that’s coming the easiest (and I love my sleep!) through the whole challenge. My body is getting more used to the 5:00 AM wake-up call and sometimes I even wake up a few minutes before my alarm goes off. I “reward” myself those mornings by reading my latest book for a bit before my alarm goes off and gets me out of bed.

Exercise – this one has not surprisingly been one of the more challenging habits to pick up, but I’ve done pretty well this week. Especially since all those workouts are running. Three more weeks and my half marathon will be over, and I can shake up the routine a bit!

Drink More Water – okay, so I say “drink more water” because the actual task is “Drink half of your body weight of water in ounces” and that is mouthful so I just abberviate to “drink more water.” And I’m not certain how much I weigh since I don’t weigh myself or even own a scale, so I’m guessing I’m around 150 lbs, and 75 oz of water daily seems like plenty! So that’s about four of my water bottles daily. I chug one first thing in the morning, and sip the rest throught the day. So far this strategy is working, and I only have a hard time if I’m on the road for work or running errands on the weekend and don’t plan my water breaks appropriately.

Eliminate 1 Food – after a lot of post-Whole30 delibration, I decided that my one food to eliminate for these 90 days should be alcohol. Out of all of the “not worth it for now” foods I reintroduced this once seems to be such a gateway food to making further poor choices (late-night snacking, sleeping in the next morning feeling terrible, skipping workouts because I feel terrible) so I’m going to back off for now. I do have my birthday party coming up and I may enjoy a cocktail or two at my party, but for the regular every day stuff I’ll pass on my nightly wine for now.

Gratitude List – this one has been the easiest to do, but hardest to remember! I finally started setting an alarm during my commute so I can use that time to jot my list down on my phone. It’s pretty powerful how quickly I can turn my mood around, from cramped and cranky in a crowded train car to looking around at all my beautiful commuters and marveling on all the blessings in life just from taking a pause to reflect on life’s good stuff. So cheesy, but it works!

For Next Week – And since I’m a few days behind posting, I can give you a bit of a spoiler and say my habits have definitley slid over the busy weekend. I’m using my time this morning to reflect and put together my plan on how to get back in the game and finish Week 4 out. The key to my plan: take a break from wine tasting! 🙂

I suppose I should stop buying wine if I’m trying to take a break from alcohol. Anyone want to come help me drink it? 🙂

Go make it a great day, kids!

Week 7: All the Symptoms, All the Tears

It probably was a little early to announce our baby news, but since it’s baby #2 I feel really more relaxed about the whole thing. It’s not my first rodeo, and I’m ready to roll with whatever happens.

So how have the first 7 weeks been treating me?


Belly Pics

I don’t have a baby bump yet. Just a bloat bump. I’ve been so bloat-y! It doesn’t really matter what I eat, it’s just what’s happening right now.


Dairy: lately I have been really craving dairy.  I just plowed down a coconut Chobani that I impulse-purchased at Target. Normally I don’t really do dairy because I don’t think I digest it well and it makes me itchy, which I think is a histamine reaction. But itchiness be damned, I am plowing through all kinds of yogurt, milk-based smoothies, and cheese when I can get it.

Fruit: I craved fresh fruit with Squish, too. No complaints here, especially since Spring is around the corner and berry season is almost upon us!


Beer. It would break my heart if I was allowed to have any. But since I became pregnant I really haven’t been in the mood for beer. My body was even telling me before I knew that it was time to cut back, I guess. Same goes for wine and other alcohol. Which is great, if I don’t want it I won’t miss it!


My energy sort of comes and goes, but I definitely am much more tired than before. And it’s a different kind of tired, I’ll be doing something, and my body just sort of revolts and I need to go lay down RIGHT NOW. Which is annoying when I’m in the middle of cooking or playing with Squish or something, but Hulk has been amazing at stepping in to finish up what I was working on so I can go lay down.

Morning Sickness:

I just started getting it here and there. Mostly if I go too long without eating. I find that if I eat something substantial first thing in the morning (last week it was 2 hb eggs and a ton of water) then I’m good for a while.

Other Symptoms:

Bathroom breaks: pit stops are definitely more frequent.

Sore boobs: Ow. Not fun, and ’nuff said. You’re telling me they’re going to get BIGGER?!?

Light cramping: I’ve been getting a light achyness I feel now and then, especially when I’ve been sitting still for a really long time (hello, trans-continental flights!) It totally freaked me out at first until Dr. Google assured me it was a common symptom of everything growing and getting arranged down in there. I just don’t remember getting achy with Squish. Oh boy, something new!

Heartburn/Indigestion: Yup. It’s nuts. I’m popping Tums like I have stock in them.


Weight gain: I keep forgetting to weigh myself. Maybe 2 lbs?

Other Stuff:

Best moment: breaking the news to family and friends. We didn’t wait this time. I hate keeping secrets.

Worst moment: All the emotions! Bah! I’m a total nutcase right now. Yesterday I was bawling because I spaced out and slept through my first physical therapy appointment. I’ve also cried when Squish dumped a cup of milk on the rug (yes, literally crying over spilled milk), crying when I was late to brunch with some friends, and crying because someone sent me an email and I thought their tone was mean. I went from being a person who rarely cries to one you would think just watched that Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial every 20 minutes. Oh, those poor puppies. I’m tearing up again …

I’m also having to practice great restraint to not go out and start buying all sorts of baby stuff and maternity clothes. I’m just so excited, and now that I’ve been through it once already I’m, like, totally focused on what I need and how to get it. I just want to nest! Patience, grasshopper, patience!