An R&R Kind of Night

Good morning! I flaked on posting last night, you’ll see why in a bit. But it was a much-needed R&R kind of night. Work has been crazy busy and I have been getting home later and later. I didn’t put a lunch together yesterday so I ended up grabbing a burrito bowl from Una Mas. […]

A Wiggle and a Jiggle

It’s sort of refreshing to start posting again. Exciting, even. I really don’t know what I’m going to talk about, but I’m sure something will happen that’s blog-worthy. Until a cohesive topic strikes, here is some randomness. I got a haircut. And some cute new gym clothes. I needed some motivation to get back to […]

A Present to Me, from Me

Happy Tuesday! Since yesterday’s post was such a tome, I’ll keep today’s quick and simple with the eats and runnin’s. Annnnd, it’s Treat Yourself Tuesday, brought to you by Becky at Olives ‘n’ Wine! It’s been a while since I’ve been able to link up, so it’s good to be back 🙂 Squish is still […]

The One Where I Get Happy

Good morning! We are having a chill morning over here. Squishy has the flu, and was up like a party animal at 5 am ready to take on the world. I could not convince him that if the sun isn’t up yet, then he should not be up yet either. He finally laid down around […]

Celebrate Good Times, C’mon!

… and now Kool & the Gang is most likely stuck in your head. Mine, too. First up, hilarious and wildly inappropriate dictator Valentines Day cards.  If at least one person isn’t offended, then it’s probably not funny. Hulk passed his real estate license exam! So we celebrated last night. A lot. And then some. x […]

No Such Thing as a Free Line

We had a most satisfactory Sunday yesterday. I started out the morning right with another new favorite, which I have yet to name. Maybe sunny-side-up frittata? This one was zucchini, onion, garlic, and mushroom. Squish started to attack it before I got the picture snapped. Then we attempted to get in free at the California […]